Video: Bell stacks their Superphones against competing “regular” smartphones


  • Chase

    A Superphone is Super!

    • Paul

      And then rogers compares S2 running on LTE with Bell superphones. And bell puts superphones for crazy cheap

    • Sined

      It’s a shame that Bell is burning bridges with Sony Ericsson and LG.

  • Brendon

    Holy s**t, hold your head still

  • EmperumanV


  • EmperumanV

    Funny how’s there no iPhone 4 comparison under the Bell’s stack up website. Heh

    • Jerrik

      @EmperumanV: That’s because the iPhone isn’t in the same league as the Samsung Galaxy S2. The Galaxy S2 blows the iPhone 4 out of the water. The iPhone 4 is only a smartphone.

    • Shawn

      Way to compare a 13month old phone to a 1month old phone fandroids.

  • bob

    Well we must admit that Bell has the best phones right now.

  • Sean

    Hmmm noticed they dind’t try any of the dual core phones from other carriers… and no speed comparison with a telus phone.

  • jay

    what comes after superphones? SUPER SAIYAN PHONES

    • mda

      No, superduperphones, of course.

    • choy

      how about “megaphones”

      wait a minute…

  • andy c

    This discussion ends once Rogers releases there SGS2 LTE handset in the next few months

  • Mark

    The video seems kinda dumb, but the dude is hot 😉

    • Me Ted

      What cologne is he wearing? Spicy.

  • Nascar39

    Comparing Super phones to Regular phones is like comparing a Camero to a family van, is there really a point?

  • hap

    when rogers releases the samsung galaxy s2 lte all theres speed test will go away because they wont have enough speed as rogers for some months because rogers will have lte and they will have hspa
    rogers also has 3d phones
    And i have personally tried a motorola atrix with bell my motorla atrix and iphone 4 from rogers had pretty much same speeds where iphone 4 is a year old and motorla atrix is brand new.
    These companies only do speed tests where they no its a high speed

    • Reg

      The race towards LTE in all markets will be short lived. Regardless of who gets there first, the rest won’t be far behind.

      My concern will be if there’s a significant premium for LTE enabled devices. That may deter the average consumer from getting them.

    • Jin

      The point being that irrelevant marketing scheme is irrelevant. The race and what not doesn’t matter at this point just that bell doesn’t like to actually compare with the same level. It is marketing after all so I don’t really blame them.

  • Dmitri Kondratev

    Why compare the Galaxy S2 to an Experia that Bell doesn’t even carry???

  • Reg

    Regardless of how you view it, it’s really how Bell stacks vs the competition at this point in time.

    Network speeds: As fast or faster than the competition
    Devices: Definitely better than the competition

    As to plans and service, we can all agree that everyone has to step up in both departments.

  • DS

    I can tell you one thing, I will never use the term “superphone”. It sounds dumb and its really just a smartphone with higher specs.

    • Stimulator

      I don’t even use the term “smartphone”, I just call them all “phones”! New phones are always going to be more advanced than last year’s models, so why create new names with every generation?

  • dan

    they didn’t dare compare their super phones to the BlackBerry Bold 9900… it’s over 9000.

  • John

    The guy is annoying as hell. It is as if the marketing was done by 14 year olds: «SUPER SUPER SUPER PHONES», «super fast», «super vivid».
    I do understand the add targets a young age group, but that doesn’t mean that we have poor vocabulary.

  • jaimz

    How about comparing a Motorola vs a rogers phone? Wait what’s the point anyone who’s owned an atrix knows how much of an epic failure that was? And frankly having worked for Bell the difference between a superphone and a smartphone are minimal at best for 75% of the general public who don’t care about spec sheets!

    • Jake

      having worked for Bell eh? not hard to tell why they canned you…

  • Maes33

    But is it on the Best network 🙂

  • Jay

    I love this testing. It just goes to prove that Bell doesn’t have the gonads to go against equal competition. Seriously, putting the Galaxy S II against the Arc? That’s like putting a Ferrari against a Mazda. How about you grab a phone from Rogers that actually is in the same ballpark.

  • Max

    Other providers should now make a plan comparison

  • Jesse

    What about when new phones come out and they can’t use the gimmicky “Superphone” phrase anymore? Seriously, it’s stupid marketing by Bell….

  • Mark

    He IS hot; but the lisp is annoying.

  • Stuntman

    This is a marketing video. They are obviously going to compare their phone with something that they can blow out of the water any day of the week. If you are viewing this Bell video to compare similar phones across different networks, you are simply wasting your time. Take this video for what it is, advertising for Bell.

  • likiud

    The Galaxy S2 shown is running juicedefender. Does that mean the battery sucks?

  • jb

    why doesnt bell grab the htc 3d from rogers or the telus samsung galaxy because they no if they do speed test with rogers there speeds will be lower so there is no point they only do it to phones which they no will be worse then there phones
    I want them to compare there samsung galaxy s2 to rogers htc 3d and samsung galxy s2 lte i bet u they will never do that

  • mr. bell

    Guys, they are not using the HTC EVO 3D or the SAmsung Galaxy S 4G from Telus because those are considered as Superphones

    We are comparing superphones and smartphones, not superphones and superphones.

    Please listen to the video before commenting

  • JohnnyComputer

    @Mr.Bell if the point of this 100% scientific test video is to compare smartphones to superphones, then why compare a smartphone from a different carrier (who just happens to be your direct competition) to your supposed “superphone” (terrible name), when a more logical comparison would be between two devices on the same network? The fact that you are comparing a Bell device to a decidedly crappy phone from Rogers will immediately elicit comments of this nature, as your comparison becomes about the networks more-so than the phones. “Best phones on Canada’s best network”, really? Hasn’t Bell already gotten in enough trouble for making erroneous claims?

  • mr. bell

    Xperia Arc and LG 3D are 2 of the flagship devices at Rogers right now, so they are not crappy

    Bell is trying to show off why a superphone (dual core, 4 inch screen and +, 14.4mbps) is better than a smartphone. And they are showing why their network is better.

    Did you know that the whole HSPA+ network is built with fiber optics vs Rogers’ network which uses less than 20% fiber optics?

    Bell never ever got in trouble for advertising the best network in canada, you are confusing them with Rogers in Q4 2009

  • ultraphone master!

    meh… who cares. the iPhone 5 will whomp all their asses. its clearly better _and_ it’ll run on a 5G network, so its clearly better and faster than those dumb 4G stuper-phones.

  • jb

    bell got sued millions and millions of dollors from crtc because they used false advertisemnets
    xperia arc is not rogers flagship phone
    there flagship phone are the 3d phones
    blackberry bold 9900 samsung infuse

  • Rich

    there is so much stupidity in this comments thread alone, it’s painful. Marketing on the superphone comparison commenced before the evo 3d was released to the public. The galaxy S2 LTE was only recently announced. LTE is in select markets vs 4G consistency throughout the competition’s network. Oh and enjoy the current monopoly of overpriced LTE data tiers. The iPhone 5 is not 5G you d*****s, what kind of bad grass has been burning upwind from your lowbrow shanty. The S2 still dominates the Evo 3d on everything save for the OMGWTFBBQ it only does 3d content preloaded on the device! Sony Ericsson is an exclusive brand through Rogers and LG is known shamefully to make awful handsets. Lastly, you’d be a moron to think that there was another carrier out there that even offered you a selection on a dual-core phone in the first place.

    So, if the marketing to inform the lesser informed doesnt appeal to you because you’re too high on your ridiculous soap box to even grasp at the point of marketing to uneducated people in the first place, then please, do us a favor and stop posting.

    • ultraphone master!

      “The iPhone 5 is not 5G you d*****s, what kind of bad grass has been burning upwind from your lowbrow shanty”

      dude, relax, I was just mocking the whole superphone/weiner-comparison hullabaloo.

  • mr. bell

    jb, you are clearly trolling because you can’t bring any real facts in this discussion

    Rich, thank you for contributing in an educated way to this post

  • saffant

    Goodluck with the battery life and data tiers with the lte gsii.

    PS: well said btw.

  • CaptainZangetsu

    does Bell secure all the updates for the Super Phones like my Nexus S?? Answer is NO!!. If you go Android the best phone is the Nexus Series. Your never left behind with updates. When Icecream Sandwich comes out ill be the first to get the Update on my Nexus S as opposed to the Super Phones there LOL.

  • mr.bell

    CaptainZangestsu, Nexus S is not a superphone, it doesn’t have a dual core or 14.4 mbps capability

    Why would Bell secure an update for a device it doesn’t carry?

    please don’t post anymore

  • Red Foreman

    uhhh….the Xperia is like 2 years old… the SGSII just came out… how bout comparing speeds of two phones with duel core processors like comparing bells superphones against rogers LTE phones? Bell would lose.its like comparing someone who has never worked out in their lives to someone who works out everyday and having them arm wrestle against eachother, for sure the person who never works out will lose… Ah bell, if we were dumb as bricks, we would totally jump on your wagon, but unfortunately, we know whats up when it comes to phones, and whats better then what… your 14-21 mbps download speeds dont compare to Telus’ phones, releasing this fall which reach 42 mbps download speeds, or rogers phones downloading at 70 mbps on the new LTE network, and no person in their right mind would let them selves get f*d by your crazy,and overpriced plans/phones. after all, Bells been screwing people over for long enough, they are losing a huge chunk of their base to other carriers such as Rogers,Telus,Wind,Mobilicity,Videotron, and bells trying to come back, but you can have all the best phones on the market, if you over charge, and treat the customer as if they are worthless, you’re numbers will keep going down, and one day POOF, Bell will fall into a category of their own. The “I am tired of getting f****d” category. sorry bell, but your days are numbered IMO

  • mr. bell

    Red, please, do you even know what’s you’re talking about? The Xperia ARC was launched this year

    the GSII LTE device would be considered as a superphone because it meets the criterias

    If you were a little bit more educated, you would probably know that Bell already has the 42mbps network covering 67% of the population

    Actually, Rogers is the carrier that is losing the most of its customer base to Bell, not vice versa.

    you opinion is not worth anything, sorry

  • Jody

    Really… The Atrix us an Epic Fail. From my personal experience , had the iphone 3 and iphone 4 when they first came out in Canada, I was always a huge iphone fan( and was with Roders). I also had never picked up an android phone at all but always said Iphone was way better.

    Well decided to drop Rogers and go to Bell cause I really like the Atrix and I can tell you this, after being and Iphone fanboy since 3g, I will never get another iphone again. I live the Atrix. I do admit that the Retina Display on the Iphone is way superior to any screen any android has, my girlfriend has a white iphone 4, and yes I have compared several other phones as well and yes apple has more apps but thats about it. Not only is the Atrix way faster than the iphone, powering down, powering up, running apps it so much more customizable and less software restrictions. Also, from what I have compared between my gfs iphone 4 in rogers and my Atrix, internet etc is faster. So for all the people that have never tried an android phone or vice versa don’t knock it till you try it. That’s just my opinion on which phone and OS I prefer, and in my opinion the Atrix was not an epic fail but an impressive introduction to a superior phone and OS outside if apples restrictions.

  • Jody

    LOL. Darn smart phones and auto correct.

  • CaptainZangetsu

    Just saying all these super phones wont get updates after 2 years when the Nexus S i have will still get it 🙂