Nokia Drive and Maps to be paid apps for non-Nokia Windows Phone users?

For those non-Nokia Windows Phone users jonesing to get a piece of that turn-by-turn navigation in Nokia Drive, we’ve got some bittersweet news for you. According to an Indian-based Nokia official, the company will begin selling its Drive software through the Marketplace to the Samsungs, HTCs and LGs of the world. While we don’t yet know the price of the software, we can’t imagine it will be unreasonably expensive, as Nokia would prefer to tout its contribution to the Windows Phone ecosystem in both hardware and software.

The official also stated that Nokia Maps, the company’s simpler mapping service, also powered by their powerful NAVTEQ engine, will come to the Marketplace as a paid app, too.

So, Windows Phone users: will you be purchasing Nokia Drive when it is released?

Source: myportableworld (Twitter)
Via: WPCentral