Samsung to announce an LTE-enabled Galaxy SII next week?


  • Inhert

    oh godd yes! I was actually waiting to get the galaxy 2 because buying an unlocked one was a lot of money, but if I can just get it from rogers this is 10x better! (especially since it’s a upgrade or the GII!!)

  • Andy

    Nerdgasm!!! *squirt squirt squirt*

  • ELNY

    PLEASE let this be true! Also, I hope the screen resolution gets a bump as well!

  • jb

    Finally rogers and a lte 100 times better than bell

  • Skrutor

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall of the Rogers upcoming-phone meeting room… They must plan phone choices at least a year in advance, to take this long for a release.

  • Craig

    I doubt it’s going to sport a higher res screen as that’s set to debut with the Nexus Prime

  • Mattymo

    I hope this has the same specs as the upcoming rumoured nexus prime. With the increased resolution this will be perfect.

  • TheOnlyZirian

    I guess one can only utilize the LTE in Ottawa only, until other cities get LTE from Rogers.

    • Andy

      Fall launch of lte in major markets. Most likely in time for device launch.

  • human

    Why is this phone so beautiful? T_T

  • Jerrik

    Not really much a difference between this one and my Bell Galaxy S2, except for the screen size, which is only .2cm difference, the processor, and the LTE feature. We will never get those types of speeds regularly anyways. However, I have my phone overclocked to 1.6 GHz so that cancels that part out.

    • RC

      If a 1.2Ghz phone can be overclocked to 1.5Ghz, should a 1.5Ghz phone be able to be overclocked to 1.8Ghz then??

    • Souken

      0.2″ is actually a pretty big difference. I didn’t think it would be until I compared my Galaxy S II to Rogers’ Galaxy S Infuse. It went from being a good, comfortable size (4.3″) to just looking and feeling too big (4.5″). Also, if you take a close look at that picture of how the Galaxy S II LTE could look, you could notice that it has a curved screen just like the Nexus S. There’s also that brushed metal finish for the battery cover that some people might like (kinda like the cover on the Galaxy S Captivate).

      If the chip has been improved slightly, then since you overclocked the 1.2GHz Exynos to 1.6GHz, you can potentially overclock this Galaxy S II LTE’s 1.5GHz to roughly 1.8-2.0GHz lol

      Oh, and I don’t think Bell’s Galaxy S II is the variant that runs NFC. If I remember right, Samsung has a small visual cue between the NFC and non-NFC variants. If the microSD slot is on the left side, the phone isn’t NFC-capable ’cause that’s where the battery pins are located on an NFC-capable Galaxy S II.

      Although the Galaxy S II LTE is a nice, albeit small, upgrade to the original Galaxy S II, I’m more interested in the possible release of the Nexus Prime that could potentially be out later this year. If the rumoured specs hold true, that could be an interesting phone to beat.

    • Jerrik

      @RC: yea, good point. I guess I’ll have to maybe sell my Galaxy S2 later when Bell releases their LTE network.

    • Jerrik

      @Souken: very good points. I didn’t think of that until you mentioned it.

  • Skrutor

    The main question once this ships will be how will Rogers price and control mobile lte? Can we opt out if we get an lte enabled phone but can’t justify the cost of an lte plan?

  • Joey Lawrence


  • WTF

    Looks like I just found my next phone.

  • jack

    I work in the industry and from what I have heard the from some people at Rogers is that the s2 is a bell exclusive which is why TELUS has the s2.Hercules and that the Rogers variant will have a keyboard…..

    • Adam

      They keyboard version you speak of is headed to AT&T and actually isn’t a Galaxy S device, it’s something else.

  • Raz

    So, it will be launched as an LTE phone which won’t be using LTE in Canada in a while. So far Rogers has LTE in a few cities (or just one?) and I’m sure it’s not 100% covered in the said cities. IMO it’s just a gimmick to higher prices.

    However, on the plus side, Rogers’ customers could finally get a beast of a smartphone (superphone if you will) in their lineup.

    • Adam

      LTE is in downtown Ottawa only, and even if you don’t live in an LTE zone (Toronto, Calgary and I think Montreal are coming by 2012), it still works with HSPA+

  • Raz

    Yeah Adam, but even with HSPA+, do we get the speed advertised of 21mbps or 42mbps? I’d be happy with improving the current network to support the said speeds instead of launching LTE.

  • OMG Ponies!

    I completely agree with what raz and souken said. I’m waiting for the Prime, if it’s LTE, so be it. LTE is in essence an upgrade to hspa. My concern for Rogers is when they do go live, it’s going to be just like their current 3g coverage, spotty. LTE will not make the impact you think it will for many years and judging by past moves by Rogers I will not be surprised if you have to pay extra to use LTE. I’ll stick with my “4G” aka 21mbps downlink which really means 6-8mbps and I’ll be quite happy. But that’s just me.

  • jb

    I got a leyter from rogers becaude im a rogers customet abd thru saif vancouver residents be ready to ecperience lte in septembrer

  • techg

    To complain about not getting 21Mbps on phones that are only capable of doing 7 or 14 is dumb. Read the specs on your phones people. Only the Infuse 4th offers the capability of those speeds. I stress the word capability.