Nokia Drive and Maps to be paid apps for non-Nokia Windows Phone users?


  • astudent

    Absolutely, easily one of the best apps on the market if this comes out. I dont buy apps so that says something.

  • Bernie

    I don’t understand. You said they will be paid apps for NON-Windows Phone users, but at the end, you asked the Windows Phone users if they are going to buy the app?

    • FU2

      He said non-NOKIA Windows Phone users, d*****s

    • jB

      Are you retarded? Read the last line again, d*****s.

  • bob

    Free google navigation is one more reason to choose android

    • Keith

      That would be one reason to choose Android but too bad there are many other reasons not to chose Android.I was once a fan but Google as really soured in recent years.

  • jeremy

    Waze works for android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows mobile (don’t know about most recent WP), is free, and is one of the best car navigation tools.

    The only thing I would want Nokia Drive for is offline navigation.

  • Martin

    Well, then free Nokia maps navigation is one more reason to choose Nokia windows phones, right?! 🙂

    • Ammara

      jasMay 25, 2011 I’ve always had Nokia phenos so can’t compare it to any other brand. But compared to the old nokias this one is fantastic. finding the gps especially useful and also just the general ease of use. At first I was put off by the idea of getting one of these smart phenos but they are actually a lot easy to use than i thought.

  • hurrdurr

    This sounds like something Apple would do, come on nokia

  • ratie

    I’d get it, I have nokia maps on my n8 it’s awesome, I thought google did this with their maps with turn by turn navigation limited to android only. So I don’t think it’s that bad of a move, nokia is rightfully giving their products an edge in the windows phone space.

  • san

    I am using Nokia Drive in Nokia 920 and coming from Android and Google Maps this has been the best upgrade. Absolutely love offline Navigation with a choice to download so many country maps. No matter where u go u will not be lost :). aND NO DATA CHARGE