New BlackBerry devices are all up for pre-order at Best Buy


  • peter

    um, not going to pre order something that is priced to high lol


    USA best buy locations? Canadian locations? or both?

  • punjabi

    Lol in India it will be cheaper

  • robbie

    can’t find this on the site, the phones are well priced off contract and in india its actually going for 50 dollars more then canada (9900) lol.

  • Stephen81BB

    Seems like it is for Canada only

    Note that if you sign a 3 year contract and purchase a PlayBook as well they will give you a $100 gift card

  • KidCanada

    Will purposely brick my Torch 1 and get the Torch 2 as a replacement through my best buy PEP plan. Worked the first time when I had the 9780 😀

    • ryan d

      how did u brick your phone?


    Does anyone have a clue if they will have the bold 9900 for pre order under telus?

  • KidCanada

    ^^They should be I’m not too sure

  • Rick

    Can’t wait to get this sexy berry

  • rikin

    Will Wind and Mobilicity bring this device on board?

  • Tyler

    Canada only

  • EmperumanV

    @rikin No news yet. Too bad I am in India until the 22nd. The phones here are so reasonably priced haha.


    Just called in and they have it for Bell, rogers and telus for sure.

  • Mark

    Best Buy is not doing any preorders, that’s why you can’t find the preorders on the website. This information was retracted pretty quickly. I work there and we received word last night not to do any preorders.

  • Paul Q

    If the phone was more expensive and had older technology and hardware I might have done it. I will wait for them to release their next phones. At least those ones will only be one year behind the competition.

  • deep

    I was at best buy today and the girl working there said that the bold 9900 will not be coming out until last week of september.