Acer Iconia 1GB Android Honeycomb tablet rolls into Canada for $349.99


  • rulerxy

    What does the 1GB represent? Storage? Lmao

  • Jason

    I was goign to buy a playjoke until I found out that it has no email, calendar, contact list, task list, or apps.

    I will buy this instead!

    • Eddie

      This is far inferior to PlayBook.

    • TeknoBug

      @Jason, one word: Bridge.

  • Big Dog

    I have the 10″ A500 and love it. The full size USB port rocks for all kinds of uses.

  • Keops

    1GB only? Is Acer completely uninspired, or what?
    I’ll pass.

    • bob

      I don’t see any problem with 1GB at this price. It only needs a SD card slot.

  • user

    No way it has only 1GB internal storage. I’m 100% sure it’s a typo. The interesting part is both FS & BB have the same typo.

  • JSKershaw

    Looking at the model number of this unit it looks like this is an 8GB model. So it’s a typo.

  • ravi

    1gb RAM. 32GB storage.

    • Nascar Dog

      Model Number A100-07S08H
      It has 1GB system memory and 8GB storage
      That’s what the 08 in the model number means
      I know this because I picked one up at Future Shop on Saturday

    • Mike

      Does it have a HDMI port?

  • Nascar Dog

    The screen on this thing is not very good.
    Terrible viewing angles. Definitely not IPS.
    You also need to have tiny fingers to use it.

  • Bryan W. F.

    I believe this is the A100 that was reviewed on Engadget a couple weeks ago. If this is the case, then the resolution is incorrect, it’s actually 1024 x 600

    • Calypso

      If what you and others are saying is true, pretty much all published specs are wrong.


  • Ken

    It sounds like a typo – why would a 1gb model only be $50 cheaper than a 16gb model,that doesn’t even factor in the difference in screen size for that $50 difference as the 16gb model is a 10 inch tablet.

    If this is really an 8gb model, it could be a perfect size for the middle age not so tech driven people, a decent E-reader, email, web browsing, video chat device. I will check this out as a Christmas gift for my parents.

  • TeknoBug

    1GB storage? I hope not. At $379, that’s a bit much for 1GB storage, I’d probably buy it for $250.

    • TeknoBug

      woops $349, not $379…

  • Rick Ramalho

    … and yet another tablet, and still no buyers.

  • rahul

    I think the resolution is 1024×600 and not 1280×800. How many mistakes can they make in a single listing?