WIND Mobile Huawei U8350 Review


  • Alex Perrier

    i find it unfair that a grade (e.g: from 1 to 10) is missing for this smartphone. Three hours of battery life is sad. Huawei disappoints. :'(

  • Windy

    You got a lemon. We’ve sold dozens of these, and nobody has said anything about a poor battery life.

    • T1MB1T

      Dozens? Thousands! Read your inter store bulletins! There are 0 issues with that phone it is always user error. Like tony says ” you could tie a string to a rock and those i****s would get it wrong “

    • Ralph

      The first one I tried had no obvious battery life issues, but the current device seems to require charging more often than it should. That might be just a setting.

      IMPORTANT: Get a pouch that fits snugly. The phone is not expensive, but it’s still too expensive to lose two days after purchase. You don’t think that can happen, but it most certainly can. I found a nice Blackberry case with rotating belt clip that fits very well. It cost around $30 Canadian and, if it keeps the phone secure, will be worth every penny.

  • Nareem

    I use this phone, and it goes for a bit over a day on one charge. I charge it nightly anyway, just to be sure.

    I agree with the reviewer, the phone is nothing to write home about, but for $135 it’ll do.

  • Aaron

    I just got this phone, i love this phone with super good hand feeling and its amazing device with such a good price. way better than paying 700 bucks to get a BB torch or any other andriod, i strongly recommend for everyone.

    btw, it’s really thin and slim.

  • sam

    why get this when nokia e73 @ mobilicity is $99.99

    • T1MB1T

      That Nokia was supposed to be an exclusive for wind but Moblicity and Rogers teamed up to take it away from wind! I say we protest! rise up! take action! Support only wind!

  • Edward

    it’s free with WindTab

    not WindTab+

    WindTab+ is for device more than $200

    • Burned once

      If you apply for Windtab,be prepared to have WIND destroy your credit rating before they get it right.Be smart just pay the $135 and forget any “windtab” crap.Or go somewhere alse and get a REAL phone

  • Big Man

    Once you can AFFORD a more expensive phone, You are no longer realistically looking at phones like these….however, if you’re an infrequent user or have kids who want (need!?) a phone, these kinds of ‘options’ become a blessing!!

  • Windpower

    Yup, piece of crap.

  • mindo

    this has to stop. these useless android phones suck so bad its embarrassing. wtf is the point of this?

    android will never have a good qwerty phone. never.

  • Larry Bee

    Yo Chile-up guys You never appreciate anything. i love this phone perfect

  • WIND dealer

    Just over hundred bucks for phone that has mobile wifi hotspot, skype, email, qwerty and apps. are you guys nuts? its perfect for 80% of population.. non of that blackberry b/s either. plus wind now offers unlmited canada-wide $29/mo talk /text /data.. BTW device is touch screen as well.

    Apologies for impartial opinion, but this is perfect device for masses.. stop focusing on iPhone alone, its $700, of course it has a better screen.

    • Lisa

      is it ok for skyping on, im thinking of getting this soon, that would be great!!

  • TdotFunk

    I just got this phone yesterday. For the price, it is a great phone. Free, no contract, and now I’ll be paying $29 a month. Instead of that $100 for bell. I’m gonna pay my ETF, it will pay itself in 2 months.

  • firzen_net

    Laughing my a*s off reading this review. I always find these entertaining.

  • Muhammad

    Just got this phone yesterday.

    First impressions: Very impressive, fast and functional for an Android device. Zero lag whatsoever (even though I’ve bloated it with quite a few downloads already).

    Google Talk is Unbelievably accurate.

    The Cons: Battery life is rather pathetic. I think it may be because my 3G or WI-FI was on. I did download “JuiceDefender” – a free app that cuts off the battery-sucking Data after 1 min or something of non-use. It doesn’t seem to work.

    If you restart, takes FOREVER to load.

  • Eugenia

    Nice and slender phone! Does everything it is supposed to do and does it fast. As for the camera quality – it’s a phone, I haven’t seen a camera with the phone function yet! yeah, now we need a DSLR quality in our phones. Give me a break! As for the battery life, it is pretty decent, like any other android phone that I own, HTC Inspire and Samsung Galaxy. I downloaded ATK and it kills unwanted apps every halfhour. Very good phone for the price, feel, and functions!!! Highly recommend.

  • Peter D.

    Battery life will deplete quick if you dont turn background un-necessary apps running int he background.There is a fantastic battery saver app that increased my battery dramatically. To say it is slow, on home wifi it flies as does my unlimited data plan with wind.This is a great phone for the money and is much better than implied in your overview.

  • Canadian Gal

    Got this phone for xmas, love it for the price, I also have battery issues. It dies far faster than my previous Huawei which kept going and going and going. So far the searching is not slow for me, perhaps thats a signal issue?

  • JujuBee

    Considering the price this is a darn good phone. This mobilesyrup review seems to be a bit snobbish.

    Battery life needs to be managed by turning off all of the non-essential activty for standby (there are apps for this which will turn them all back on with one tap).

    I don’t measure my life in nanoseconds so waiting 1.5 seconds for a webpage to load is OK for me. Also, the touchscreen tiny delay is no big issue.

    I don’t have superhuman bionic eyeballs so what I see on the screen is pretty acceptable. The photo quality is as good as the much, much more expensive low-end of the BBs.

    It is a solid piece of hardware similar to other quality made cheap Huawei phones. I have dropped my old Huawei U3200 several times on pavement and it has held up. I imagine the U8350 will be as durable.

    If I paid $135 cash for it I’d be glad that I got a good deal. I didn’t, it’s free on a WindTab so I’m even more pleased.

    • AHAHAH

      “I don’t measure my life in nanoseconds so waiting 1.5 seconds for a webpage to load is OK for me. ” Collector thought ahah roflmao. That was genious. Thanks 🙂

  • ian

    how is the clarity on this phone? i bourght a couple of Alcatel One Touch 908s for my wife and i for christmas and between phones the clarity sucks.
    we want to change phones for something in the same price range and cell phone scale that actual works and you can hear each other.

  • Shelley

    Clarity on mine is fine.

    My battery lasts for almost 2 full days so the original review must have gotten a lemon.

  • mo

    can you skype call with this phone? and also would the app ” draw something” work with it?

  • germana

    is it possible to get on-screen keyboard on Huawei U8350? might be easier for me to see than phone k/board? please help

  • wencekun

    Well.. this is weird xD. I mean, I have read many reviews of this phone and they were talking pretty good about this phone.

    I’m using it now, with Opera Mini I’m able to do what I wanted to do, with trillian to chat, a good and lightweight launcher as Lighting Launcher.. I don’t know, if I read your review first I would never buy this phone but I’m very happy with it, actually I’m using it with the Wifi on all the time (because I have the Trillian app open all the time) and the battery is very decent.

    Off course I love the blackberry-like phones (I hate the touchscreen) but this phone isn’t as bad as this review could make believe to an average user.

    (Greetings and sorry about my english, actually spanish is my native language)

  • singlewoman

    This review is bang on. Only my battery is ever worse than it says. Says I got the phone, the battery has drained very very quickly when surfing. I cannot and never could use Facebook with this phone as once I sign into FB my battery is completely dead within about 4 mins. The maps app that is mentioned, also drains my battery completely in about 12 mins so it’s not an app I can use. The batteries for this phone are awful. Mine has been awful since the first day I got it. I charge my phone several times a day and it only takes about 15 mins to fully charge but it drains just as quick! Long phone calls are not possible on this phone as the battery will die.

    I mostly use my phone for phone calls, texts and to see emails so it’s fine for that. But if want a phone that doesn’t anything more than that, skip this one.