Poll: Which Canadian carrier has the best customer service?


  • Shawn

    Having used Bell, Rogers, Koodo, Wind and now Mobilicity, I can honestly say Rogers had the best customer service. Always polite, always willing to help in any way they can, and they always seem to know their stuff. I may not want to pay for their service, but I like their call center staff.

    • Terry

      Yeah, nothing like staying on the line for literally 2 hours to cancel a service, only to hang up call back and say my phone was lost and get someone immediately.

    • Ger

      Agreed, Rogers is pretty terrible with their pricing and policies, but they reward long term customers with great retention offers and discounts and credits if you ask for them. They also provide a free (or heavily subsidized) replacement phone if you’re still in a contract, which is a service that other carriers charge for each month. Most of the customer service reps I have dealt with have been friendly, helpful, and (most importantly) speak fluent English. It’s also great how most of their departments are open 24 hours a day, especially compared to Bell’s pitiful customer service hours. For these reasons, I definitely consider them the best of three evils.

      Rogers’ in store staff are a totally different story though…they’re probably the least helpful excuse for customer service I’ve ever experienced. You should only deal with them on the phone.

    • floobie

      I really don’t understand why you’re getting down-ranked for simply stating your experience. Weird.

      Anyway: I answered none. It’s the only conclusion I can comfortably arrive at. I’ve heard pretty equal amounts of positive and negative impressions for every carrier. I’ve only ever been on Telus, and my experience has also varied a lot. So, I’d probably say it’s pretty random, and much more dependent on the specific person you’re dealing with, regardless of the carrier.

  • Adam

    Hard to say without actually trying other companies, but I’ve been very satisfied with what Rogers has done for me. Gave me discounts due to the delay of a phone release (captivate). Got an excellent retentions plan, apparantly Bellus won’t dare match what Rogers does.

    The Level 1 CSR’s are garbage, but every time I call, I ask to speak with customer relations, or the business CSRs. Get much better service that way.

    • Shawn

      That’s really not a fair comment to make about the CSRs. I am one, though not for Rogers. I’ve worked in three different call centers, always on the front line, and it’s people like you who make our lives difficult.

    • Adam

      Sorry, not all are garbage, but alot are.

      I can’t count how many times I’ve called to ask a simple question, or make a simple change and it’s been a far longer and more painful process than it should be.

      For example, I live in Thunder Bay ON, and TBayTel recently bought out Rogers customers in TB ina partnership agreement. I’m still a Rogers customer, so I called to ask about if there would be any roaming and LD charges and to see if my unlmited Rogers to Rogers woudl work with them.

      My phone is a 226 area code number, the CSR put me on hold for 5 minutes as she looked up the answer, then told me as long as I was out of the 226 area, any call I make is long distance, which is just plain untrue. I had to find the page on Rogers.com and show her that that was in fact not the case.

      I’m not the kind of guy that will yell at CSR’s, or give them a hard time, because I realize alot of them are just doing the job for the paycheck. The ones that genuinely are good at it and care will often move up to some other position.

      If I find a particularly difficult CSR, I’ll simply thankt hem for their time and call back and get a different one.

      My recommendation to anyone with Rogers, is unless you just have a simple question, try to speak with Customer Relations, a Manager or Business reps. They often seem much more knowledgable.

  • blake

    I would have to dissagree with you Shawn. I have had to deal with almost all of those company’s customer service from both a consumer level. I have seen rogers customer care screw over many people as of recent they have gotten pretty bad. They are approaching telus levels. Bell used to be bad but it has gotten a lot better lately. And the little guys are OK.

  • dennis

    Ive been with Bell, Rogers, Telus and Fido (not in that order).
    Rogers in the past i found rude, unhelpful and frustrating, but my recent calls in the past year have been wonderful. Wait times have been negligible, and i found the level 1 csr to be more than helpful. I wanted to switch a plan that would have cost me another 3 years committment, but she was able to give me the plan without any changes to my contract agreement. Telus was like this as well. Very helpful. Fido was a bit of a fight to talk to someone, going thru the labyrinth of menus (though judging by their new ads, they may have changed this)

    Bell on the other hand. My my… words cannot describe the magnitude of frustration and redundancy i get when i call them.

  • Michael G

    I’ve always had great service from Telus. Last time I had an email issue with my BlackBerry their tech support was awesome – the guy knew my BlackBerry inside out and backwards and had me back up and running in no time at all.

  • Adam

    I think there’s going to be alot of negative replies in here, but you just have to know how to talk to the Reps.

    Getting pissed off and running your mouth won’t get you anywhere. Threating to cancel also often doesn’t work.

    I’ve gotten myself a number of different credits/free services added to my account simply by asking for them. I’ve been with them long enough, i’ve only once been told no.

  • Jeeverz

    I have to say I have had the best of luck with Rogers Customer service and Fido Customer service. Bell has not been too bad but Bell Sympatico Customer service was a bit frustrating to deal with!

    I have horror stories with Telus, So I am not even going to go there

  • Harry

    define customer service

    • Adam

      When you have a problem, how it is solved, how quickly, efficiently, easily. Do they work with you, or basically give you a big middle finger over the phone.

  • roman129

    Despite being a biased Wind fan, I’ve got to admit their customer service needs a lot of work. The reps are mostly polite, but their support systems barely ever work properly. It took 3 attempts over 3 months to get my pre-authorized credit card payment thing working properly.

    That’s why I voted Telus.

    But the best service, is when everything works, and you don’t ever have to deal with customer service.

  • Shawn

    Hmm very interesting to see all these bad experiences people have had with Rogers. I’ve never been on hold less than 15 minutes…I was also a customer for over eight years, and linked to my parents’ plan before that for a number of years. I wonder if there’s a priority queue for “valued” customers? That could have some nasty implications, though….

    • Shawn

      Oh, my typing ability is shot today. Never been on hold MORE than 15 minutes. Sorry, my bad.

  • EmperumanV

    Oh boy, tough one heh.

  • Reggie Noble

    I’ve been with Bell, Virgin, Wind and Rogers. In order of the best to worse customer service I received goes as follows:


  • Dan

    Virgin hands down. When they delayed the Froyo update for the HTC Legend I emailed them and they gave me 50% off my phone bill for two phones I have… saved me a lot of money and kept me happy.

    I’ve only heard horror stories from Rogers coming from my brother and father – lots of billing errors that don’t get corrected for months.

  • SDY

    Recently went with Bell and I have to say that so far their service has been good. The only complaint about their customer service is their hours. I’ve only had to call on a couple of occasions to get a rate plan change put through and finding the time to call outside of my own work hours was a little bit of a pain, but the agents were all polite and seemed well-informed. Wait times weren’t bad, either. I’ll just have to see how it goes.

  • Jon

    I think this is what they call an “ironic” question

  • Brian

    Anyone but Bell, really. They rank dead last on every consumer watchdog group.

  • Hardened – Twitter

    Quote “Agreed, Rogers is pretty terrible with their pricing and policies, but they reward long term customers with great retention offers and discounts and credits if you ask for them.”
    – First off, let’s clarify that this is for long-history clients/customers – NOT long-term (as in 3-yrs contract vs 1yr contract clients. Secondly, the FACT that you HAVE TO ask for it is pathetic business practice. They should be contacting you via email of possible cost & feature benefits that cater to those clients that don’t increase monthly bills. That is proper business practice and keeps those loyal customers loyal. As you can see customer service is a better lour of loyalty than price.

    Quote: “They also provide a free (or heavily subsidized) replacement phone if you’re still in a contract, which is a service that other carriers charge for each month.”
    – what are you talking about? Rogers charges the SAME subsidy as all the large competitors do. The early HUP arrangement helps reduce the cost but in NO WAY does it not charge for this – your monthly bill pays most of that hardware retail cost over a 2yr period. And yes I am, and have been, a Rogers Wireless customer for 5yrs.

    Quote: “Most of the customer service reps I have dealt with have been friendly, helpful, and (most importantly) speak fluent English. It’s also great how most of their departments are open 24 hours a day, especially compared to Bell’s pitiful customer service hours. For these reasons, I definitely consider them the best of three evils.”
    – Rogers Wireless departments are NOT open 24hrs!!! Understand that. A/R, A/P, even customer service is NOT 24hrs and hasn’t been for over a decade – and I’ve tried up to last week at 1AM EST while being in Toronto. Too many of their departments are segregated from one another and too many transfer hand-offs.

    – This issue about “speaking fluent English” is arrogance. No service provider or employer will hire an employee or contracter/consultant that does NOT speak Fluent English. YOUR issue is you cannot handle strong accents in people’s voices whom may NOT be born in Canada, let alone do NOT speak English alone. Language & culture is what defines human beings, and its what heavily defines Canada – from Citizen’s, to refugees & immigrants alike who want to become citizen’s!! You NEED to get your head out of the ground and travel to different neighbourhoods & cities and get USED to this fact. Time to grow up & open your mind & your ears. No its not easy to understand those with a VERY strong accent; but with an open mind, patience and politeness you CAN manage. Please don’t continue to spread this arrogance. The fact that Rogers employees such individuals proves to you that their very capable of the job at hand and you need to respect that. Ask for them, politely or patiently to repeat a sentence if you couldn’t understand or to be transfered to someone else since you cannot understand. Its bad enough immigrants where FORCED by our government to change their names so that WE could call them a name that was easier to pronounce. We should be apologizing to THEM.


    • Canucks Fan

      Hi Hardened, Not sure where you get your facts from. Rogers provide round the clock support for most of the queues. I spoke to them last Friday. You really need to take your head out of Anthony lacveras **S before you start posting wrong info.

    • Ger


      1. As long as you have been with Rogers for more than a few months and have a clean payment history, they WILL give you a deal (of course, more time means more credits). When a customer signs a 3 year contract, they are agreeing to a certain price every month. Rogers has no obligation to call up customers and offer to lower their bills just for the sake of being nice. The fact that they will help you out before you’re even set to renew is impressive.

      2. I wasn’t referring to HUP at all. Rogers has their Handset Protection Guarantee which ensures that if a customer breaks or loses their phone, whether 1 month or 23 months into their contract (as long as they have 12 months remaining), he or she will get a FREE REPLACEMENT device with no contract extension. There are no strings attached (I’ve used the guarantee). They aren’t just giving away crappy flip phones either, they often give out refurbished Blackberrys and Androids. Other carriers charge a monthly fee to be insured against damaged/lost phones, but Rogers actually included customers already in a contract to take advantage of the program, which was good news for me when my Blackberry got water damaged.

      3. Not all departments are open 24 hours, but MANY are. I’ve called in for technical support, sales, etc. in the middle of the night and there’s always someone there to help.

      4. Do not lecture me about Canada being the land of immigrants – I grew up in areas of Toronto with heavy immigrant populations and my parents themselves weren’t born in Canada. That doesn’t mean that clarity over the telephone isn’t important. I know the difference between an accent and language issues. If someone is having problems both understanding customers and explaining things to customers, they aren’t right for the job. You may have all the time in the world to give an English lesson (and apparently integrate a lecture about Canadian culture and immigration) to the people you deal with on the phone, but most of us have better things to do than hope and wait to see that the representative doesn’t screw up our accounts.

  • Jake-Z

    -Thank you for calling proudly Canadian WIND Mobile how can I help you today ?
    -Hello, where are you located ?

    • Amadeus

      So, Bell customer service used to be in India (maybe still there).

  • phoneguy

    seriously the big three really? haha thats hilarious as I have worked for bell rogers and koodo and now a different provider and I can say first hand the big 3s customer service is HORRIBLE to say the least..yes rogers will most likely do something for you if you call into retention and bag and plea for hours which is ludacris you shouldnt have to beg for a deal thats sad…and ya the big 3’s service has gotten better over the last yr…ever wonder why? maybe wind mobilicty and public came out over a year ago and have been killing it since combined they have over 500,000 subs…now if I was the big 3 and notice a huge increase in cancellations and ports to other companies I would prolly wanna improve my customer service too

  • JP

    Dear Ian,

    Please quit feeding the trolls.


    Canadian who enjoys mobile news and reviews

  • milpool

    Personally I find Telus has great customer service, although I liked it before when they proactively looked at your bill to see if there were ways they could save you money. Now they just want every penny.

    • aka


      No company is required to reduce their revenue because you’re too lazy to look at your monthly invoices.

  • Brian

    Telus is the best of the worst.

  • k

    You do realize that the bias in this thread is overwhelming… This poll is asks for answers that individuals here can’t accurately answer. One stupid CSR will skew someone’s perception of the whole customer service practice and same with any rep for that matter. To all you who have worked in a call centre, you fully understand that the amount of r*****s on the other end of the phone are just as prevalent as the r*****s inside the office (or any business for that matter). I read countless complaints that people have here that are 100% legitimate but ones that are just some entitled whiner who can’t get their way because they have a completely unreasonable request. All of the a**hole people who call in and demand to speak to a retention rep before even speaking to a regular care rep deserves to be hit. It undermines someone you have never spoken to before (that’s pre-judging, kids) and you also bring an unwanted pain upon yourself: how likely do you think that the people are going to want to help you when you start of a conversation that translates to this:
    “Hi, I’m an arrogant bastard who ranks themselves higher than needed in society and I’m going to undermine you and treat you like you’re worthless without even giving you my situation. Let me speak to your supervisor after you go and tell him ‘Boss, there’s some d*ckhead on the phone who won’t even start a conversation with me because he thinks he has an express pass to retention. Please go refuse to give him what he wants so he can learn that I’m a human being who works here because I need to feed my kids’. Also, please give me everything for free even though I’m already paying less than most people are. I justify my statement because I’ve had a contract with you guys for the last couple years and that’s longer than any relationship I’ve had. I’m going to remain blind to the idea that you may actually be laughing when I throw my tenure at you because you truly understand that two years is a sliver into a lot of accounts you’ve previously dealt with. One last thing, this Rolex isn’t real but you figured that out by the massive ego I have.”

    Also, since no one has really dealt with all the carriers’ customer service departments (keep in mind they’ve all changed over the years, too) it’s difficult to place anyone as a clear winner. As an approach, I’d have to vote that Fido has recently won hands down: “Welcome to Fido! To use our easy self-serve press 1, to speak to a real person, press 2”

    I’m not even with Fido :\

    • aka

      I agree, it’s so prejudice to move up the chain of command without even giving the other person a chance to resolve your issue. That’s like going to your bank teller and demanding to speak with the branch manager to make a deposit. Or going to a restaurant and demanding to speak to only the restaurant manager to order your meal.

      Yelling, being needy/demanding, or rude, or threatening agents often doesn’t work, that just leaves you with a special memo on your account explaining everything you’ve said on record for future reference. Asking for freebies costing more than you pay monthly just makes you look like a cheap b*st*rd.

  • Adam

    “None” should not have been an option

  • SoiMiruku

    Rogers – The girl yelled at me and gave me crap for 30 mins staright and then put me on hold for 15 minutes then hanged up on me.

    Fido – They were reasonably nice, but didn’t have much product knowledge. Kept transfering from one line to the other, I spent over 2 hours on the phone with them. Nice people but useless.

  • 0defaced

    Mobilicity wins hands down for customer service. Just because a company doesn’t give out freebies from whining at them, doesn’t mean they don’t do their best within policy to make a customer happy. I’ve had nothing but crap experiences with Rogers/Bell/Telus, and nothing but good with Mobi.

  • k

    You missed what he was saying, Hardened. He’s not talking about upgrading, he’s talking about their handset protection program. Rogers gives you a list of phones you can get for free or heavily subsidized if your phone is lost, stolen, our out of warranty. I think that’s a huge customer service plus. Most people here will complain about the cost but considering it’s a goodwill they pay right out of their pocket without contract extensions it’s not a bad service at all.

  • Sam

    Wind is paying a lot to MB Syrp

    • Adam

      You would think so. For a very mediocre service provider, they sure have their share of fanboys on this site.

    • aka

      Every time I write something negative about Wind I get voted down. Go figure..

  • Ike

    They may be based in Egypt but their English is excellent. Unlike the call centres from Telus that are based in the Philippines. Not sure why they are rated so highly. They must have really upped their customer service because my experience with the was the worst of ANY company. Getting hanged up on, long wait times, difficult accents and just rude service over all.

    I believe Wind customer support is open 24/7 too.

  • J

    I’ve been with Rogers, Fido, Bell, Virgin, and now Mobi. I haven’t had to call Mobi’s customer service but it did take a bit of time to port my number and setup my new phone.

    As for the others, in my experience, Rogers was by far the worst. They gave me the runaround for 6 months trying to get my phone fixed and when it was returned, it was still broken. This was also 10 years ago so take that as you will…

    If Mobi and Wind hadn’t come around, I would’ve stuck with Virgin. Didn’t have to wait long to talk to someone and if I got someone who couldn’t answer my question, instead of putting me on hold, they would ask if they could call me back which they did in a very reasonable amount of time.

  • sookster54

    Telus reps is why I go to alternative dealers like Tac Mobility when I need to deal with Telus. Official Telus is actually a big pain in the butt even being a 10+ year (was BCTel before Telus took over) customer with them.

  • hmmmm

    despite being with wind. my in-laws are with telus. whenever their bill is too high they call in ask for a reduction and actually telus does it almost everytime! rogers and bell on the other hand dont give a ****. so go telus.

  • ray

    used to be with solo worst went back to rogers and hope i never have to call them

  • Woot

    I know virgin is now owned by bell but service is still 5 stars.

  • Rich

    SURPRISINGLY, I’ve always had good service with Bell (mind you, I have a corporate account).
    – Koodo has been the WORST
    – Telus is just frustrating
    – Rogers has been o-k

  • chall2k5

    No surprise to see Telus up there…..and not surprising to see Wind beating Mobi….

    • RoccoStiff Reddi

      fan boy number 2 how are you? Wind needs to look at the call centers more closely.. Sopke to a guy Kasumach was his name and it was terrible..he was constanly spitting into the phone.. then when I said my phone did not work, he said we do not have coverage in new york.. thank you 1/2 duplex

  • RoccoStiff Reddi

    Wind has customer service? OH the outsourced csr’s.. sorry jabroni quashed and now with a new vision how will you convince the masses that a contract is good??

  • kidmecha

    I’m not complaining that much about customer service as I am just about waiting times. Though my main concern is probably still being jipped by 3 year contracts that takes $400 to get out of. Canada, worst contracts evar!

    • aka

      kidmecha, I don’t know why you people sign 3-year contracts in return for $400 phone discount (because you’re too dang cheap to buy the phone full price) then going around b*tching about being in a 3-year contract.

  • mike

    I was with Telus for 15 years in which during the last 5 yrs where some CSR would just hangup.
    Also I have waited between 45 to 90 mins to get connected.
    Been with Wind since day one in Vancouver and really enjoy the CSR on the phone, in person and also the live online help.

    • aka

      15 Years with Telus? I’d be surprised if you lasted 3 years with Wind.

    • sookster54

      Isn’t that 12 years? Telus took over BCTel in 1999. Anyways I can backup your CS issues, I’m from Vancouver as well and I’ve had issues with their reps which is why I go to alternative dealers.

  • arber

    Rogers has the most irritating customer service ever. Stayed on the phone for 3 hours just to talk to someone about some absurd charges on my bill

    • Jay

      @Arber … I highly doubt you stayed on the line for 3 hours waiting, let’s get some realistic numbers here ok? In my job I have to call Rogers/Fido customer service a minimum of three times daily and I’ve never waited over 15 minutes. Granted their customer service is about as good as everyone else’s, if you talk to them like a real human being things seem to get done, and at least they’re Canadian based.

      I find people that complain about hard times with customer service are usually those who call up yelling and screaming at reps. Either that or they are so unclear that the rep gets confused and has no idea what the customer is calling about, and isn’t allowed to go “What the hell do you want from me?”

  • k

    The wait times people are claiming I believe are so grossly over-exaggerated. You can’t seriously tell me you waited THREE HOURS!

    • Jay

      I’ve waited an hour and a half for Bell. Watched a full hockey game while I waited with my phone on speaker. Got a good discount on 3 months of service for my patients too. But that was their Satellite department.

      First and only time I talked to their cell phone department was to cancel my service and tell them to send my bill to collections, so I can’t really judge their cell phone’s customer service.

  • Michael

    How could you like TELUS’s customer reps?
    They are too stern to give you what you want right away.
    I’ve never had a better experience than the CSRs at WIND, having complete random conversations with them…. oh lordy.
    but still I like WINDs CSRs because they’re always willing and ready to help. (Even if the office tone changed ’cause lots of people got fired)

  • Jonesy1966

    I am currently with Wind but have had a mobile phone of some description since 1983 in the UK and have been on several carriers there, in The US and here in Canada. I’ve only used Wind’s CS twice; once to check the set up of my phone when I first got it, and the second time was to switch to the HMP. On both occassions the service was prompt, freindly, and courteous. Having said that, owing to my lack of contact with Winds CSRs I#m not going to vote for them.

    Fido used to be good until they were taken over by Rogers. CS was always on the ball and seemed happy to help. When Rogers stepped in things started going down hill after about the 3rd month. I managed to hang on for a year after the take over before I jumped to Bell.

    During that time I had a second, business line with Rogers and their customer service was the worst I have ever experienced in any industry. They were condescending, rude and obnoxious and not once did I ever have a problem fixed the first time around.

    Bell werent bad, they just seemed lost. The CSRs always seemed to be somewhat willing to help but never seemed to have to right answers at hand, and you only got that far if you got through. There were times I found myself guiding them through their own processes.

    The best over all for me has to be Virgin. I left Bell after my last contract with them expired and needed a temporary phone while I considered my options. The CSRs were always friendly and knowledgable and would always find out the answers if you didn#t know. I was only with them for about 3 months but as I was haing similar reception problems with them that I had with Bell I found myself calling them quite often.

    My vote#s for Virgin with an honourary mention to Wind.

  • Jay

    Customer service is customer service. They’re all based out of call centers. The best thing you can do is simply pick a company that has Canadian/US based call centers for their customer service.

    In the city I live in there are 3 call centers, and I’ve worked at 2 of them. I can tell you flat out that MOST people working there were only there for the paycheque. The supervisors were usually promoted for things completely unrelated to their performance and knowledge on the job (if you know what I mean). The front-line reps are usually treated like garbage and have very little support other than the other reps sitting around them. Reps usually have completely unreasonable quotas to meet.

    Just a little example, I can remember being on a PC technical support campaign where we had to resolve PC issues in under 15 minutes. That 15 minutes also included getting the customers information, validating their account, and listening to a 10 minute rant about how much the previous rep sucked. We also had a 1-call resolution stat that we had to meet. How can you fix a computer in 15 minutes, over the phone, without having the customer call back? NOT POSSIBLE!! Any wonder why our customer satisfaction stats sucked?

    Honestly, I’ve done everything from work in a fire department, to roofing, to front-line retail sales and I found working in a call center to be the most stressful job I’ve ever done. They make it impossible for you to meat your goals, allowing them to constantly write you up for not meeting them, which places you in a constant fear of loosing your job, and gives them the power to fire you whenever they want to. Since the call centers showed up in the city the number of “Stress Leave” claims has gone up almost %30, according to Employment Insurance figures.

    Give the front-line workers a break. Unless you’ve actually done the job, you have no right to belittle them.

  • b-ry

    that’s like holding a ‘tallest dwarf’ competition

  • Luso

    taking in consideration I have 15 years of front line customer service experience, what I find funny is that it’s always the same people who are unhappy with any carrier. They move from company to company always complaining…
    My message for them…Dude, we’re not gonna pay you to be with us! you have this wrong, you pay to be with us! lol

  • Skorpio

    WARNING to Costumers With Mobilicity and Wind Mobile this new companies and there are full of Games’ when you are at the store level they do not explain everything, they are there to sell there product and leave, 1 Mobilicity they charge for receipt when you pay at store level $ 3.00 plu tx Also costumer service there terrible lying through their teeth. What we find out as soon someone pay the bill they start slow down the service deliberately, we spend at list two month of complaining to them, 2 Wind Mobile at store level they give the wrong due date acording to costumer service, so they start to slow down the service of the monthly plan> Also this companies they becoming like the two big boys Bell amd Rogers WARNING

  • k

    I’m still trying to figure out what you said.

  • mccans

    I have found that it really depends who you get. Bell has the worst service ever! Rogers and Telus are pretty good.

    Wind used to have awesome customer service, I find it now that it’s not so great. Why? Well it’s all outsourced now. Gone are the Mississauga reps who were really good. But all of them outsource now. Telus (Philippines). Rogers (I think NB). Wind (Cairo). Mobilicity (I don’t know).

  • Chris Miller

    27 votes for Chatr? How did they get every single one of their subscribers to come here and vote for them?

  • Cody

    Bell = Migraine waiting to happen.
    My life has gotten a lot better since I switched to TELUS.

  • Yep

    If you spread the data proportionally to the amount of customers per brand.. Wind and Mobility probably did quite well

  • Jesse

    TELUS is the lesser of all evils.

  • anon

    Which carrier has the most awards for best customer service? Virgin. So obviously this poll means nothing.