Fido releases $50/month Canada-wide Unlimited Talk and Text plan


  • Mark

    Nice to see more changes coming from the big 3 (thanks to the new guys).

    You immediately want to compare it to Koodo who have UL canada wide talk for $45, but doesn’t include sms.

    And the best part is “not available on 3 year terms”. Weird actually, they don’t want people on this plan to be eligible for a subsidy? And charging an ECF for an existing customer who changes to this plan??

    • FU2

      “Not available on 3-year terms” = Not available on iPhone, which requires a 3 year term.

    • Mark

      Actually seems that not available on 3 year terms = no hardware subsidy

    • Alex Perrier

      The target demographic is similar to that of Chatr, Public Mobile and zombie Solo Mobile: only talk and text clients, with a few low-end Androids. All these budget devices on Fido can be subsidized with a two-year contract and/or FidoDollars. The Koodo Tab seems better, however.

    • phoneguy

      pfft wow what a deal talk and text for $50/month!!! NOT!!! Thats brutal although they are coming down in price bc of the new entrants this still is not that appealing and I laugh at virgin,fido and koodo doing there no zones unlimited plans but charge more then everyone else. Ie koodo unl (no data)= $45 PM unl (includes data) = $35+$10 roaming credit (over an hour of talk time) bc lets face it the time your out of your zone with the new entrants is maybe 5-10% of the time, myself in 6 months I have never left the PM zone. So as the other companies charge more for “more” be careful bc its usually in the wording and lets keep in mind the BIG 3 owns these guys so that in itself is enough to deter me….GO PM!

    • phoneguy

      not a good deal…this is PMs deal and much better.

      UNLIMITED Talk Provine wide
      UNLIMITED Text Worldwide
      UNLIMITED Data
      Call Display
      Call waiting,Call forwarding, 3way calling

      Only $30/month, no contract or hidden fees….NOW thats a deal but thanks for trying Fido…GO PM!!!

    • Alex Perrier

      If you take any of the new entrants plans, they’re good if you don’t roam a lot. For example, if you take Public Mobile like phoneguy, you’ll pay 15¢ per Canada and USA minute on the Bell and Telus CDMA networks. With the $35 plan, you’d have to use 100 roaming minutes to pay the same as Fido.

      It all depends on peoples’ needs. “Wants” should be given a second thought. Keep expanding, new network operators! 😀

    • Jeremy

      So Koodo offers a 45$ unlimited Canada-wide plan w/o texting, but the unlimited texting add-on is 5$ so it all comes out to 50$ in the end.

    • Jay

      @Mark: Actually, if you cared to do some research before commenting, you would find that Fido does 2-Year terms and Month to Month contracts as well. 3-Year terms are only for their “top of the line” smart phones. Should be noted that they do have Android phones available on the 2-Year term, which makes them eligible for this plan. This is the best plan available from anyone at the moment… And before you Wind/Mobi people speak up, this isn’t just “Canada-Wide Calling”, this is “Standing Anywhere In Canada Canada-Wide Calling”.

  • crunch204

    Virgin has had this plan since october


      But also has the worst customer service of all the Canadian providers. Things to take into account, not just price.

    • phoneguy

      correction @ alex…$15 @ .15/min = 2 hours and 25 mins…and that with PMs $35 would equal fidos $50 and with PM you get more Ie Data.

  • Matt

    only one thing missing: unlimited data or a least 2GB!

  • Anthony

    Unlimited international messaging is $5/month on Koodo, and you can open a Koodo tab on the $45 unlimited nation-wide plan. This isn’t that great of a deal…

    • Mark

      Agreed. On Koodo the messaging is SMS and MMS. This kind of sounds like it’ll only be SMS on Fido.

    • Alex Perrier

      FidoDollars would only give you a weak 5% back of your bill, instead of 10%. The device selection is also limited.

    • Jim R

      Right – and if you want to use your Fido Dollars on a smart phone, you need to take a data *contract*.

  • JR

    Complete and utter garbage. The reason you cannot take this on a 3 year is that a 3 year is required to be ‘allowed’ to get 3 year data. Without a 3 year data option, you cannot get a smartphone subsidy for upgrading. This is also why if you change to this plan now and are in a contract now, they will charge you the ECF. And if you have term data, you will also be charged the DECF, since term data requires a compatible plan (this is not).

    Anyone considering this plan should look at koodo’s Canada Wide plans, especially since to get this plan you have to pay Fido’s termination fee. Koodo’s $45 plan, with the $5 add-on for unlimited messaging gives you everything this Fido plan has PLUS it includes unlimited international MMS. If you need voice mail and CID, then their $10 value pack would make it $55 and it also includes unlimited international MMS. Adding Fido’s $10 to their plan would make their plan $60 and still wouldn’t have MMS. Virgin would also be similar to Koodo. Fido is dead last of those three brands in terms of plan value (don’t get me started in the scam that is City Fido-what other company besides Rogers/Fido invents ways to artificially bring in what effectively are roaming charges on their own network?)

    Fido is such a joke. The release an inferior plan and then act like they are doing their customers a favour to the point that you have to pay them extra ECF to get their crap plan. Rogers should kill the brand because it has become a mangy, flee invested, dirty dog.

  • bob

    If you absolutely must stay with Fido, they still avoid this plan. Call in and speak to retentions by mentioning you want to leave because of Koodo’s plans. They will then offer you their ‘koodo response’ plan. This plan is $40 and includes unlimited local calling and unlimited Canadian/international texting. You can then add the $10/unlimited Canadian long distance add-on. So for $50, you get everything this ‘new’ $50 plan has, but you can add data and can get it on a 3 year contract, making you eligible for smartphones.

    Sucks that you have to beg to the this koodo response plan and it is still not as good as koodo’s plan.

  • Cdawg

    still does not include call display or voice mail so your looking at a 50+10+25=85 dollar plan that you could get at mobilicity for 40$(unlimited data). The only thing big 3 have is subsidising phones and if they are not going to do that, I dont see the point in paying double the price. Fido does have good customer service, I will give them that.

    • Alex Perrier

      Yeah, my dad pays $50 and that’s basically the Mobilicity $40/$55 plan, but with no Internet on Fido, of course. And yes, my dad gets USA long distance for free. Also, the $40 plan at Mobilicity is $27.50 for the first year with pre-authorized credit. At least there are no roaming charges with plans like my dad’s plan or the Koodo/Virgin/Fido $50 plans. But Fido’s not creative. GSM and FidoDollars are their small “perks”.

      Another question: will Chatr end “roaming charges” soon?

    • slapnuts


      Its 45$ + 10$ for CID + VM + Unlimited Text for 55..

      If i wanted a plan that had limitations them PM sounds great.. but some of you guys who are so pro “new entrants” need to get your s**t straight

  • Al

    ^ tl;dr

    but i read the first sentence and pretty much guessed what the rest is. Which leads me to agreeing with it.

    As for my own opinion. I think the $50 is great if it included the flex data. $50 for unlimited canada wide call and text does not sound too appealing. Especially when CID and VM’s not included

  • Stu

    Add $5 for unlimited SMS/MMS onto Koodo’s $45 and you’ve got the same plan… thanks Fido for matching four months later?!?!? Honestly, at least get creative and try to beat your competition… requiring a contract??? No contest, Koodo wins!

  • Slype

    This is a great plan. If you like being fleeced.

    The eligibility rules make this plan go from a simple “bent over the barrel” to “Captain hook tearing you a new one, while bent over the barrel”.

  • George

    Cdawg your forgetting one important thing, this is Canada wide no ld anywhere on the fido network. People live and function without zones.

    • Timo

      Fido network is rogers so you are basically covered everywhere in canada


      Well the Koodo Plans and now Virgin Mobile is unlimited Canada WIde calling with no long distance or roaming as well as long as you are in Canada for the originating call so what is your point about fido and rogers being canada wide calling

  • Talnoy

    No data = fail.

    • ToniCipriani

      Not everyone needs data. The bigger fail here is no Caller ID.

  • Brayden

    Nice. Virgin has this same plan…. Good job…

  • bob

    Unlimited talk cellphone plans are overrated. Except in the few rare cases where you are always on the move, or for the job (in which case your employer is paying for the bill), you are better off with a cheaper 200 minutes plan and get a Voip phone at home.

  • Nessa

    Since there is no data included it should have at least caller ID to consider this a good deal…

    • Alex Perrier

      True that. It would be great if WIND and (maybe) Mobilicity had a few budget tiers under $25 like:
      * $10/month for 50 minutes, 50 texts
      * $15/month for 125 minutes, unlimited texts
      * $20/month for 250 minutes, unlimited texts, voice mail

      Since only $25/month of higher plans can get unlimited data, perhaps make a ½ GB or even 1 GB add-on for lower-tier plans? Feel free to make these suggestions to WIND! 🙂

  • Michael

    In my opinion I don’t think everyone needs unlimited plans, if they reduced the price of their current plans and perhaps went with a 2-year or even 1-year contract instead of a brutal 3-year. Plus include basic features like caller-ID and maybe even voice mail. I think we’d be happy with it.


    free lube?

  • Marc

    Fido usually has good customer service, but they don’t have the best plans or phone selection, coming from a previous Fido customer 🙂

  • Fury

    Folks. Keep in mind that an awful lot of people dont’ live in wind/publicmobile/other zones. So for them, this is a good plan. This is NOT for everyone. This is for the folks who want talk/text. And a lot of it.

    Yes retention plans are better, and yes others have SIMILAR plans, but this is a good plan for those who need it. For others, Fido has other plans.

    I don’t understand this hatred directed at a carrier for putting out a NEW plan that fills a niche. And being a niche, it’s only suitable for certain people.

  • roman129

    Hmm, give me a few Gigabytes of data and Caller Id for an extra $10, and I’ll be impressed.

  • gmail

    @ phoneguy, u havent left downtown core in 6 months,
    considering your the oone standing at lakeshore exit waiting for people to give u change so you can pay your PM bill, not suprising you havent left

    • phoneguy

      @ gmail ya I have left the downtown core u effin tard PM goes from bowmanville to grimsby I live in whitby and work in toronto so no I havent left our huge zone yet

  • Ryan

    To anyone that claims that Rogers has coverage everywhere, I challenge you to come to Atlantic Canada for a week or two.

  • Wes

    mmm… I’m with fido and I negotiated with them for something almost as good as this, although I don’t have unlimited calling all the time..

    I’m paying 33$+tax for:
    250 mins/day time
    Unlimited after 5 pm
    2500 txt
    Unlimited Canada Long D

    What else do I need besides DATA? At 50$ I rather have my plan.. saving 17$+tax a month… Unless your job requires you to be on the phone all the time, I think this is still a rip off.

  • Jr

    @fury: that niche is better filled by koodo and virgin where you get more for the same ad less. Those are carriers that Fido competes against. They’ve had their plans out for months. The best Fido can do is charge more for less. That’s a great niche to fill, but only if people are daft enough to fall for it.

  • kakarot

    I do not see how this is a deal, I been with fido for a few months….

    I had city fido for $35 (text, international, local minutes), and unlimited wide canadian long distance for $10…

    so they charge $5 more and add nothing, what am I missing?

  • Matty

    Virgin has had this plan for a while and on top of that you’ll be qualifying for the flexible data…

  • Jr

    Kakarot the major difference is you fell for the zoning trap. Your plan is not Canada wide.

  • meee

    With rogers retention i got:

    Caller ID + VM
    Unlimited incoming
    2500 text
    MY5 unlimited talk

    All for $30.47 + tax


  • Peas

    This is so 2000 and late!


    Phone Guy and Alex Perrier are the biggest trols on this site. Don’t feed the trols! Ignore em!

  • Awkward Turtle

    Slap on a gig or two, and you have yourself a deal!

  • timdaw

    wow.. this is just brutal

  • Spezza19

    I pay $45.20 all taxes included and I get Unlimited North America Calling, Unlimited Data, Unlimited Text, Pic and Vid, voicemail, caller ID, tethering…My phone works perfectly everywhere I go and same for Data…very fast Data…I have a high End Android phone. I am not on any contract…I dont have to call retentions either to get a good plan! Stress free bill and it is always 100% corect…I have been with my carrier Wind Mobile for a year now and I never had to call in for any reason! In other I am HAPPY for once with my mobile carrier! Thank you WIND! ROBERS, BELL and TELUS even if you offered me the same plan that I have with WIND I will never switch, I hope you lose a big chunk of customers within the next few years and it really hurts you CROOKS!!!

  • John

    Fido is a complete and utter garbage joke of a company. I cant believe they talked me into 2 years with them. A couple month after Koodo introduced their Canada-wide plans I simply told them I want to cancel because I cant get a suitable match with them with what Koodo was offering. They didnt even try and keep me because they knew they couldnt match. Rogers and Bell should be serving life sentenced in jail for life due to the amount of theft and scamming they do respectively.

  • workinwireless

    Hey Koodo fanboys, Tab’s are contracts, seriously whats the difference. they run a credit check, you sign an agreement, and you get a discount on your device for signing that piece of paper, and for a short period you get a cheaper cancellation policy. Second 30 months to finally pay off Tab or 24 month got new phone for $25. So please stop the Koodo no contract line, even Koodo does not say they have no contract, its no FIXED TERM contract.

  • dr. dee

    I’VE HAD THIS PLAN FOR OVER A YEAR.. Had a nice fido girl suggest this plan for me Nov 2010 when I said I needed something when working across Canada.

    Please fido, you need new phones!! Every mobile provider in canada now has the latest and greatest blackberry phones

  • Jr

    They still make blackberries?

  • Windy City

    How does this benefit existing customers in a contract? Glad I am on Wind!

    • Jay

      Existing customers who are eligible (2-year & month to month) can switch to this plan Windy, with no penalties, that’s how it benefits them.

  • rocky

    I have same plan plus 6gb data plus caller id, Voice mail all for $80 includng taxes with rogers.

  • KhoasController

    This is similar to the rogers “retention” unlimited plan: $50.00, but it includes additional features.

    1. unlimited north america calling
    (includes Canada, & US)

    2. unlimited extreme texting for world-wide:
    (regular text, multimedia, picture, video, attachments, premium messaging)

    3.includes enhanced voice mail, caller id & visual voice messaging for iPhones

    4. includes standard feature … e.g call waiting, call forwarding, conference calliing, etc

    5. includes 1000 minutes of international world-wide long distance calls – incoming & outgoing

    6.includes 500 mb of data for international world-wide roaming

    + the $30 6gb data plan, which i get $10 off, so it is really $20 …

    for a total of $50+$20=$70.00 plus HST = sweet deal!!!

    • rocky

      how can i get that plan?

  • lukas

    I’d be all over this ONLY if it included voicemail and call display in the price.

  • Mike

    I have fido for a long time. My plan on my Iphone 4s i had it on my iphone 4 too.
    50$ unlimted cals any where in cana to and from. Unlimeted sms and mms,
    7$ caller id voice mail
    30 $ 6gb data.
    So total 87$

    No one can beat it.

  • vik

    well i got the same plan with out the LD option for $40 from fido+ i have 6 gb data for $20 from them…what else do u need …..see canada is way expensive on the plans compared to some asian countries….but its is improving…i am fith fido when they were microcelllike 10 yrs ago…and i am happy as with fido dollars i get iphone free all the time….YAY!!!

  • juvehab

    does any one have the canada wide $50 plan from fido and is the roaming this plan