“Buffy” is the codename for the Android-powered Facebook phone


  • Matt

    won’t buy any facebook phone, like to be free!

  • Awkward Turtle

    I think i would prefer just a regular android superphone with some mild facebook integration. xD

  • Jaimz

    3 words Inq Cloud touch! Need I say more.

  • Jak

    facebook buffy lol sounds a bit silly.

  • Sean

    Really do you need a facebook phone. Most phones already have deep Facebook integration

  • wiley

    No chance in hell would I get Facebook phone.


    shouldn’t they be promoting google+ ?

  • Celestial

    This phone is going to be slaying some vampires! 🙂

  • nick

    The Facebook app for Android is heavy, buggy, limited and battery-draining. No thanks, at least not until FB gets its act together.

    • Harris

      That is Android’s fault. Android is heavy, buggy and battery draining.

      It’s funny how you blame the app and not the platform.

    • Abe

      It is the app Harris, why is it that most apps work fine on android? Its Fb fault for not taking the time to make it work properly on android. If you dont know how to use android thats fine but troll about it, go troll elsewhere.

  • Dom

    Whoever buys this phone is mucho g*y.

  • Perpugilliam Brown

    A phone with preloaded undeletable spyware?

    Why does anyone fall for this s–t??!

  • Mark

    My first instinct would be no, but who knows maybe Facebook will come up with an integration so incredible it would change all our minds and possibly change social integration in mobile devices completely.

  • Hammam

    Why…? Whyyyy??? Facebook apps are buggy on android, The facebook website itself is buggy and the chat makes me want to tair my hair out. Imagine how their android powered phone would be?

  • ace

    i now live in china, and fb is blocked. so there goes 1.6 billion people possible market penetration LOL. (and yes my vpn disconnects everytime so i am unable to keep it connected 24/7)

  • JB

    Facebook probably realizes that for a lot of people, especially those whop have a locked-down Corp IT policy, Facebook only exists as a mobile app, so they had better make it as sticky as possible.

    That said, the FB mobile app is probably the least reliable, buggy app on my phone today.

  • Slype

    Lol, yeah an intrusive Facebook phone is exactly what I need.. here are some things that I can see it doing

    * Update my feed to show who I talked to, when I did it and how long I talked to them.

    * Facebook doing visual VM for me. That way they can do a Voice to Text implementation for me and then sell that info to advertisers.

    * Collect when I use the phone so that FB can sell that info to telemarketers so they can call me at more convenient times.

    * Facebook would then own all my personal data, my videos and photos on my phone instead of how it is now where they own the rights to all of that when you put it on their site.

    In short, the narcissists and ignorant will think this is a great idea (who wants a Jawbone?) but in reality, it will be a privacy nightmare. Frictionless phone calls anyone? 😉