“Absolutely stunning” Nokia Windows Phone aims to “bring Nokia back to where it was”


  • F_______F

    F__: This phone is a desperate attempt to compete with the iPhone. Nokia and RIM will both died soon.

  • Alex

    Did you already said to a girl that her hair’s horrible? Exactly.

  • Kenypowa

    Funny, I heard the same thing when Mike Lazaridis introduced the original Torch.

    But hopefully Nokia can pull it off. WP7 is a refreshing platform.

  • Bila

    The phone looks Absolutely SHIT!!!!

  • George

    Mango is an unbridled success? Wow, miss a day miss a lot

  • Stu

    i was hopeful, but i think microsoft is getting their sh*t together a little to late to compete with the higher end android devices & iphone 5 coming to market in Q4. if they could have pushed out nokia’s devices when they “leaked” the slick & sexy N9 & sea ray, back in june with mango good to go, they might have stood a chance. but at this point, it’s becoming increasing clear that the race will be between android based devices and the iphone

  • outsider

    Too late for M$ and Nokia – thank God for innovation. Too bad the dekstop supply channels are controlled by M$ or they would have lost control of the desktop market years ago. The mobile market is finally a refreshing computer platform that allows ALL to compete and innovate, albeit a few years to late for some.

  • ByPasS

    I wonder how many people it takes from nokia to beleive they can get back on top with a mobile OS that has less than 5% market share worldwide ? I would have been stunned by mango two years ago it’s just too late nothing impressive compared to what is already available on the market.

    • Zomby

      Android used to be nothing but a blimp on the radar too, but it came at a time where there was a big void in smartphone’s OS. I’d still be glad to see WP7 rise to be the #2 OS though, just behind Android… but I have serious doubt about it.

  • Gary

    Too thick at 12.1mm!

  • Cave Johnson

    @Gary, Nokia always had somewhat thicker phones mostly due to the multimedia hardware components, ie camera and speaker. They were always ahead of the competition in that regard. So don’t dismiss their phones just yet. If if turns out to be an amazing phone which can also compete with point-and-shoot camera currently on the market then I wouldn’t mind the thickness.

  • Montrealer

    The design of the searay is great. When will they lunch it officially, especially in north america? Nobody’s gonna care about its “stunning” design if their competitors have the time to copy or improve upon their idea.

  • Daniel

    Nokia’s problem in North America was never software, it was image, marketing, and hype, the things Apple does best. I’ve only ever owned Nokia phones, I’ve had 4 Symbian phones(3600, N95-3, E71, N97 mini), loved them all despite Symbian’s endless quirks, my 3600 and N95 did things an Iphone does only years before the Iphone was ever released. I loved showing it off, people were shocked that what a Nokia could do, they had no idea Nokia made a smartphone comparable to an Iphone. Simple little to no marketing at all for Nokia in Canada. The slow and steady transition to the S^3/S^4/MeeGo/Qt/Ovi ecosystem was the right plan, the signs were there that the hard work and money would pay off, as long as they executed and spend good money on Apple-likemarketing in North America, Europe and Asia would be business as usual marketingwise. The N9’s reviews are proof of this. Elop’s decisions are killing the company. I’m going to be buying an N9 while in Europe in November, hoever it’s likely going to be my last Nokia, as I will not buy a WP device. I’ll likely be forced to buy a QNX BlackBerry after the N9 with no WebOS device available as I’m not a fan of Android and will never give Apple money (don’t like being told what I can and can’t do with my phone). Well I guess I’ll be waiving the Canadian flag with my phone! Good bye Nokia, it was great while it lasted!

  • Syco Chiranjiv

    1 of best phone since i was 10yrs very though n looks stunning. N very tough used N80 for 1 year with display bronken its not there now bcow truck roled over ma cell n thanks 2 thoughness it saved ma SIM CARD N MMC 2.. N thinkin 2 take lumia 800 becoz of toughness… N TFT SCREEN NOKIA IS A LEADING CELL FONE BRAND…