Virgin HTC Wildfire S 4G will be $249.99, launching soon


  • Peter Gibson

    Need moar fake 4gees!

  • Jim R

    Really, this will be sold for $200 on prepaid? Meaning I can buy it, unlock it, and use it on Telus/Koodo or Rogers/Fido for $200 (+ unlock cost)?

    Seems like a decent deal, if correct.

    • Big 3

      use their prepaid for at least a month or it’s $250 outright. Just buy it from overseas since it’ll be in manufacturer format and unlocked and upgrade directly from manufacturer since it’s not modded by any provider.

    • ToniCipriani

      @Big 3

      Actually you can’t do that. Wildfire S is amongst one of those that are “region locked”. The overseas version only has 900 and 2100 UMTS, which will not work with the 3G networks here.