Samsung Hercules smiles for the camera again (T-Mobile version)


  • Lucas


    oh and…first !

  • KidCanada

    So this means it can also come to Wind and Mobilicity but I’d rather get the new bbs anyways 😀

  • darylscool

    get the new bbs over this? lol good luck with that!

  • Ben

    come on rogers!!!

  • Adam

    I like the look of this phone a LOT more than the standard SGSII. I really, really hope AT&T/Rodgers wind up with this. Two biggest carriers in Canada/US, will have a huge dev. community.

  • cody

    Now lets see it on TELUS, with no bloatware and no TELUS branding other than the start up splash screen.

  • Skrutor

    If this comes to Rogers it will confuse the average shopper with their Infuse. I wonder if a keyboard variant is in the works?

    • Adam

      There is a slide-out keyboard phone already on the way to AT&T. No release date yet, however, word is it is NOT an SGSII variant. However, it should have very similar specs, design, and one thing to note, it runs a Honeycomb Kernel, possibly indicating it will ship with Android 3.2? The version of Android which will incorporate the tablet functionality, creating one common OS to run on all phones.

    • Jeff

      You’re thinking of Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0. That’s the OS that will combine Honeycomb and Gingerbread and Google is going to push one OS for phones and tablets.

  • Me Ted

    It’s a nice phone but I think I’m going to wait for the Nexus 3/4G/Prime.

  • Dennis

    You can go to dig with this phone… its screen is huge! looks like shovel… except this I like the specs and the back panel design.. 🙂

  • Mary

    I might as well invest in a Tablet. That screen is way to big for a phone

  • Marc

    Display might not be the best with the resolution, and that massive sive. But i’ll have to try a demo, I may consider it 🙂

  • Mike

    Is it just me or does this phone look alot like a nexus s…… shouldve really made THIS the nexus s, case google deservves it

  • TheDeysion

    lol thats a different looking Phone than the earlier leaked Samsung Hercules

  • cjoco

    As the Rogers Infuse (regardless the single core or dual core) the phone is too big, I try it at futurshop, is huge, can not fit in regular pocket, is almost a tablet, so what the target to make phone as big as 4.5 Inches.
    Same error as the Dell Streak (5 inches) starting price at roger around 200.00$, you can have it for a beautiful 9.99$ today because no market for theses huge phone, correct me if I am wrong
    PS sorry for my English

  • Lucas

    the screen is way too big. and I thought a 4.3 inch screen was too big… (thats what she said)

  • Alpha

    Wow, imagine the data overage costs on this thing!
    6,000MB x 8 / 42Mbps = 1143 seconds (19 mins)to data cap!

    Of course, this assumes that any carrier can actually achieve anything close to the 42mbps capability…

  • Mike

    I wonder what the 1,2 or 3-year contract cost would be?

  • Bri

    the front looks very much like Nexus S.
    The screen seems to be curved just like Nexus S which I would love so much!
    And do I see a brushed metal back?? Very unusual to see on a Samsung device.
    Overall, it seems very nice just like the other galaxy s II variant. Rogers is dumb to get a single core Infuse 4G and 3D devices over a Galaxy S II variant…
    But I will just wait for the next Nexus device which will come with AMOLED HD screen!!!