Best Buy “Free Phone Fridays” now on, BlackBerry Torch 9800 first up


  • Alex Perrier

    Is it really worth $1800 or more?

  • pasuljko

    Every phone should be free on 3-year contract …

    • len

      Serious, my step son had to pay 150 for an atrix yesterday on 3 year. That’s crazy.. over 3 years there going to make so much money off him.. they really should just give them away.

  • kyle

    its not free if its on a 3 year contract more like triple the price of what its actually worth in the end. people don’t be fouled free phones aren’t free in reality

  • steve

    @Alex Perrier: the phone is not worth that much, of course. But three years of service may be. It’s up to you to decide what a smartphone and service is worth to you. If you can’t afford it, don’t sign.

  • Tigersammy

    @ Alex – So does buying the phone outright also mean you have no monthly service fee cost? Because that is what you are implying…

  • Alex Perrier

    To clarify my comment: in rare cases, such as mine, people already negociated a good deal for their plan. They may have unlimited calling, international texting, many gigabytes of data, or a mix of these.

    Signing a 3-year contract almost always gives out a much smaller plan. It must be negociated with numerous customer service calls. BlackBerry’s BIS means that non-BB data on a SIM cannot be uses with BB. Perhaps the opposite is true.

    For those who do not want data, Chatr/Koodo/Virgin/Solo offers some unlimited plans. They may lack caller ID, unfortunately.

    So that’s my point. A phone needs an excellent plan, such as mine, for a complete experience.

  • monsterduc1000

    How about “False Advertising Fridays!!!”

    What a JOKE! It is not free so stop frickin’ saying it is!!!

  • XER

    People, don’t get yourself into any contracts.

  • Hardknocks

    Again? You guys are waterheads. The phone is free. You’re just promising to pay for their service, a 60$ phone bill for 3 years, in doing so they give you a free phone.

    If you bought the phone out right at 500$, you’d still have to pay the 60$ a month to use the exact same services. So lets see the numbers…

    I get the phone for free, pay 60$ a month for 36 months. I paid 2160$

    You buy the phone out right for 500$, pay 60$ a month for 36 months. You pay 2660$.

    It’s that f**kin simple. The phone is free. Your monthly bill is NOT cheaper if you are not on contract.

    While I may not agree with contracts, or the 3 year BS we have in Canada, the phone is still f**ckin free.

    • Hardknocks

      In additions to that, my numbers are actually wrong. More so in my points favor. If you sign a contract, you actually get better deals on a plan. Through retentions or even a regular dealer. If you sign up for a 3 year, you’d get to bypass the one time 35$ activation fee, extra data, cheaper packages, more features and discounted features and promotions. You get NOTHING if you buy phone outright and go on a regular month to month.

  • Tom@BBM

    Agreed with Hardknocks. People who cant stand 3 year contracts should just get a pre-paid phone. That is why this option exists. Hardknocks’ numbers are bang on.

    Youll pay even more if you buy a new phone every year. Complainers and whiners, if you cant afford it, dont bother looking at smartphones. Push your provincial legsilature to adopt similar laws to those in Quebec and suddenly, 3 year contracts are laughable.

  • Alex Perrier

    Smartphones are sometimes unreasonably priced. Some good ones with a good price, such as LG Optimus One, are available on prepaid.

    The 3 year contract plans they sell at the store have too few features. It is better to get a special plan from the provider’s customer service. There’s also unlimited plans from Koodo, Virgin, Fido and Solo. Only Virgin was available for the Torch. i am unsure what the plan requirements are for “Free” Phone Fridays.

    With a $35 “unlimited talk and text” plan, one saves over $550 over 3 years compared to a “minimum $50/month” usual requirement. That’s enough to buy almost any phone or smartphone outright, with maybe extra money.

    It’s best to think wisely before signing.

  • pasuljko


    While everything you say makes sense, you are forgetting one key thing: no contract means freedom. Signing 36 month contract is a very short sighted as many things can happen over those 3 years. People move, lose jobs, prices tend to go down now that there is finally some competition to Big3…

    • monsterduc1000

      Exactly. And what if your cell phone company pisses you off? You can’t just up and leave can you. You have to pay the buyout fee to get rid of the contract.

  • Roughrider51

    I bought an exchange plan through best buy last may, and have 4 phones since then all different and usually better than the last. Paid the extra cash for it but you know what way better than buying a freaking phone outright every time or dealing with crap loaner while sending it away. Since we get stiffed with 3Yr contracts and phones and phones are not built to last this was awesome. essentially I’ve had 2000 worth of smartphones

  • unspotted0

    Umm… Last I checked, 2001 audio-video had the torch on for $0 plus a $75 gift card for longer than just a day.

  • Peter

    I’d love to see the day when best buy actually give free phones like their advertising without any contracts, now that would be actually giving out a free phone.

  • Max

    iPhone 4? White, please?

  • Emmanuel

    Pls sir/ma,am from nigeria and i just got this opportunity to write to you.pls how do i get a free phone from your company.and i would be very happy if you can help me,GOD bless.thanks.