Rogers price drops the LG Optimus Pad by $150 to $549.99 no-term


  • You see me throlling

    Of course they drop the price, you can get better at 499$.

  • You see me throlling

    Most of all, can you explain me why the galaxy tab still at $624.99 ?

    Rogers is a joke. How can you sell devices when it is that expensive.

  • crunch204

    and its lg…

  • Sean

    399 Transformer + phone with hotspot = nuff said

  • Xer

    Because they know Galaxy Tab is coming soon.

  • roman129

    still DO NOT WANT

  • Arber

    I can buy a galaxy tab from bell for $300.00. Sad thing people will still buy it even if its overpriced.

  • DMan

    Actually this is a great tablet. The only cons I can give is it is has no SD slot and it is a little heavy. I had one for 15 days but returned it because rogers did not keep their word about credits on my account. The stupid rep promised 3yr credits on my account but when I called them the last day of return another rep said the credits were only for 6 months and he could do nothing about it. PRICK

  • EmperumanV

    Pfft, still wouldn’t buy this or any LG device for that matter of fact. Might as well invest this money into the Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G version when and if it comes out in August.

  • Sunny

    Still too pricey.