SaskTel to release the Samsung Galaxy Gio


  • Reggie Noble

    Zellers is actually selling this phone for $69 *NO CONTRACT*.

  • BM

    zellers has the gio intheir flyer this week for 69 bucks prepaid on bell!!!!!

    • BM

      didnt see the first comment i was so excited!!

  • Alice

    Check SaskTel’s site again… they’ve got in at $29.99 on a 3 year too; the $99.99 price is for voice-only service.

  • Ricky Bobby

    Boy it sure would be nice if MTS could get off their a*s and put something resembling a decent phone on their list!

  • Claude

    who the heck is SaskTel and why do I care, I live here in Ontario Canada. And no where in Zellers in Ottawa do they have this phone for sale.

  • Tyson S.

    Hey claude, if you don’t know who Sasktel is, why did you click on the link? Everybody knows you live in Canada, this is mobilesyrup. Maybe you should get a map and look West of Ontario because there is more provinces other than yours.

  • nicholas

    i got a gio at zellers for 69 + tax (bell prepaid) at zellers today in quebec

  • seb

    has anyone tried unlocking it, and try with another provider. b/c iam tempted to pick this up n use it with fido. as a low end smart phone for basic usage

  • adrien

    ou je peux trouver des instructions pour comment faire fonctionner le galexy gio, android os 3,2