HTC Flyer now available for $499.99


  • JayJay

    Didn’t this come out last year? Better late than never I guess….

  • Slowpoke Rodriguez

    About time! With Kal-el tabs out any time now, this feels a little dated, but I’ll give it a look.

  • Kemist

    never even heard about this… guess i was outta the loop

  • rootblock

    $150 more than it should be imo.

  • Geoff

    Really they couldn’t include the stylus? They tried this in the USA and nobody bought it, it will be the same fail here. Now the stylus is included on the US. The only other issue is where do you put the 80 stylus?

  • Rature

    Videotron will have it.

  • crunch204

    Nope. This is exclusive

    • Michael

      “seems to be exclusive”

  • Airmin98

    What happens to TELUS’ good relationship with HTC, Bell is getting all the latest gadget from HTC.

  • Kenypowa

    HTC Flyer a really good 7-inch tablet. It is one of the few Android Tablets, despite not running Honeycomb yet, to score well on the Engadget or The Verge review. Keep in mind Honeycomb 3.2 should arrive pretty soon for this tablet.

    I agree with RootBlock that if it’s sold at $350 with pen, I’d go out and buy 5 of them.

  • TeknoBug

    I like HTC products, but the price is a tad high and nobody’s going to buy a stylus for $80 (look at the results in the USA for that). I’d buy it if it was $399, I hope Honeycomb makes its way to this one.

  • GMan

    I want I want I want.

  • Dread

    Too expensive…. rather get the Galaxy 10.1 and I am normally a HTC fan

  • Rich

    Definitely the 7″ tablet to get. I’m from the states and have had this thing since May. I just came back from a 2 week trip across Canada, and this tablet was my only way of accessing the internet. Also, the built-in GPS chip and google navigator app works even better at times then the Garmin GPS I was using. Also, for those who are down on it because it does not run Honeycomb, all I can say is that most Honeycomb apps right now do not display properly with the 7″ tablets. Just read the reviews for the new Acer Iconia 7″. The Flyer’s resolution actually matches that of smartphones, so almost all apps built for regular Android displays correctly(just bigger sized). Lastly, the build quality is high and the battery life kept me going for days on end. So yea, $500 seems a lot for a 7″ tablet, but then it all depends on what you need the tablet to do. This thing is the best tablet for carrying around and about. So check it out.

  • alex

    should be 350 + tax

    GB is good for now, I hope they skip HC and go to ICS!

  • raz

    Good tablet, but leaving the pen out of the box is a BAD decision.

  • Number Zero

    I am assuming I need to go in store for the pen as I am not seeing it online or am I wrong?

    I already had the tablet since June thanks to Ebay. It works great and have had no problems with it. Hoping Honeycomb does not mess it up.