BlackBerry Bold 9980 surfaces again, compares itself to the Bold 9900


  • Sean

    Well we all knew they had to do something radical … didn’t expect something like this though

    Also i would think the QNX would be the 10000 as in a whole other level

    • Ewan

      This gives a whole new meaning to “$hitting bricks”

    • Aaron

      I have an idea for radical…how about a larger higher resolution touch-screen with an 8 megapixel camera and a dual-core chip that doesn’t look like it belongs on the dashboard of the Millennium Falcon.

    • WakaWakaHorsesKaka!

      Actually if rim can stay in business that long, they would probably start using alpha numerics, or they could start using for say 10030 use X30, etc.

    • Wildspin

      This has to be a Chinese knockoff (aka. Shanzhai). The QNX models are supposed to all touch screen, no?

  • Adam


  • Erick

    To me this picture confirms, that this is a bb bold 9900 on a custom skin. All the lines, the volume, camera, power buttons are all in the same locations. If RIM was actually developing a new phone, I would expect a bigger screen, given the rectangular shape of this skin. None the less, I think its a cool concept, and I would probably buy this skin if it ever goes on ebay!

    • shawn

      you need to get your eyes checked….

    • phoneguy1

      This looks like what they probably used to test the 9900. Hiding it under a hideous skin so that people don’t see it is really the phone.


    This is clearly a mod. All the buttons line up perfectly.

    • Augmen

      this is not a mod. it is real.

  • Bila

    If the PPL at Porsche designed this they seriously need new Engineers….F****** ugly this thing!!!

    • KidCanada

      What exactly does Porsche have to do with designing Blackberries? :s

  • ELNY

    Well….at least they’re TRYING to do something new with their phones, you gotta give ’em that at least.

  • Jeeverz

    Other than the screen size, I really like that device!

  • KidCanada

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was someone playing a practical joke on the tech sites. These days tech bloggers would post anything real or fake to attract readers and what not. Example, Mobilesyrup and the photo of that dish “taken with an iPhone 5” lol

  • Steve

    For some reason this phone reminds me of the car Homer Simpson designed for his brother’s’company in an early episode. Seriously, RIM, don’t you have enough trouble already? Don’t go there. And if you’re looking to reduce the headcount again, the guys who approved any kind of money being spent on this prototype should get axed.

  • Elnie

    What in the HELL is this POS?!?! Serious?

    RIM got rocked and they are releasing this brick? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

    give up RIM, you’re dead.


    Hello, here are your daily FACTS:

    FACTOID 1: The keyboard on both of these POS’s are bigger than the screen.

    FACTOID 2: The BlackBerry 9980 is a collab design with Porsche and it is called “Knight” – internal name. It is targeted towards the Europe market.

    Thank you for your time.



    FACT1: RIM is dying very, very quickly.

    FACT2: This phones make me laugh like a school child at recess. Is that the best they’ve got?

  • Malevolent

    I just threw up in my mouth a little after seeing that! I hope it is not real for RIM’s sake.

  • The Boze

    The shell is not fitted properly on the top right.


    Factoid #3: The QNX phone, Colt, looks identical to the iPhone 4.

    Thank you

  • doan

    They need to get someone like pininfarina to design a phone. Similar to how motorola had them design that iden one a few years back. It was damned sexy for a nextel/Mike handset.

  • Dimitri

    OMFG when can I buy one of these! Look how amazing it looks. Designed by porsche too. Take that iPhone!

    • CanuckDrew

      This device reminds of David Bowie’s song: Starman, which came out in 1972. I also believe Porsche was at the top of their game that same year.


    Factoid #4: PROCEEDING on top of the device is the same font style as the Porsche lettering. The word doesn’t mean anything. It is just a mockup word. However PORSCHE will be in that exact location in the exact same font style.

    Thank you

  • F*G


    • tabasco

      hopefully not

    • Paco

      unfortunately, F*G is correct. This is real



  • Aaron

    Great Scott Marty…You forgot your phone from 2005!

  • Mr.Conclusion

    I conclude that RIM is dead.

    Thank you

  • Betty Koyle

    What is that! Looks like the motorola phone from 5 years ago. Ew

  • tabasco

    Factoid #5: Rum is better than RIM.

  • anon

    Ummmm this is clearly just a skin. Wake up people. Plus im sure ive seen those same buttons on old nokia keyboards from a few years ago. Its a concept phone from a concept designer. By the tiny chance that it is not, who cares cuz its fugly and noone in their right mind will buy it. Everyone on here seems to agree so why all the bickering. Next topic please.

    • The Book of Jobs

      get a real phone, get an iphone

  • Josh

    Guys stop laughing, it’s not funny when someone dies……… Lets have a moment of silence for RIM……………………….. Okay, done. Bye RIM lol

  • Mark Pecan

    I think this is clear now – RIM is running out of ideas.

  • TJ

    Maybe the author should learn to spell PROCEEDING, before proceeding.

  • Junior

    Maybe it’s some kind of disguise covering the phone…sort of a cloaked device, so they can gauge the public’s opinion.

  • Lucky

    Welcome to the ancient world of RIM!

  • CanuckDrew

    oh..and “PROCEEDING”, is reminiscint of Charlie Sheen’s WINNING.

  • JR

    Post #5, best handle I’ve seen in a while “WakaWakaHorsesKaka!” made me laugh, thanks. Oh, and this phone is not necessarily ugly, but has completely disregarded the fact that people would like a device witha proper sized, touchscreen and not another 2.5″ – 3.0″ device, not at the level that RIM is trying to compete.

    WakaWakaHorsesKaka! … lol……. It’s funny because its Fozzy’s voice in my head.

  • freezerburnt

    Will the board at RIM PLEASE axe the two current CEO’s and get this company back on track!! This is the biggest piece of $hit that I’ve seen RIM come out with yet. I’ve got enough friends working at RIM that I don’t want the company to go under, but for f***s sake, someone save us from the mediocrity that RIM has become….

  • Cody

    I didn’t think they could look worse…..

  • M.A.R.S

    I hear that the Desktop Software for this device comes on 4 floppy disks.

  • Terry_in_Hali

    “Proceeding” may be Fringlish for prototype.

  • mike

    That is just butt ugly!

  • Bill

    Finally a good looking Blackberry

  • JCEE

    it has to be fake it looks nothing like a blackberry ever has or probably ever will it looks like the old Moto Q’s. Also look at the charging port on the bottom left side .. something a blackberry would never have

    • JCEE

      bottom right side*

  • Paul Q

    Stop talking about qnx based phones. These do not exist! May never see the time of day either.

  • geoff

    thats seriously THE ugliest device i have ever seen. i hope the sotware makes up where it lacks in looks because it wont sell based on design. what were they thinking!? i really hope that its fake.