Samsung Galaxy Nexus Hands-on (Video)


  • Nobel

    Wow!!! Really Cool.

    • A. Carmine

      Dear Ian of Mobile Syrup,

      This is not a Hands-On, this is more of a “Quick First Look”.

      Saying “Hands-On” was misleading to say the least (without raging).

      The Community.

  • Nick

    who is the carrier?

  • Hello

    *drools all over keyboard* WOW>………………………………………..

  • slsSpeC


    • FOTTL

      I dont see why so many people wanna get this, my HTC amaze has the same features and in many cases is better than this phone. i just need to wait an extra month to get ICS update on it and ill end up with a better phone and in my opinion much better looking too..

  • Nobel

    However, at least navigating the interface a little bit would have been much better.

  • Johnny

    you lucky bastard!

  • Abe

    omg this must be coming soon if you were able to get a pre production unit to test out. Screw it im waiting for this to come out.

  • marrrio_

    Carrier is/will be Rogers. I’ve talked to three Rogers managers at different locations about this phone. Each confirmed it’s release in November.

    • A

      Hey r****d, managers do not know s**t about releases of phones. They tell you that so you keep coming back and keep you interested, specially since Rogers pays more for the sale of android devices over bb/iphone

    • DiceRules

      No, the phone will be a bell exclusive, I`ve confirmed this with a Bell Product Knowledge trainer.

      Think about it, Rogers JUST released the Samsung Galaxy S2, why on earth would they release another Samsung that is clearly more attractive than the S2 and is at the same pricepoint….. it would cannibalize their sales. Use your brain.

    • 7bb7

      Annnnd… why are you being SO rude ? At least, he posted here bringing some (potentially) relevant and interresting info, unlike you.

  • Olivier Labbé

    test it with blobs!!!! to see if the screen is correctly calibrated and not screwed like the SGS2X!

  • Jason Ip

    Big question is.. is it truly pentaband? unlocked?

    it will sell like hotcakes if it is

  • Lean-N-Supreme

    I need one of these…like ASAP!

  • scott

    Please do a side by side comparison between iPhone 4/S and GS2 screens so you can see the big differences!

  • Trillion

    Any way to tell if it’s pentaband? Or at least if it’s going to be available on Wind/Mobilicity?

  • Mike E

    The anticipation of getting this and replacing my antique HTC Hero is killing me. I’ve been holding off all kinds of sweet looking devices to wait for this. Everyday I check every tech site on the internet for a scrap of news like an obsessive freak, like a crackhead junkie tweaker.

    • Drew

      You seriously need some RSS. Put mobilesyrup, androidforums, and engadget/gizmodo into Google Reader and the news comes to you.


    Why do they get the cheapest materials for the best Android phone?

    • b

      @GENERAL WONG You’re right, they should probably put glass on both sides of the phone. That way it will break each time you drop it. What a revolutionary idea!

    • iEtthy

      @B LOL god forbid that apple does anything you tools jump to action. You got more annoying then apple fanboys saying iPhone is best. Smh. Troll

  • dieselboy28

    The real question is: How is that pentile display?

  • 403TechGuy

    You lucky bugger haha. Can’t wait to get my hands on this! The measly screen on my SGS 2 seems so outdated compared to this lol. Looking forward to your review!

  • Vinay

    Can you please do a screen comparison with a SGS2 model? I really want to see the difference between SAMOLED Plus and SAMOLED HD. Personally,I am really concerned about white reproduction, and the current hand on video doesn’t help.

  • Sam McCullough (@SamanuelMC)

    Carrier details, can I haz them?

  • Frank

    give this phone to whoever reviewed the HTC Amaze. i need to know where to spend my money!

  • rnewton01

    you sum’b***h

  • david

    Snow the notification LED. Hard flash? Soft flash? Multicolored? Also is the weather and news widget updated?

  • Nick

    Def interested in battery life, since other LTE phones seem to suck power like crazy. No use having a cutting-edge OS if it dies at 6pm…

  • Nick

    I hope your review is like two hours and takes us through everything. Okay maybe more like 30 minutes.
    I’m sure it will be top notch like all your other product reviews.
    And have it ready like tomorrow, okay?
    Can’t wait!

  • JustAnotherDan

    Please put a WIND or Mobilicity SIM in it and confirm that it’s pentaband and unlocked. Make a call, show 3G data, etc.

    I don’t care if one of the big 3 has an “exclusive” deal, just so long as I can throw my WIND SIM in it and have it work. I have a feeling the sales drones at the big 3 will do anything to stop someone from buying the phone without a contract…

  • Mwerckx

    Can you please do a camera comparison between this and the SGS2 (and other smart like the 4G3,amaze,razor)

    • danmaskell

      Yes, please let us know whether having only a 5 megapixel camera is offset by other improvements in either the sensor or lens quality. I’m also curious whether the fast shutter response time is specific to the Nexus or if it is a feature of ICS in general, but you probably won’t be able to determine that.

  • Domingo

    Oh wonderfull, “it’s incredibly thin” that’s code for short battery life, translation, I have to buy another aftermarket battery extender case.

  • KidFlash

    Booked and confirmed for Fido, Will be placing my order once they get their reservation system up for this.

  • JanuarysVeryOwn

    How is the camera quality? Did they make any changes to the music player? How is the battery life and loud speaker? How is the screen with finger prints and scratches? How is the wifi hotspot?


  • Merckx

    Can everyone stop with the bullshit comments about exclusive carriers, even if you’re correct no one believes you. So either post some proof or just hope it’s on the carrier of your choice like the rest of us.

  • renaud

    as the latest nexus, i expect it to be availible with the big 3. depending on frequecies maybe the AWS too… the nexus S arrived @ the same time on bell, telus and rogers.

  • Mw

    Loving every moment and every new news of this device. Look forward to getting my HUP from Rogers for this device.

  • Dan

    I caved and upgraded my hero to the SGS2X. Its amazing. I’m not saying the nexus is not but it does have a few negatives going on. Most notably is its old GPU. So its defiantly a tough decision. Both will have ICS so that’s not a difference. People will pay for that higher resolution with shortened battery life and decreased performance. Its a trade. Definitely a tough call.

  • Mike

    Give me that OS on my S2 and I’ll be a happy camper 😀

  • David Dee

    I cannot believe you got your hands on this! This should be a contest prize!! I would love to see it!!

  • Joe

    Honestly I was so looking forward to this phones release to replace my iPhone 3g where none of the buttons work. But finding out how they cut corners on pretty much everything really disappoints me. Old screen, no gorilla glass, no 8mp camera, somewhat outdated processor. I can see the s2 outperforming this easily. I was really let down on this one. Now I don’t know which phone to get.

  • robin

    Yes, please test with as many Sim cards as possible. Do mobilicity and wind work once the apn’s have been configured?

    Who was the carrier that provided the unit? Any custom mods, or pure ics?

  • Kevin

    I believe we will see this one the same carriers who got the Nexus S, in any case if only one carrier gets it….it will probably not have any carrier branding on it, pay full price for it and take it to another carrier 🙂

  • seant

    feels like i’ve been waiting so long for this, might as well wait for a quad core, less penalties on the early termination. HTC has one coming as per an earlier post here on good ol’ mobile syrup. It is so hard to pull the trigger these days.

  • Marc

    Is the samsung galaxy S II LTE confirmed to get Ice cream sandwich?

  • ELNY

    Honestly, right now it is between this, the Galaxy S2 LTE and the Motorola Razr. I would love to see a 3-way shoot out with all of them!

    • Dr. Teeth and the Smartphones

      The Razr LOOKS nice, but if I go based on recent Motorola experience, I would steer clear.
      Samsung is serious business with all these devices.

      Stick with Samsung by far.
      I personay love the Samsung OS MUCH more than the uselss HTC Sense ( though HTC is still up there) but also love my Nexus S without it.
      So really its up to end users preference.

  • Jack

    Lucky!!! Can I have your job please??!?

  • Mac

    That will be my christmas present to my house. I want!

  • Richard

    The exclusive carrier is Bell mobility

  • Richard

    It will come to wind in a few months later as the pricing is proving to be a major issue, even with windtab +

  • darknight

    fked up part is that MOST Phones out with that price range have cameras around 8 -12 MP… but a 5 MP camera?! really?

    • VP888

      The 5MP Galaxy Nexus is just as good if not better then some 8MP cameras. Having a higher megapixel doesn’t indicate that the camera is necessarily better.

    • Me Ted

      Are you f*****g joking? Please stop talking forever.

  • KnightFire

    This is “Pre-production”, right from Samsung then, eh?

    How will it compare to the ones released by Canadian carrier(s)?

  • Marc

    the only reason i’m not getting this is because of the cam:(

  • Jak

    Just looking at it gets me all excited about the release in Canada. x_O

  • jgriffy

    Wow! You lucky bastard.

  • Gus

    As far as carrier, who really knows? Rogers has just released the Raider, the Razr, and the SG2 LTE, so do who knows if they would release another Samsung phone so soon. Bell just released the raider, but they also announced the LG Optimus LTE. Telus just released the SG2X and the Amaze. My guess would be either Bell or Telus. I’m with Bell right now, and I’m able to upgrade, so if this comes to Bell, I’m not too sure what I’ll go with, this or the LG Optimus. The only thing scaring me off the LG is the software support, it’s not the greatest.

  • PJ

    But does it run Crysis….?

  • Stevie Wonder

    @darknight Megapixels is not the only thing that determines picture quality, also depends on the lens. Take a look at some of the old N series Nokia phones..some of them still have better pic quality then some of new smartphones released this year.

  • Me Ted

    Not true. My sources say it’s going to be a Public Mobile exclusive. A CDMA variant is now in the works.

  • Stephan John

    @Me Ted not going to happen, public mobile will never score a exclusive deal with this phone, 1- because Google doesn’t really put out exclusive phones, and 2-they will never get exclusives of big phones over the Big three.

    • J

      i think he was joking you f***ing r****d

  • Vinay

    If you were willing to break it, I would ask you to also test the ‘reinforced glass’ Samsung is using on this phone as well. Totally understandable if you can’t test that though.

    Hopefully someone can bring themselves to torture this beautiful device after launch. For the greater good

  • Jake

    Glad to see that the battery is not sealed in. I am so getting one of this.

  • ehscooper

    haha it almost looks like his hands are trembling just holding this phone.

    I want this now and I want it on Rogers please

  • Slype

    Yup.. Me want this phone. Hopefully it’s not a timed exclusive to anyone carrier in Canada. I think it’s a terrible practice because does nothing to help the consumer. I realize corporations are in it for the money but I would think that Google/Samsung would be above this timed exclusivity thing that has crept into other markets.

    If I can’t get this on Wind at launch, I’ll be picking up the SXII from Telus and unlocking it then. Samsung will have lost a sale and I know for a fact that I am not alone in this thinking. The market today is changing too quickly for me to wait 3+ months for a phone that was released to another carrier. In three months, there will be other phones out that are at LEAST as good and probably a lot better.

    In the Apple world, 3 months is nothing. In the Android world, 3 months is obsolete. I suspect though that the money paid by Bell for the exclusivity is more than what the phone manufacturers would get from selling more units across more telcos. Again, good for them as a corporation but it negatively affects consumers. It will be a cold day in h*ll before I ever subject myself to the overpriced services of Bell and Rogers again. I feel sorry for those who do not the choice (which is pretty much anyone living outside a major city center). I’m sure there will be the obligatory “Service SUX for Wind/Mobilicity/Public Mobile” but I’ve never had a problem with my service in the 12 months that I’ve had it and I don’t own a LAN line at all.

  • marc

    Gorilla glass?

    • KnightFire

      Can’t find the link, but this is not Gorilla Glass.

  • Brett

    Re: dicerules. Every major carrier got the galaxy s2 in some form. The original nexus was unlocked and sold to all carriers. Why would they change? Use YOUR brain. Derrrp!

    • crimsona

      The GS2 LTE and GS2 X were JUST released by Rogers and Telus – no way in hell they let the GN steal their thunder a mere month later. This will be Bell and Virgin exclusive since they did not have a Samsung flagship since July. 4 months later for a new flagship just makes sense.

      When the Nexus S came out, it was a very different environment, since the Galaxy S had been released on all 3 carriers for 6 months already, and the Nexus S itself was a 4 month old phone.

      If Verizon can pull off an exclusive despite having a stranglehold on the LTE version, Bell could pull off an exclusive on the HSPA version in a much smaller market

  • Louis

    Quick question: does the Galaxy Nexus finally have a working SIM toolkit this time around? Neither the One or the S did.

  • Mosh

    Am I the only one checking every 5 minutes for the review? :/

  • Anthony E.

    @Mosh – Nope, lol.

  • Gabber

    WTB Galaxy Nexus review NOAW!

  • Hamster

    Fisher Price quality materials. I will wait till a better built device has ICS

  • Ben

    It’s been a few days, let’s see the full review! 😛

  • RIchard

    Hamster wait for HTC to screw up ICS if you want heavy crap.

  • craig

    where’s the review???????? cmon lets go!!!!!!!

  • Yareking

    Bell was instructed to NOT SELL any Galaxy nexus without a contract. This also mean NO renewal