BBX-powered BlackBerry phones will support BES, have 1024×600 resolution

When RIM launched BBX last month, they promised a lot of things: a stable, consumer- and enterprise-friendly platform with plenty of firepower for developers, gamers and casual users alike. One of the question marks coming out of DevCon was whether the initial launch of BBX would have BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) support.

Representatives from the company have put those doubts to rest, confirming that indeed the first BBX device, codenamed Colt, will indeed support BES. They’ve also confirmed that the device, which is unlikely to have the excellent physical keyboard that has become the mainstay of the BlackBerry brand, will sport an identical resolution to the Playbook tablet. This will ensure that existing apps and development tools will be 100% compatible with the new devices. And, running with the assumption the device will have a 4-inch screen, the pixel density will be fairly high as a result.

So we can cross another question mark off the list: the real question though is if RIM can deliver a competitive device in early 2012 to regain the market share it has lost. We look forward to seeing the outcome.

Source: PC Mag
Via: The Verge