Virgin Mobile waiving the $35 Activation Fee “until further notice”


  • Will

    Hey guys, just to clarify the document it states that Virgin is now waiving the activation fee on all terms: 3 year, Supertab, and 30 day(month to month). So whether you commit to a tab or contract, or neither, there’s no activation fee. Thanks!

  • Dale

    eat it koodo/wind/mobilicity.

  • Mobilicity FTW

    There shouldn’t even be an activation fee.

    • Bob Bobinski

      A typical conversation at a —— store:

      – “Hello, I would like to be your client and pay you money monthly, please.”
      – “Great! How about you start paying us right away, even before you get any service?”
      – “Umm… that doesn’t sound right.”
      – “Sure it does! We offer you the PRIVILEGE to be our client.”
      – “You’re an i***t. Good bye.”
      – “You get a free phone if you sign up for 3 years! Hello? Hello? Awww.. :(“

    • Ivan

      Then you would prefer to have the rep charge you for seeing if they can give you a phone. Worked many jobs that required a credit check on customers. The 35$ activation is what credit card companies charge for the credit check. While many of the fees on a cell bill are invented purely to drain customers, activation/credit check is a real cost. It wasn’t invented, it is a cost to many companies that they have tired to make less ugly. While I would argue credit companies charge to much, at the same time I have to admit that while companies have to pay it they have every right to pass it on to the customer. Customers should be grateful they don’t have to pay in advance of a credit check most are aware they are likely to fail and thus waste a companies money.

  • asdfasl;d


    idk about wind or mobilicity, but koodo doesn’t have an activation charge. eat THAT

    • Ryan

      Koodo DOES, but only if you activate by phone. Not if it’s at a kiosk or online.

  • Lance W

    Replace “until further notice” with “when the other carriers stop.”

  • Betty Crueger

    I am SHOCKED! SHOCKED, I tells ya!
    Who could have seen this coming?

  • Dr. Andrade

    Pathetic that they even do it for limited time only. They should have done it long time ago and forever.

  • Hugh Jass

    For all the people hating that Virgin is just following other companies; IT ISN’T. Virgin hasn’t had an activation fee on 3-year terms or Supertab for over a year now. The only new thing now is that they also waive it on month to month and bring your own phone…kthxbye

    • Tony Popkin

      Go be fat somewhere else, Hugh Jass.

  • Jdude

    lol and yet they still have horrible plans that dont even remotely compete to kodoo let alone wind/mobilicity/public mobile. No thanks virgin, let me know when you have city wide unlimited for 25$ /month free caller id $5 voice mail and 10$ unlimited data

    • John Jackson

      Obviously you haven’t been following Mobile Syrup enough to see that Virgin offers a 5$ add on now to make any of their talk and text plans canada wide which means it comes out to the same price as koodo because koodo doesnt offer unl text and that add on for them is 5$…

      and this wind/mobilicity/public story…please, once they actually have a reliable network, come tell me their plans are still 15-25/month…then ill say yea, the big 3 suck…but until then, ill stick to my unlimited canada talk and internation text for 45/month.

    • John Jackson


  • SLee

    Confirmed that Bell will also waive their $35 activation fee, only if you ask them to.

    • Matt

      On new three year terms its waived automticlly, just takes two bill cycles to arrive.

  • slapnuts2k5

    LOL I guess somebody is “Eating their lunch”

  • Demonte21

    Bell is waiving the Activation fee only on 36 months agreement. until september 30th. Not on month to month plan.

  • Matt

    Hugh Jass is correct, Virgin hasnt had an act fee on supertab or three year terms in a long, long time. This just further expands it to everything else they offer.

  • Dave

    Activation Fee, Government Regulation Fee, System Access Fee, 911 Fee, last but not least, LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks Fee. Thanks to Robelus and CRTC. It’s only in Canada folks.

    • Jerrik

      If you don’t like it, don’t give them your business. I’m getting quite annoyed with people always bitching about paying fees. Everything costs money in this world. Nothing is free without a catch. Get over it because that is how the world works. It sucks I know but there is nothing anybody can do about it. The point of being in business is to make money off of people.

  • anona

    @Jdude- let me know when the new 3 have reliable service, decently fast upload and download speeds and cross country coverage on their own towers kthx

  • Blekdar

    Holy hell I am sick of this bitching about the activation fee. The activation fee is covering the cost of other people getting your account active for you. When you walk into a mechanics shop, do you complain about them charging you for the labour? No? That’s what I thought, cause even if you did he would probably laugh and tell you to fix your own damn car.
    Most companies don’t charge you the activation fee when you do it online, so if its that big of a deal then do it yourself and stop complaining.

  • Brayden

    @Blekdar, this is true. Virgin prepaid phones, if bought in a store give you a $30 credit when activated online. However, if you call it in, you don’t get that credit. I find it awesome to see the connection fee waived on everything.. Finally.

  • Jerrik

    F-u-c-k people. Stop complaining about everything. This is how it works in Canada ok. Bitch all you want. Nothing is going to change how these companies do their business. Stop already. These activation fees are legitimate. If you don’t want to pay, don’t get a f-u-c-king phone, problem solved now shut up. It’s so annoying to sell a phone to a customer who has no idea what he or she is doing or how things work and complain about everything. F-u-c-k off and quit wasting my time.

  • Adam

    Pros to being in Canada: everything minus the wireless industry
    Cons to being in Canada: the wireless industry

  • zar

    Since Virgin hasn’t had an activation fee on 3yr or Supertab plans, let me point out the people who will benefit from this promo:
    – prepaid Virgin customers switching to 30day plan with their own phones
    – customers from other companies switching to Virgin on a 30day plan
    – customers activating a tablet plan.

    Note: 30day plan means no commitment contract, ie get out when you want without any fees.

  • daniel ippolito

    parent company bell has been doing this for more then a month now, only in western Canada though to counter act rogers doing the same in Ontario.