Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Nexus makes an appearance on CTV News


  • A7md

    wheeeen will you post the full review? =)))))

  • lukeiphone

    Still contemplating between this or SGS2

  • Ebpo

    “we don’t know yet and we don’t even have a price for it.” I guess I might as well buy something, cause this one isn’t coming here any time soon!

  • Gab

    Is the guy in the picture the mobile syrup writer?

    • Nate

      nope, that’s SImon cohen

  • patrickm

    Nice phone but I’m leaning towards that htc edge quad core. but phones are monster phone

  • VP888

    CTV is owned by Bell Media. More proof that this device will arrive on Bell.

    • Preacher

      still hopping its not on just one carrier, but me thinks at least bell will have it

  • keiYUI

    Hey! That’s me..!

  • John Lee

    I hope Galaxy Nexus is not Bell exclusive… CTV is owned by Bell, thus this show has a Bell spin on it and definitely not vendor neutral. If this phone is not available for other carriers I’ll be getting SGSIIX.

    • Spot The Loon

      I got the SGS2X and I like it. We can always wait for the latest and greatest but, at some point, I just decided to bite the bullet. And the SGS2X will likely get a ICS upgrade sometime in the new year.

  • Oydevil

    Was waiting for the galaxy nexus for ages. But now hearing that the galaxy s3 and some other android devices of 2012 will have quad core processors…. gawd technology is moving too fasttt! 🙂 🙂

  • jclg

    I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this phone ended up being a Bell exclusive, or at least coming to Bell first. If we’re getting the LTE model (and it’s not castrated like Rogers did with the RAZR), then Telus would be the least likely (or last) carrier to receive it since they’re not laying down the LTE lines until next year. Also, I’ve noticed that Bell seems to get the (subjectively) best phone selection out of the big 3. However, given that the Nexus line has in the past been sold unlocked as well, I’m sure that carrier exclusivity isn’t certain.

    • kriEv

      People are going to have to stop thinking Telus doesn’t have LTE…They share their network with Bell. They built the 3G network together and are doing the same for LTE.

      Now, Telus is getting this phone end of november/beginning of december. Im not asking anyone to believe me, i have a friend who works at Telus and that’s what he told me and he ain’t the guy to bullshit me, he told me the release date for the SGS2X as soon as it landed. IMO! Look for a December 2nd release date since Telus is launching phones on fridays. All 3 are getting this, i highly doubt it’s going to be exclusive.

  • Skrutor

    First FOX and now ctv? I think Sammy is trying to push ISPs into a release date by increasing public awareness. Sammy has been trying to get this thing to market too hard to be stalled by media politics. Bring it on!

  • regoR

    I want it so bad! True, quad-cores are coming out in 2012 but it’s never a good idea to buy the first batch. I think I’ll buy the Nexus for now and buy a quad-core in late 2012 when they’ve played around with it for a bit and worked out the bugs from the first models.

  • Kenny

    I got impatient and picked up th S2X yesterday… loving it.

    My brother is more patient than I am, he’ll get the Nexus when it comes out. No definite release date but I’m sure it’ll be in time for Christmas.

  • jazzyjazz

    First quadcore for sale= fall 2012.

    • Daded

      Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. Tegra 3 phones will be showcased at CES 2012 and will be for sale around late spring (same thing happened with Tegra 2)

      Samsung Galaxy S 3 will also be available mid next year, not fall.

  • Dan J

    I’m sure that the Galaxy S2 (in all of it’s flavours) will get ICS asap. It’s Samsung’s (and in a way, Android’s) flagship phone, the hardware can obviously handle it.

    The Nexus looks nice, but if I were to choose this moment, I would get the GS2, you can’t go wrong.

  • George R

    The Nexus looks great. It will be a great addition. There is always something newer and better coming up. Unfortunately I cant change phones that often. I picked up the SGS2X from Telus last week and couldn’t be happier. It rocks!!! Smooth and fast and an awesome screen.

  • Vij

    Looks like I will finally unclench my old Palm Pre for this!

  • Hugh Gerection

    I must have this product.

  • KnightFire

    Ah… someone got a link to that CTV News Sync Up broadcast?

  • J

    Talked to a Rogers employee tonight, he said that they received confirmation that they’ll be getting the Galaxy Nexus in the next 2-3 weeks.

  • Geoffw

    Does anyone know if it has a led notification light?

    • Nil

      The nexus does have LED notification. (o: It’s where the trackball would have been. I saw a video somewhere of the thing blinking. I don’t think the video was fake but anything is possible in this crazy a*s world of nexus trolls.