Mobilicity OS now available for the BlackBerry Bold 9700, 9780 and Curve 3G


  • Alex Perrier

    When are BB7 devices coming to AWS carriers like Mobilicity?

    • havy

      Dave tweeted “Soon. Weeks, not months.” for the Bold 9900. So my interpretation of that would be mid September as T-Mobile has it as ‘Coming Soon’ on their website. I don’t believe they’ll carry the Torch models.

  • mda

    Or Wind?

  • roman129

    Why 6 digit version numbers RIM?

    • maattp

      Rim has some kind of sick obsession with ridiculous naming conventions.

    • infinity

      If you knew anything about software then you’d know this is a pretty standard version numbering system.

  • Michael

    This is the worst written article on mobile syrup I have ever seen.


    FACT: The keyboards on bold and curve and bigger than the screens.

    Thankyou for your time.

  • guibou

    @factfinder: yes and what are you trying to prove with that nobody cares

  • Imthiyaz Hameed

    Everytime I download this file it says error reading setup initialization file. What’s going on?

  • whocares

    Who cares? Mobilicity blows!

  • Tcom

    Whocares – you blow

  • Ryan Bidan

    How is this news?

  • Mou

    If I have an unlocked wind BB, can I upgrade using this link?