Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi launching in July, 3G version in August


  • Jerry

    Hopefully the same time the Galaxy S2 comes out to go with my new phone.

  • Gary

    Sign me up for a 3G one!

  • EmperumanV

    Can’t wait.

  • Aziz

    I want it!!

  • kpucci

    I agree Daveloft…i think 8.9 is the sweetspot…any word on its release date?

  • George Azmy

    i thought it was 8.3 mm thick?

  • rebel gardener

    Should I pull the trigger on the asus transformer (or acer iconia) now, or wait for this? I don’t think the prices will drop significantly by august for these two for ther arrival of this sammy 10.1.
    My kids have the iPad 32, I want a tablet for myself and can’t decide now btwn transformer, iconia, sammy 10. Don’t want an iPad for fear the kids will take this too!
    Suggestions kindly?

    • Maria Scutari

      Honestly in my opinion, this tablet is going to be just as good as an iPad. It’s just a different experience. You can’t go wrong.

  • Bri

    When is the 8.9 one being launched??

  • Jester

    Not sure if I should get this or wait for the Tegra 3 version coming out in the new year.

  • Dread

    Hmmm.. I really wanted the 8.9. BTW, has anyone used an app on a tablet that is very good at creating,editing Microsoft Powerpoint files?

    • Simon


      Try using

  • Sean

    @rebel gardener

    I myself have a transformer and its an amazing tablet and highly recommend it

  • Kevin

    I will prefer the 8.9 because its 470g.

  • MARS

    Get the Samsung! The display on their devices is out of this world!!!!

  • Thomas Larouche

    Acer a500 own this s**t.

  • rebel gardener

    Special thank you to those who opined! In my experience, these are all first gen tablets (per se). If I wait too long, I am losing out on productivity (okay, really its for the cottage in a few weeks). I plan on NOT bringing a plane load of electronic toys. Just for the boat and sitting on the dock loading with movies (avi’s), kindle books, and music. $600 is a decent spend for the summer.
    Thank you again, should be a fun decision LOL.

  • Android Guy

    Do you think the Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G version will be available without a plan?? I am outside US and want one.. that is why I am concerned about it.

  • 8.9′

    Yes 8’9 is the way to go! portability and please oh god make it 3g as its first release!! been waiting on this.. finally I can get out of ipad’s wall..

  • Glenn

    A 3mp camera and 2mp front camera – really?! My first digital camera was a 3mp and that was a good 10 years ago. Even my phone has a better camera than that… Apart from that point I like it. Now if only new tablet makers could just bring the cost down they would all seriously hurt Apple’s stranglehold on the market.

  • Gulraj Khalsa

    Any idea when the 3G version of the samsung galaxy tab 10.1 will be released in canada,and what would be its price?