TELUS Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 3G+ upgrade to OS 2.3.3 now available


  • Stephie

    Siicckk….. Tobad ive been tryingbto get it to work since last night!!!!!

  • Andy

    Are you serious? What about Rogers Captivate?

  • Sasha

    Yeah come on Rogers – time to update the Captivate!

  • Dave

    My Nexus at 2.3.4 for months now.

  • David

    It’ll be interesting to see if this version is also plagued with the infamous battery drain issue!

  • Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Not available for the 4G? WTF

    • Shamu

      it is happening in about 1 month or less according to my contacts

  • brandon atkinson

    Yup. a great way to start the day! also whats with the mobilesyrup site change… cant find the forums on my fascinate 3g…

  • Shamu

    Samsung is really good at updates – my customers are still waiting for the updates to the LG phones I sold them ..zzzz … I think they might be waiting a loooooong time..!!

  • philly

    It just says this version of the device can not be updated? What do I do?

  • Stephanie

    Im Having tons of trouble with this update. dont bother calling Samsung, they just tell me the update isnt available yet, even though it CLEARLY is.

    • philly

      why does it have to be so hard to update android?

  • dave

    Hard? My Nexus just updated OTA all by itself a couple of months ago.

    • OMG Ponies!

      GALAXY S 3G+. Not Nexus S. Yes the Nexus is easier to update and had Gingerbread long ago, it’s a friggin’ Nexus! Quit stating the obvious.

  • mr photography

    More garbage made from stolen Apple tech!

  • Ken

    It was nice of Samsung to leave out the 4g for this update. Now I have a newer version of the phone but with older firmware.

    • John

      I agree. I just got the galaxy s facinate 4g on the 6th of August, the 3g now has has gingerbread…. crazy…. as it was said, new technology with old software… not good…. and no answers to it being released. Frustrating….

  • Nitin


  • frosty5689

    Gingerbread 2.3.5 CM7 since the first day I got my TELUS Fascinate 3G+. Life is good.

  • Jon

    FirmwareUpdate has stopped working, is the ONLY thing I get outta this, anyone else getting this error? I get it every single time and then it gives me a bunch of signature errors…wtf?

  • thewayofzen

    calling samsung is useless.. i finally managed to update this morning.. but last nite samsung told me there was no update even after pointing them at the telus page. the clown i was talking to kept telling me there was no update. when i told him what firmware I had and what firmware telus said was the most recent he told me there was an update but that if kies was not giving me a prompt that there wasnt. it took me 8 requests for a supervisor and 45 mins on hold to get one. Then the supervisor wanted me to send my phone in for 4-6 weeks so they could flash the update for me because he claimed my pc was not compatible with the software. Now that im finally updated I still need to figure out how to get root back.. superoneclick doesnt seem to be working any longer.

  • thewayofzen

    OH! almost forgot.. the software tweaks i did to make my gps issue ALMOST BEARABLE.. are gone.. meaning that now my gps is useless again. AWESOME.

  • Jon

    I’ve tried this on 2 different computers now, my laptop won’t even read my phone. Windows will but Kies see’s nothing. Again WTF???

  • OMG Ponies!

    Update was pulled about 30 minutes ago. Until further notice :'(

  • Jon

    Ok, its pretty much official now – THE UPDATE IS BORKED, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL. I just tried maybe 10 different things, 3 different computers, and IF I make it through, I get a lockup and signatures errors. It MUST be the update itself…telus and samsung better fix this fast. If anyone has any success post exactly what you did.

  • Stephie

    I did manage to get this to work eventually. im not exactly sure what i did. but on the telus page it says make sure your phone is fully charged. i also ran as administrator on the kies program, plus restarted my phone (battery pull) just before plugging it in
    hope this helps?

    • Stephie

      Oh and also ididnt back up my phone at all, just skipped that part.

  • thewayofzen

    i managed to get the update following the exact update instructions on the website without issue.. no help from samsung thats for sure. the os is glitchy though. im having issues with gps being worse then it ever was with 2.2 and when wifi notices my open connection it sometimes wont shut off my HSPA connection and the wifi icon and the hspa both stay on in the notification bar and require a reboot to fix.. sound on shutdown doesnt play anything anymore and the boot sound and animation is glitchy. gonna have to say im not exactly impressed so far.

    • OMG Ponies!

      There’s a reason they pulled the update. I know it’s nice to update immediately, but when it comes to carrier releases I always recommend waiting a day or two to ensure no crazy bugs. Remember the Bell 2.2 update that borked internal storage?

  • Pacoup

    I have tried myself as well but to no avail. More bad rep for Samsung. They really suck at programming stuff. I have an LG monitor which knows to go to sleep when it’s not detecting any inputs, and my Samsung monitor just keeps flashing and trying to detect a source by switching from DVI to VGA constantly until I manually turn it off or plug something in.

    Tells you at what point Samsung is bad at making firmware and software. Remember how during the update for Windows Phone 7 Samsung was the only company with a problematic upgrade which bricked phones? They really don’t have a nice track record with this.

    The next electronic I buy won’t be a Samsung I can tell you that.

  • Claybear

    Install last night no issues and it much faster now. GPS still does not work but it has not worked from day one.

    • Dave

      In 2.2 GPS worked fine.. it’s just quirky. When its not picking up satellites, I find shutting it off and turning it back on sometimes ‘clears things up’ and I’ve been able to lock on to 15m accuracy, which is probably as good as it gets 😉

      Haven’t tried the GPS with 2.3 yet… maybe I’ll go hunt a geocache tomorrow.

  • Dave

    As the tipster.. I have to say it’s running just fine on my phone…

    I was running 2.2 w/Stock+voodoo kernel; rooted; voodoo-disabled at the time of the update.

    Took a few hours to stabilize but it’s been smooth sailing since.

    Sorry to hear that it’s not working for other folks. If it’s any consolation, it’s not that huge of an improvement.

    Changes I’ve noticed so far:
    1. Battery drains faster
    2. My market-purchased bauhaus font renders quirky at smaller scales
    3. There is an improvement in graphics performance (Robot Unicorn Attack now has a playable framerate!)
    4. No built-in SIP/IP telephony as promised in 2.3 release notes on the Android site (though it does mention that it’s configurable by the carrier — thanks for nothing, TELUS)
    5. Given the TouchWiz interface, it doesn’t feel like much has changed
    6. Took a call on speakerphone in the car today — sounded loud and clear. I was happy with this.

    Overall, unless you’re looking for specific gains in the graphics department, there aren’t many user-noticeable improvements. I was kind of hoping 2.3 would be the release that kills off custom UIs and forces the Android default UI. So much for that…

  • Dave

    Oh.. and with 2.1 and 2.2 I found the web browser on TELUS to be VERY SLOW to load web pages. — My phone is unlocked and it did not have this problem when I used a Rogers SIM .. only TELUS.. well I’m happy to report that with 2.3.3 web pages load much faster. I’m pleased with this aspect of the update.

  • brandon atkinson

    I guess I got lucky. when the phone first booted after the update, it took a long time to finish playing the startup animation clip compared to playing the audio from that clip. Haven’t tried any other video yet. web browsing with Dolphin HD is the same as on 2.2, battery life is still the same, 6 hours approx with moderate use of data/wifi… haven’t tried GPS yet… Also have yet to restart or shut off the phone since yesterday’s restart after finishing the update…

  • Pacoup

    Well, looks like this has been canned. TELUS just pulled the update from their website.

  • Maniac

    to root the latest stock GB, 2.3.3, telus only, go to this link. It works. I done it.

  • Dam

    FirmwareUpdate has stopped working….WTF ??

  • OMG Ponies!

    Well I updated on Saturday evening to test and it went through. I don’t know what the issue is and why it was supposedly pulled. The only thing I haven’t tested yet is GPS, but everything else seems fine. ADW and Zeem running fine, will test Launcher Pro later. Apps launch fine, Browser may or may not be quicker, can’t really tell.
    Flash content plays alright and camera works great as well.
    no memory issues so far and powering off and on is a-ok.
    Really can’t tell what is wrong…

  • adam

    Do not download this firmware as of yet. There is a problem with the BACKUP/RESTORE tab going missing. Samsung does not know why this is happening and thus far there is no fix. Telus has pulled the Firmware update from their website for the SGH-T959D.

  • Capatin Kangaroo

    This Software upgrade is Shyte….Do not use it..It will format your Micro SD card…..And there is also no BACKUP/RESTORE functionality…Samsung will be fixing this issue in another software release!!

  • John

    I see thats its obvious that there is no idea of the release of gingerbread to the samsung galaxy s facinate 4g with telus. I phoned telus last night and they new nothing and told me that they never know until is released. All I want is the front facing camera to work with Skype… 2.3 is supposed to fix this. Maybe if enough people complain something will be done… no I am not on drugs…..

  • INI

    Someone. pls Whats the name of that font style in the pic?