Update: Samsung Galaxy S II LTE loses control, burns man’s pocket


  • Coolzy

    this brings a 70’s classic back! HOT PANTS!

  • Alex Perrier


  • WetCardboard

    Samsung should be doing a lot more than just replacing the unit…if this had just been sitting around somewhere in the house who knows what would’ve happened.

    • iTards

      Replace the guy pocket and leg? lol jk

  • rvictorg

    My guess is Rogers detected someone on their network using an unlocked phone and not under a 3-year contract…at which point the remote detonation orders were given

    • Bade

      Hahaha this is too funny… looool

  • maiku

    Is that your phone exploding in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?

  • InfinitiGuy

    This wouldn’t have happened with an iPhone.

    • ehscooper

      b-but… it did…

      unless you’re being sarcastic, damn internet.

    • Turbo E


  • Cody

    Metal backs won’t melt 🙂

    • Zomby

      But they will conduct the heat from the phone to your leg much more effectively…

    • saffant

      Yea they’ll explode.

  • Downhill Dude

    I’ve seen every brand do this. Batteries will occasionally fail, or short-out. It happens. I remember some masssive LG and Kyocera battery recalls. Several laptop manufacturers had problems, as well.

  • Mr marquis

    Rogers Rogers pants on fire.

    • dave

      It’s funny b/c they were caught lying about have IQ carrier on their phone earlier today/yesterday.

  • vkk

    samsung = synonym of best quality
    yeah, right

  • MikeMike

    not guna lie, but there have been a few times my S2 (non LTE) was so warm it actually shut down on its own…

    fyi, my S2 is stock… not rooted/rommed

    • BlackOpsChix

      Yeah, this happened on my infuse, only when charging though. Also had the charger on my previously owned iphone melt (as well as the charger on my macbook melt as well)… effin batteries.

  • Big 3

    always stick with the current phone you have and wait for a few months b4 buying a new phone that’s just been released.
    Otherwise, you’re just a “beta tester” since there’s so many bugs that’s still being uncovered.

    • jaylen

      but how will you impress the ladies with a 5 month old phone??

    • 69iner

      unless the girl is a geek which means shes prolly ugly, if she’s hot, she dont give a fock about your phone….

  • Tron

    My s2 lte has yet to burn me and very rarely does it get warm at all.

  • Marc

    I know this may not be the best place, but if any of you are with Rogers and have the S2 LTE, what plan do you have ? I’m looking for the least expensive plan with the least amount of data but compatible on the S2, any suggestions ? Sorry for wrong topic

    • Rick

      @marc if your with Rogers there is no cheap plans nor good ones for that matter. Go with either #1 Koodo mobile,,#2 virgin mobile,,#3 Wind with very cheap plans, but cheap network too, #4 Mobilicity with very cheap plans too, but also cheap network. IMHO Koodo is the best.

  • martin

    Mine does not get warm.

  • James_8970

    I think the writers/editors need to look up explosion in the dictionary. While such an incident is concerning, it came no where near exploding.

    • saffant

      Are you James from the NCIX Forums?

  • Dave

    I wonder if he had a custom rom?

  • Dave

    And in regards to the update saying: “We invite the consumer to contact Samsung directly so that we can examine the phone to determine the cause of this incident.”

    The only way to really examine the phone is to send it in. I sure hope you’d be willing to exchange them b/c going on without the a phone in this day and age.. makes you feel a little naked.

    I think they should be able to provide with a similar loan-er phone for the mean time if the ask for the phone.

  • Gary

    It’s a Rogers phone. Will burn your pocket anyway.

  • vuvanthanhvnmn

    sounds like samsung wants to get rid of the evidence



  • sammysucks

    NO they are not taking it seriously, i have a friend his SG2 have a major touchscreen malfunction, upon checked with Service Reps for Serial and IMEI numbers. Service reps said it’s under warranty but since my friend doesnt have the original receipt they refuse to fix it for him!
    I will ask him to put on youtube to proof it’s badly malfunction and Samsung do nothing about it!

    • ASD


  • J-Dubs

    See! Android devices can do everything and iPhone can do!

  • help!

    If apple did this, you fandroids would be all over it.

  • Joe

    I feel an odd sensation in my pocket all the time – mostly my own doing…

  • Adam

    You people all realize this isn’t a Rogers phone right? It’s the AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket.