HTC outlines update schedule for bootloader unlock


  • Kenypowa

    Just tried the HTC Sensation at Bell and it is a well constructed phone. Sense 3.0 runs smoothly but I can imagine how awesome this phone will be when CyanogenMod or MIUI runs on it.

  • HTCmachine

    I purchased it from bell the day it came out. I upgraded from a very oooold htc diamond. I am loving this phone so far. The only faults that I have encountered is that the ringer volume could be better and I have experienced some random reboots. They seemed to have stopped after i took out the battery over night. Some people complain about the battery use. I guess it could be better but I dont mind using the phone over the day and charging it before bed. It all depends on your usage. I also installed juice defender that does help with the battery usage. There is a little bit of bell bloatware but not too much. So far I haven’t regret buying it. Sense 3 is very polished and saves you from finding a great rom out there.