CyanogenMOD 7.1 made official, adds support for 24 devices

CyanogenMOD is the most popular independent custom Android ROM with over 500,000 active installs. It’s also keeping faster pace with the official Android release versions than most of the manufacturers. The prolific, and expanding team has made official version 7.1, which builds Android 2.3.7 on 68 devices, 24 of which are new to the list.

The build brings new features to its retinue, including native Bluetooth mouse support, touch-to-focus in the camera app, FM radio implementation and many more. This release also heralds a new era of manufacturer/developer cooperation: Sony Ericsson worked with CyanogenMOD and TeamXperia to provide driver support and bug fixes for its latest crop of smartphones. As a result, users of the Xperia arc, Play, Mini Pro and others have feature-filled, bug-free versions of CyanogenMOD with the tacit endorsement of its manufacturers. Lets hope HTC and Samsung can provide the same support in the future.

Check out CyanogenMOD for all the details and installation instructions.
Via: Phandroid