Rogers: “Yes, our HTC EVO 3D will have an unlocked bootloader”


  • brett

    Rogers is looking better and better now. Not sure who would get the Optimus 3D, just sayin.

  • Thai

    F’in eh!

  • PeterS

    good move, thanks HTC

  • Dipol

    Well the only bad thing I heard about this phone is the battery life. Otherwise its a pretty darn good phone.(and the 3d is not as good as Lg’s 3d).

  • Jing Brown

    When is this coming I cannot wait.

  • htcguy

    Does this mean that it will have an unlocked SIM card? So I can use it on other networks.

    • b

      No. But you can pay for a SIM unlock code.

  • Dave

    It’s still no Samsung Galaxy II. I could really careless for a 3D camera.

    • James

      You’re a moron, it’s “I couldn’t care less”. Not I could careless.

    • David

      Thanks Tips or is it Thank you Tips?

    • Glim

      Nope, it’s actually, “Thank you for the tips”.

  • Jay

    goddamn, that is one sexy looking phone. Makes iphone look like trash, which it is

  • Samuel Maskell

    way to go, rogers! this is awesome

    • Bob

      Well, it’s Jan 19, 2012 and I’ve yet to see this unlocked bootloader. If anyone’s actually seen this , please let me know.

  • wtv

    Sadly, the Arc doesn’t come with an unlocked bootloader, which makes modding and installing custom ROMs a pain the a*s.

    • jon

      i thought SE unlocked their bootloaders for their current phones?

    • wtv

      Yes but not for Sim-locked phones…

  • cody

    That yellow really looks good on there

  • anon

    Gs2 is a nice device but where exactly does this device lack in comparison other than the screen? That’s even disregarding the resolution

  • mohammad abu sufian

    i like it
    this phone is importent for me

  • helgi

    OK, it as the power but 3D…..!!!! Not sure what to do with it. I know what to do with front and rear camera but 3D ^%#^&@$%. I’m one of many who this spring expected Galaxy SII to come to Rogers. It still hurts to see it on Bell. Not sure I can swallow that bitter pill and accept the evo 3d instead

  • XER

    Buy it outright, root it, unlocked it, install your own ROM and ditch Rogers.

    • sevil

      I bought this phone out right unlocked it put it on bell but now i cant use the browser or any data services what do I do about it

  • jon

    when does this launch?

  • D. Sgruntled

    Won’t be getting this phone…I am going to avoid Rogers in general due to their poor customer service. We phoned about 1/2 way through the month to cancel service on a contract that expired, and they told us we needed to give 30 days notice, so they were going to charge us for an extra month, even though the phone is not being used.

    Companies get one chance with our family, and Rogers just blew their chance of ever making another sale to us.

    • Rob

      so because of that you are going to go to the carrier that also have the 30 day deactivation rule?? they all have it btw… if you think rogers is bad have fun with Bell and telus atleast rogers will try and level with you

    • Glim

      I thought that was common knowledge that if you cancel anything, you have to give them a month’s notice (mobile phone, internet, etc).

      Unless you are planning on switching to Mobilicity or Wind, both Telus and Bell also require a 30-day notice to cancel.

    • Bubble Burster

      clearly you believe that your ignorance clears you of any responsibility or liability or you would have read in one of the atleast dozens of invoices you’ve received from rogers (and likely other service providers) that 30 days notice is part of their service agreement and your use of their service is acceptance of that policy.

      Your not disgruntled just ignorant. blame companies for poor coverage or lack of device selection or poor technical support not your own illiteracy.

    • drizzo613

      So you used this aricle to tell us that lame story?
      All carriers require 30 days notice. This has nothing to do with their customer service, it has to do with you being a j******s.

    • WirelessBoy

      How is it poor customer service when the Customer Service Rep is following the Terms and Agreements that YOU agreed to when you got the phone? It does state 30 days notice, it’s not a surprise, it’s not hidden, it is in plain sight, I guess from your post you signed on the dotted line before reading the Terms…nice move…you have nobody but yourself to blame.

    • Micheal

      Must be tough for your family to find service anywhere. Every service provider has cancellation policies and most will make allowances if there is a good reason you couldn’t meet their requirements. I can’t imagine that you can find anywhere that you can go to procure goods or services as every single place I have ever ventured has made at least one mistake that I find unacceptable.

      Getting charged for an additional 30 days is your own fault for not reading the cancellation policy. Own it.

    • Adam

      Poor customer service? It’s called reading your service agreement. You want poor CS, go to Telus or Bell. Go to Wind. Must be tough for your family. I’d imagine you storm out of the grocery store when they scan the wrong price on a head of lettuce don’t you?

    • Stylz

      Regardless of the contract or not its in your terms of service rogers requires 30 days notice to cancel your service its on the 2nd page of your $&^#%@ bill every month every major cell phone provider requires 30 days to cancel but obviously no one reads the terms of service of their service at all so stop complaining

    • Phil

      Just a note …. ALL carriers in Canada require this, so you’ll eventually run out of carriers if that’s your way of thinking.

  • Mark

    This is better than gs2.

    And if you are wondering why, this does not turn into an oven toaster when used as a smartphone.

    GS1: bad gps.
    GS2: over heating

    Looks like samsung always screws us with something. Hey bad gps was tolerable, but overheating? Grrrrr

    • D

      SGS2 overheating and battery issues have been fixed with 2.3.4. This phone or any other phone can’t touch the SGS2.

  • MARS

    I think I just wet myself.

  • ddenn

    noob q: the unlocked bootloader makes it easier to root, but does it mean that it doesnt void the warranty?

    • Adam

      Yes and no.

      A rooted device won’t get serviced by warranty, but you can un-root your device and restore stock OS.

    • ddenn

      thanks, Adam

  • matt

    Telus better reveal something soon, Bell and Rogers have some great phones coming out.

  • unhappy with cellphone carrier monopoly

    Most of you who complained about comments by D. Sgruntled probably work for rogers or some other cell company. Real world transactions are slightly different than what rogers tries to impose. Im glad he exercised his right as a customer and cancelled their service!! Also very happy he will not go back to them!!! Action and Reaction !! Good for him !

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