Samsung Mobile releases new teaser video for upcoming IFA event, lots of glowing phones again


  • Qbie

    While I’d love to see the GS2 LTE version come out, I wouldn’t be able to afford the data plan from Rogers!

  • stephan john

    That is cool, but hopefully we don’t have to wait 6+ months for the devices to be launched… LOL

  • Dipol

    Lets hope Robbers don’t pick the one with keyboard!

  • Jonah

    The next Nexus phone?

  • Jools

    They are glowing from radiation!

  • Max

    Awesome… cant wait to see what’s coming! Oh and where is Apple? in the D U S T.

  • MARS

    Forget the phone…where can I buy those cool green pants??

  • brando

    nexus prime, release day sept 2nd available in canada and all over the world on all carriers sept 11, apple can call it their 911 day hahahaha

  • Shamu

    Samsung is on a real roll !! I am really liking some of those new designs – would be nice to see more of these gems at Telus