Gingerbread is now on over 50% of Android phones

Android just hit a pretty big milestone. As of December 1st, the number of devices running Gingerbread has reached over 50% for the first time, ironically just before the release of its first Ice Cream Sandwich device.

According to Android Developers, Gingerbread is loaded on 50.6% of all Android devices that have used the Android Marketplace in the past month. Froyo has also climbed slightly to 35.3%, and with the 9.6% running Eclair it means that 95.5% of phones are not on Cupcake or Donut.

Honeycomb numbers have risen slightly to 2.4% of all Android devices. What’s also nice to see is that 3.2 has been loaded on a (slight) majority of tablets leading up to the release of Ice Cream Sandwich.

All in all, it’s taken the platform a significant amount of time to reach a sense of equilibrium, only to be shaken up again with the release of Ice Cream Sandwich, a version everyone is going to want as quickly as possible. As a result we’ll likely see the chart start to fragment in the coming months, but hopefully it will take less time for 4.0 to hit over 50% over users as it for for 2.3.

Source: Android Developers