Tablet version of Ice Cream Sandwich demoed on upcoming Asus Transformer Prime


  • Celestial

    Nice! 🙂 (And that was the first time I’ve heard Asus pronounced like that)

  • Android lover

    I think I will buy this!

  • Malevolent

    I currently have an ipad but I will be getting one of these when they are released. The first tablet that has really excited me.

  • Sean

    All I care about is when will I get this on my current transformer

  • Pascal

    It’s up for pre-order on

  • Jim

    That thing is faaaast. It didn’t even buffer for the movie to start. I will be ditching my dual boot HP Tablet for this. Heading over to Amazon now to check out the pre-order.

  • Lucky

    Uh ohhh folders… comes Apple!!

  • Boojay

    Anyone else see what’s coming? Google isn’t just aiming for the mobile OS market which it has already completely dominated by leapfrogging everyone else. They’re aiming for daily computing as well. In 10-20 years, Windows may not own the major market share anymore. If I were Microsoft, I’d be VERY worried.

    • andy c

      not to discount microsoft too much but they are rolling out windows 8 next year to computers, tablets and smartphones.

      personally it better be a hit because they are waayyy to late to the game to bring something mediocre to the table

  • jason

    Awesome response above!!!

  • bbrydges

    10-20 years? more like 5 if not less, have you not been keeping up with how fast the smart phone and tablet industry has been moving? The ipad was released in April 2010 and now we have quad core android tablets capable of running several current PC games that have been ported to the android platform.
    Also, Microsoft is already very worried.. they waited and figured the whole smart phone and tablet deal was going no where and now they are WAY behind. Just look at their current phones and tablets they are all a joke compared to the android equivalent.

  • james

    so…um…like…ahhhh – anyone heard anything about android on the thinkpad lately?

  • Mike


  • rufusy

    i will stick to my playbook. i like the size and the os of it

  • Demobot

    Does anyone know if you can sync a usb or BT controller to the Transformer?