AppsFire: iOS and Android developers have created 1 million apps, only 80% currently active


  • Oranges

    Apple’s app dominance is quickly coming to and end … not really a surprise considering how fast Android is selling. I for one welcome our new mechanical overlords.

    • Yawni

      fart apps dominate

    • Vincent

      Hahaha, it is good to have the Stalin android vs the iChairman Mao battle it out

  • Nigel H

    “I for one welcome our new mechanical overlords.”

    Watch Jeopardy much? 😉

  • The Boze

    Dude… Apple offers a whopping 4 products with iOS (3 if you bunch the 3GS and 4 together).

    There are like 400 different Android devices worldwide.

    It’s *kinda* normal Android devices/users would outnumber iOS eventually. That being said, a lot of those Android devices are crap. I’m not saying most Android devices are bad, but the numbers are inflated by a lot of sub-par devices. Same goes for the Apps.

    Apple flushed a bunch (read: thousand) of Apps a while back because they had no value and have tightened their approval of Apps; all this in an effort to bring more value to the platform.

    I’m not sure Android will ever have that self-imposed quality concern.

    • bob

      What’s normal?
      Symbian has hundred of devices and yet its market share is shrinking.
      RIM has many devices and its market share is shrinking too.
      Having many devices isn’t a guaranteed success.

      The most popular Android devices are the high end ones by brand-name companies such as Samsung and HTC. Yes there are crappy no-name Android devices but these are a tiny part of the Android market share.

    • The Boze

      I’m sure most popular models in North America and are higher-end devices, but that’s a small part of the global market in terms of unit sales. That’s why Nokia/Symbian is still the global leader in terms of total units. less-expensive phones will always dominate the numbers game.

      I just don’t get the comparison between iOS numbers and Android numbers. They are two different business models. Why aren’t people comparing Android to Blackberry? or Symbian? If anything, Android has more in common with Symbian (or even Microsoft’s WPOS) as a strategy than it does with either Apple’s or RIM’s businesses.

      Apple has the most effective business strategy and everyone is trying to replicate it, RIM/Blackberry got lazy/apple-doesn’t-know-anything-about-this-business-and-will-fail-miserably/complacent, and now is trying to save the furniture, Microsoft won’t have an OS on phones for another year, but makes money off every Android phone someone else sells, and Google ends up in trouble for having integrated IP that doesn’t belong to them into a product they decided to give away for free, hoping no one would sue them, which in turn caused every mainstream manufacturer to re-examine their OS strategy regarding Android once everyone started to sue them.

      Anyways. does anyone really need 200,000 apps?

  • techq

    Lets just say some of that trimming you are referring to is also because of Apple’s new policy on subscriptions and some of those app developers have said I will go to android.

    • The Boze

      No. I’m talking boob and fart apps. The subscription “issue” didn’t really affect developers, it only ruffled the heavyweight publishers. I believe most of that has been cleared up anyway.

  • Nick Norris

    Market dominance… meh. I value Apple’s contribution to revolutionizing the portables market both in music, media and mobility.

    I welcome more fierce competition to keep Apple ever on their toes, and to allow new and innovating ideas to come to light.

    Apple has done a GREAT job, but there are many improvements (both hardware and software) that “shoulda/coulda/woulda” be made before they can rest their laurels.

    • The Boze

      I don’t think Apple will ever “rest their laurels”.

      That’s for companies like RIM and Microsoft 😉

  • TipperTwo


  • Jordan

    ..and yet I only have like 6 downloaded.

  • Rio


    I’d have to disagree with you there, although tr high end android devices are popular on these forums, they are far from popular in the real world.

    The older models Androids are selling just as much to the general population.

  • Dave

    You’re essentially talking about 1 phone (iPhone) versus the world.
    I love android, and I love apple. I love them both, but seriously, your talking about a global market versus one phone. The iPhone. I’d say Apple is doing pretty well, if it still maintains a dominance over other brands.. Let’s just say 10 brands of Android vs 1 iPhone.. it’s doing pretty good. Don’t get me wrong, I love android, but.. you have to give hats off to Apple for you know… taking on the world. How far can Android manufactures go, without infringing on patents? (ie: the galaxy ban in europe) Don’t get me wrong.. both are solid products.

    TL;DR: I love android and iphone. We’re comparing one phone, versus .. “the rest” here, and it’s STILL doing better. We should give a “hats off” to Apple for how well they’ve done. My $0.02

    • Stuntman

      Apple would probably have gotten an even larger market share if they had some more variety of devices available. I might have gotten an Apple phone if they made one that was more to my liking. I looked at the iPhone and wanted something a little different. There was no iOS phone that had what I wanted, but there are other phones that did. I ended up getting a Nokia (Symbian) and then later an HTC phone (Android).

  • Dave

    For the record, I’m a windows phone user. Except, I’m an Android/iOS fanboy. haha