Samsung concept video shows the potential of a flexible AMOLED display on a tablet


  • stephan


  • Jason

    Move over Captain Kirk!

  • Gab

    uh… I think the hologram of the sushi was a bit much… I don’t remember them talking about holograms..

  • shaggyskunk

    I can think of some other things, that would be more fun,if they could bend like that….
    pretty cool none the less!

  • David Evans

    So is the processor going to be made out of glass as well?

    I think Samsung forgot how the real world works.

    • Bhell

      No. You forgot how the real world work. It’s call branding. It wasn’t a technical video, it was a marketing video.

  • vuvanthanhvnmn

    Apple already has a patent for this. Samsung would be wise to stop infringing. Learn to innovate, not STEAL!

    • steve

      Apple has a patent on a tech that can’t be fully realized as of yet? get your head out of you 455 you dumb apple fanboy.

  • sp

    if this is what the next phones are gonna be..i ll sell my soul for those ones lol

  • aDhanjal13

    So the future is going to be filled with people holding up flexible screens up in the air wherever they go ? lol

  • Garret

    Samsung a patent, not apples. Apple should learn to not sue everyone to boost their own sales.

  • Dan

    Apple has a patent on releasing the same crappy phones and tablets with outdated 2007 UIs and behind the curve specs every year to the millions of sheep that are ready to ruin themselves for crappy tech.

    Stop insulting Samsung by bringing up Apple. Looking forward to another great year from Samsung in 2012. They already had the best smartphone of 2011 in the SGS2, and the sky’s the limit for them.

  • shaggyskunk

    A phone like that would be right at home at the Boneless Chicken Ranch!

  • mukrenol

    another 10 years, we will have that everywhere

  • Anthony E.

    But how will I secretly have inappropriate conversations about the people who are sitting near me on the GO Train if everyone can see through my flexible display?!?