BlackBerry TradeUp Program now includes BlackBerry 7 devices


  • Alex Perrier

    Interesting that they now include Blackberries with OS 7. I wonder how much they’d offer if I trade in my Blackberry Torch 9810.

  • FF

    F: The keyboard on all of these POS are all bigger than the screens.

    Thank you and enjoy your Tues Sep 20, 2011.


    • Stimulator

      So are you implying that the screens should be larger so the phone doesn’t fit in your pocket, or the keyboard should be smaller so it’s unusable?

    • Whoopie McMillan

      I think he is implying that the screens should be bigger than a postage stamp. If people wanted a typewriter…they’d ask for a typewriter.

    • FF

      F: The 9860 doesn’t have a keyboard, my pathetic uneducated trolling left that out.

      F: I get no attention from anybody in real life so I desperately seek attention on the internet.

      Thank you

  • freddyd

    Dear RIM/BlackBerry.. Please include other smart phones in this program. I have a recently purchased android and can’t wait to get back on my beloved BlackBerry!

    That is all.. 🙂

    • TheTigerTek

      I got a Bold 9900 went from a Galaxy S2 user and I love new Bold. People who are saying RIM’s phone is lacking style should go to the nearest Rogers, Bell or Telus store and pick up a Bold 9900… it has amazing fit and finish.. feels great in the hands and built quality is superb.

  • Rodrigo

    I want to upgrade my BlackBerry 7190, does it apply to this program? Can I upgrade my 7190 to a Pearl Flip? I heard the Pearl Flip is a fast phone, and comparable to the iPhone 5 coming out. Please advice.

    • TeknoBug

      I can’t tell if you are being serious or not, there’s a reason why I didn’t keep my Pearl Flip for very long, it was super slow, the candybar Pearl 91** are better.

  • Frankfurter

    Dear RIM,

    Please note that nobody cares to use your crappy phones that have a postage stamp size screen and plastic cheap keyboard with no touch screens. Even your touch screens are crappy. Please kill yourself from the race and give up. Apple and Samsung have your number.

    Thank you.

  • Adam

    This trade-up program confused me. You get more for a Rogers 9700 ($100) than you would get for a Rogers 9780 ($85).

    • Hampton

      I wonder what RIM will be doing with these old phones? I think they are sending them to Haiti to build huts.

  • R and BBs

    This is a pretty Bold move considering how far behind the Curve they are.

    I’ve taken a Tour of the RIM campus and if I think they should just Torch the offices, there is a Storm coming with iPhone 5.

    The problem that I see is that the RIM phones really lack Style. They need to do a flip and rewrite their Playbook and release a real Pearl of a smartphone.

  • Whoopie McMillan

    I see RIM is paying people to buy their phones again

    Sad, just sad. Kind of pathetic actually.

  • Quagmire

    Sweet! Will this allow me to trade up to a Tour?

  • Givens

    what do they like then?

  • Brades

    I don’t see the prepaid visa offered anywhere?

    • Brades

      nevermind… you guys worded this bad. They aren’t giving away a prepaid visa on top of the initial buyback.

  • KidCanada

    I could tell you this, I can definitely get more money if I sell it someone or online. RIM stop following the Big 3’s tracks and ripping people off. Please, that’s the last thing I’d see from a great company.

  • Dimitry

    Would the real Alex Perrier please stand up?

  • anon

    If you want to upgrade your phones to OS 7 devices, do so, no one is asking you little tech kids to take up the offer. Atleast BB is looking out for the people who were stuck with the Torch 9800, or any other phone they truly do not like, and giving them the opportunity to get one of their newest devices. Which other company has shown such good faith?Apple would shoot its self in the head before they began offering such a thing.
    Android, please, its a great platform, but buggy and glitchy. Every new release of the Android OS calls for a new phone, how is that for end user support? You want the new OS? Go spend more money and buy a phone tht has the upto date OS, else wait eons to get an update, if at all.
    RIM cares, thus the offer. Enuf said.

    • DBVM

      You mean buggy and glitchy like many of the previous BB touch phones…. Storm really comes to mind here.

  • Habiboobi

    I like. You like? We like.

  • wireless tech support agent

    Rim should go bankruptcy . so costumers stop calling us for BBM and BIS issues not forgetting Blackberry ID issues.


    Rim Should have direct number to support their costumers regarding all RIM related issues and they should not be refereed to the service provider