Samsung’s October 11th event will show “what’s new from Android”


  • slsSpeC

    Do want.

    • Suresh


  • DarkisFever

    Finally! Time to see the Prime!

  • Sean

    My next phone =D
    Better have LTE

    • phil

      Yes, prime phone has received the LTE certification already as well as wi-fi and bluetooth.

  • gavin

    Sammy is a the beast. It’s no wonder Apple targets these guys with their team lawyers. I can’t imagine a more exciting time for new handsets.

  • zar

    I sure hope there will be a Prime like phone, but with a smaller screen. I really can’t go past 4.3″ .. pretty please?!

  • Dom

    bye bye iphone 5;-)

  • Steve dion

    Android is buggy.

    • copolii

      Just because you’re too damn stupid to use it doesn’t mean it’s buggy.

  • Rex

    I have the weirdest boner!

  • Yaguang

    Hell, it’s about time.

  • Phil

    every time I think I’m out…..they pull me back in!

  • EAK47

    i***, fear your nightmare.

  • MARS

    Most people I know who complain about Android’s UI are the same type of people who can’t even set the time on there microwave oven.

    It’s always 12:00 at there house!!

    • M

      @MARS – it seems you have solved the obesity problem in the states.. no one is educated enough to change the clock to anything other than noon, thus it is lunch time all the time, leading to a never ending cycle of eating! Then apple comes along and markets their phones as having a clock which sets itself, leading all of these people to believe that they are innovative! I mean, I haven’t seen any other phones marketed with a clock that sets itself? amiright?