Sony to phase out the Sony Ericsson brand by “middle of next year”


  • Dan

    Let’s hope they come out with the Arc HD soon, they always seem to take a long time to release anything and when they do, it ends up being a bit outdated.

    That said, the original Arc is a great phone and I’m looking forward to seeing what Sony can come up for smartphones and tablets in 2012.

    • Gab

      I disagree. I think sony is very very fast. They announce a phone, then release it maybe 1-2 weeks later.

      By arc HD? I guess you meant Arc S? I’m pretty sure we aren’t getting it. Rogers/Fido are the xperia buyers, and theres no room in the current lineup for the arc S.

      Or did you mean that nozomi thing?

  • Dan

    Yeah I meant that nozomi thing we saw a video/screenshots of a 1-2 months ago.

    As for them releasing products fast, see their sony tablet s and p. Took them forever to release with outdated specs

  • Auth

    How good is the beattry? I’m pretty sure I want this but I DESPISE short beattry life. Ironically, the short beattry on my 3DS doesn’t bother me(probably the charge cradle that fixes this).