Google+ for Android updated with mobile Hangouts, Messenger improvements


  • Stuntman

    It’s about time.

    By the way, the headline should be, “Google+ Officially Launches”.

  • KidCanada

    Google plus = Facebook “swacker” (swagger jacker)

  • Habiboobi


  • Vincent

    I cannot see the update on my Galaxy S2 (Bell)

  • dan

    Wow, google is reinventing the wheel. Oh wait, all of this has been done.. years ago.

  • hinds

    I cannot see it either

  • Shagmire

    Sweet! My Galaxy S2 updated! Looks sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Tim

    None of my devices are updating and the link on this article brings up the app with Huddle in the screenshot not Messenger.

  • Tim

    No mobile Hangout on my Xoom? Does it not support honeycomb devices?

  • Jay

    G+ just got….AWSUMR!!!

  • Vineet

    Where do i get the invite from to access Google(+)Plus ???

    • GT

      Google+ is no longer beta. No need for an invite.

  • Dizz

    Got the update, but I don’t see you Hangout anywhere. Can you START a hangout from the phone? Maybe you can only join an existing hangout from the phone? I dunno, but right now, I don’t see anything re: hangout in there.

    • walt

      no way of starting a hangout from mobile device. You can only join.

  • ramir

    i don’t see the hangout on my G+ also on my GS2

    • Dizz

      I have the GS2 as well. I know you can JOIN a hangout from the phone, but it appears to me that you can’t start one

  • ramir

    hangout would be one of the best features for android users on Google+, something that would really compete with facetime for IOS and would be far more superior too!

  • Sean

    Does facetime really need competition? Wasn’t it dead in the water with Skype working on everything?

    • Nick

      Or Google Talk, for that matter :P.

      I love video calling on Google Talk, works like a charm and doesn’t use a ridiculous amount of data either.

  • todd

    that girl in the picture is so dam ugly, specially with those huge eye brows, ugly, made me throw up in my mouth

  • W B

    I like Google+ , but they still need to polish some basic functions. When I’m sharing and commenting on a web link from my mobile, I copy and paste the link to my Stream, but Google does not automatically add the thumbnail photos. I have to log on to the desktop web version in order to show the link properly with a thumbnail.

  • Slype


    hahahaha – Facetime. Thanks for the morning laugh.

    Everyone I know uses Skype (even iPhone fans) since it is not a proprietary and phonecentric technology. Skype (even though it’s been bloated recently thanks to Facebook and Microsoft) is still a sweet app.