SaskTel releases the BlackBerry Torch 9860, $549.99 outright


  • mda

    If only they would take the credit off the outright price to make it $450.
    Now that would be worth buying (or at least considering) considering that the torch 9800 sells for about $400 used on EBay and even more new from carriers.

  • Steve

    @mda If the 9800 is $400 used then surely a brand new 9860 has to be worth $549 I would think. But I think your used price of $400 is on the high side. I sold my used 9800 two weeks ago (to buy the 9900) on kijiji for $300 and I thought that I was doing well.

  • Kyle

    $549.99 lmao lol, way over priced lol. for this kind of money you can buy a samsung galaxy s2 superphone which is way way better than this garbage blackberry with 2009 specs. This blackberry should be priced at no more than $324.99 any higher and its a rip off

  • brent

    its not the specs, its the OS that makes a device. The WP7 devices have average specs and performance wise they destroy android and apple.

    Unfortunately the BB OS is outdated and stale. Hopefully QNX brings RIM back to the forefront of the smartphone world.

  • essa

    $549.99 no way that’s toooooooo much man.