Dell Streak 7 discontinued, company getting out of Android tablet game

The original Dell Streak was sold as a tablet/phone hybrid by Rogers, and though it debuted with Android 1.6 its Froyo update brought a nice amount of tablet-centric functionality to the oversized device. In all, it was a strange yet loveable product.

When the company brought the Streak 7 into Canada in May, it was met with medicore reviews despite its relatively low cost. That was because the 7″ tablet had a measly 800×480 WVGA display and sluggish performance that couldn’t pull people away from the ensuing Honeycomb fracas.

Dell has quietly discontinued the Streak 7, and is claiming that they are getting out of the Android tablet business, at least until it is more financially viable to be in it. The tablet is no longer available to buy on the Canadian website, while their US counterpart has the above banner to herald its swift demise.

Official word from a Dell Canada spokesperson stated to us, “Yes, it is true that the Dell Streak 7 has reached its end of life in North America.

Well, that’s that.

Source: The Verge