Bell and Virgin HTC Sensation will be $149.95 on a 3-year contract


  • Alex Perrier

    Happy Canada Day!

  • josh

    Kind of expensive… But itll be interesting to see how it sells. Thats almost the same price as the iphone 4 which people are still buzzing about due to the apple name. But itll be interesting to see what happens. I have a feeling it will drop before july 31st to 99 or 59.

  • Josh

    Well, with the 79.99 rumors on the SII, maybe I will just wait and see.

  • sookster54

    Expensive for a phone with a locked bootloader that you can’t root.

    • Jerrik

      HTC has confirmed that they waived their policy on locking the bootloader on the Sensation.

  • Xer

    For full price, the phone is 549.99, and on three year it is 149.99. The Atrix is 599.99but 99.99 on three year. How can Bell explain this BS?

    • bob

      They always lower the on contract price after a few months. But unfortunately they never lower the outright price.

    • grimconch

      Actually, SRP does drop sometimes. For example, the Bold 9700 just dropped to $200 from 5 or 600 a week or so ago. Just don’t expect it for anything but EOL phones.

  • Xer

    With this kind of rip off, people are better off to buy it out right.

  • Tom@BBM

    Not to worry folks, i expect the price to drop to 99 before long, only the hardcore nutbars and fans will buy for 149, when immediate demand peters out, so will the price.

  • anon

    They are pushing the S2 a bit harder so it’s naturally going to be cheaper.

    • Jim

      No. Sorry there not pushing the S2 harder, actually you are completely wrong. Bell has recently signed a partnership with HTC and will be 100% behind their devices going forward, tis why all the corporate store managers across the country got a sensation last week to use

  • jazzyjazz

    Gs2 will be higher than than sensation on 3year contract. btw atrix is $0 today. i bought mine for 99 which was a while ago.

  • Mark

    Robellus just doesn’t get it. We’re fools to the rules of the Big 3’s plan. Kick out the 3 year contract, bring in the two year contracts and stop paying for a free phone that is actually costing you upwards of $1800.

    • saffant

      I don’t get the logic behind that statement (phone costing u $1800). Sure we pay a premium for the phone, but… u’re also getting a data/voice plan… if u don’t count that.. u pay like $800 extra… with better coverage AND a better phone… minus the full price (no contracts on new carriers) approx $500. You’re left with “savings” of $300…. over the course of 3 years.. with a inferior network and service…. and possibly even phone.

  • greg

    for a 3 year contract all phones should be $0, not worth signing above $0 for a phone

  • Charles

    “…$149.95 on a 3-year term ONLY…” Does that mean it won’t be offered without a contract? I was all set to purchase the Virgin version for $500…

  • Scazz

    Charles, they mean that it can be 30 day OR 3yr, but no 2 or 1 yr contracts. The carriers have been doing this to a few of their big hitters recently (the iPhone 4 is the same, its 3yr only or 30day).

  • Scazz

    @Mark. Saying the price of your monthly plan will be the same whether you do 0,1,2 or 3yr contracts, saying the phone is ending up costing you XXXX more is ludicrous. all it means is that you are locked in an additional year. Which, you can cancel and pay the ETF (currently like 200 for a year left on Bell). So the phone will end up costing you 200 more, not 1800. Massive difference, and to many who can’t afford 600 bucks upfront for the phone, a price I’m sure they are willing to pay.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see 2yr contracts, but the way the pricing structure is NOW, that would mean paying more upfront for the phone. You have to realize that the deals offered to other countries don’t apply here. We have different import rules, and a smaller number of competing carriers that the mfd’s don’t cut as good deals. That and corporate greed…

  • Graison Swaan

    i was quoted a price of 549 for the sensation by the girl at the new Bell store in Saskatoon. They had 5 in stock but won’t sell them til the 5th

  • BandDroid

    With the GS II coming out at the same time, who would even think of buying this phone?

    • Pens13

      Not everyone wants an plastic iphone clone that overheats, has battery problems, screen problems, weak wifi, weak gps and low resolution made up by over saturation to make it look better than it is.

      Mind you, Sensation has it’s own faults but not everyone wants the same phone. GS2 is played out.

  • AJW

    HTCs have a chronic problem of LOW MEMORY. 1 GB for application storage space????? Are you KIDDING ME????? In this day and age of dual cores this is absurd. Bad bad bad.

    This is the reason I moved from HTC (Nexus One) to the SGSII.

    Have fun deleting browser caches, daily!

  • John

    As long as there’s some metal in the case and Sense UI, HTC fanboys will buy them no matter what while calling samsung phones “plastic crap”. HTC=cheap stuff in a expensive case. Samsung = expensive stuff in a cheap case. At least you can put aftermarket case on Samsung lol

  • MARS

    @ AJW What are you still using Android 1.6??? Apps can be saved on the Micro SD cards now!!! Welcome to 2010.

  • AJW

    @ Mars Dumbass… you really have no idea what your talking about. Just because you can move apps to your SD doesn’t mean that ALL of the program gets moved. A portion stays behind in the local memory.

    For your info, the SGS II comes stock with 2.3.3. Which has its own set of problems. My Nexus One had 2.3.4 which was sweet and where Android should be at this point in time.

    Hah… you probably have the Desire in which case HTC almost pulled 2.3.3 from under you due to “low memory”. Illustrates my point PERFECTLY.

  • AJW

    @Mars Another point….sad but true; the ability to move to SD is granted by the developer. There are still lots of apps that cannot be moved to SD by the user for this very reason.

  • Brandon

    This sucks. I want the Sensation or Galaxy S2 and both are coming to Bell.