Nexus Prime image leaks online, shows 720p Super AMOLED HD display


  • Jiminez


  • Jon

    Very disappointed in the amount of bezel.

  • Varun Gupta

    Can’t wait enough for it! Android and google rock 🙂

  • Jack

    Why 1184 pixel height and not 1280 for a proper 720p 16:9 screen?

    • robot-shmobot

      According to GSM arena, it’s actually 1280×720, but the status bar up top and the soft buttons down below take up screen real estate during normal operations (with the exceptions of fullscreen video or documents)

    • Andy

      Honeycomb 3.2 had the same thing – Swype team had to push out a new build for the beta just because the reported resolution had changed

    • Zomby

      That’s why I’d rather have physical buttons as they don’t eat up screen real-estate.

  • brent mifsud

    why is it that when people leak these images they take such shitty photos? why cant they just get a full phone pic of the home screen or something?

  • Whitney Young

    What kinda leaked photo is that? The phone is sooo big, I can’t get the entire phone in the picture?

  • Graham

    Question: will google be making a vanilla tablet? Have they already?

  • KidCanada

    Because Samsung told them not to show the whole phone to keep the design a secret for now so it builds up more hype with this teaser. Oops..mustve been thinking of Apple there…carry one 😀

  • Sandman2749

    That freaking bezel is huge! I was hoping that it would be very narrow on all sides so that the front was essentially all screen. I know they need some real estate to put the mic on but a small Guatemalan family could live on that chin area.

    On a security note, I would put lazer etched serials all over any demo / dev units produced. Anyone leaks a pic of any part of that phone would either have to blur out half the image or only show a ½ inch section at a time. Leak a pic with the serial showing and… “Knock knock! Please come with me Mr. Anderson!” haha

  • EmperumanV

    I’ll take this over any iPhone.

  • G

    The bezel is not as big as it looks, the buttons are part of the screen. Look closely, the bezel is more black.

  • KidCanada

    beebop a loobop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    I’m sure the Prime will be a fantastic device, but if that’s a preview of the phone, I’m sticking with the HTC equivalent (Vigor?).

  • Stephen

    I do not want a phone without buttons separate from the screen. This had better not become the norm. Ideally there would be one physical button (either home or a trackpad) at the bottom for easy waking instead of trying to hit a small power button.

  • Jason

    Have you not seen the tablets with the new android OS? the buttons are all part of the screen. Its something that android is looking to enforce in their new software and frankly i dont mind it. It makes it much more convenient for the hand griping and when you are viewing videos and such they dont appear making it the ultimate viewing phone with nothing but screen appearing as it would be on a t.v

  • Phyxius

    is it just me or is 720p lower than what the rumors were to be at 1080p… after expecting such high results i was hoping for that, and also 4.3″?

    i hope these are not the real specs. i would probably be more interested in the SII. if the only advantage is it comes stock with ICS, me personally, i wouldn’t be interested

    • Souken

      There were never any rumours to the Nexus Prime getting a resolution of 1080p. That’s really high, and we don’t even have a major smartphone with a 720p resolution out at this very moment yet. The Nexus Prime (or Galaxy Nexus as I think Samsung renamed it to?) was always rumoured to sport a 720×1280 resolution, nothing higher.

      Now, the rumour of it being a 4.3″ screen instead of a 4.5″ screen is a tad disappointing, I can agree. Not a deal breaker by any means as 4.3″ is still plenty big, but a 4.5″ screen would have been a nice bonus to go with a 720p resolution. As long as the Nexus has a 720p resolution, I can live with either a 4.3″ or 4.5″ screen. I will always remember placing my Galaxy S II with its 4.3″ screen beside the Galaxy S Infuse with its 4.5″ screen, though lol

  • EraqEE

    Can’t wait to see what ICS would looks like!