Defined: A Bell “Superphone” has 3 distinct characteristics

Bell made a change yesterday to how they will market some of their handsets. It’s a slight distinction but tells a great deal about their future direction when it comes to devices. Listed on their site is now Superphones, Smartphone, iPhone, Tablets and Phones. The new category is clearly the Superphone, but there was nothing really saying what they classify a “Superphone” as. One may think it simply has to do with power.

At the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G launch party event last night I spoke with Bell Mobility’s SVP of Products and he sees a “Superphone” having three distinct characteristics: (1) a dual-core processor, (2) a large, high-quality screen (minimum 4-inches) and (3) is capable of speeds of up to at least 14.4 Mbps.

Superphones are usually higher priced devices and their current roster lists the Motorola ATRIX and HTC Sensation, but the next additions will be the Galaxy S II and the Motorola XT860. We’re curious what will be coming after these launch… LTE handsets?