Rogers releasing the LG Phoenix May 10th


  • jellmoo

    Looks at this. Looks at Acer Liquid MT. Looks back at this.

    Proceeds to wonder what the hell the point of this is.

    • ToniCipriani

      Well, Liquid mt is 399.99 off-contract. If it’s priced similar to what Koodo is going for the Optimus One (i.e. under $200), it would work out.

      But this is Rogers you’re talking about…

  • Zirian

    Looks like Rogers is definitely coming out with goodies. Its about time.

  • Sean

    Wait Rogers is getting real Android phones ??? I thought the Sony Ericson ones were a one time thing? I mean sure it’s entry level but that’s what a lot of people want I know my mom wouldn’t have an android phone if Telus didn’t have the shine plus with a “no data plan” contract.

    Anyways good on Rogers for releasing some more droids can’t let Telus and Bell sell em all.

    Now about those three year contracts …

  • jellmoo

    Okay, colour me confused. What about this handset is a good thing?

    It has very low end specs. *Very* low.

    Why would anyone take this for $50 on a 3 year contract when they could get the Captivate at the same price (with *considerably* higher specs) or the Liquid MT for less than half the price ($19), and again, *considerably* better specs.

    What am I missing here?

    • sookster54

      I got the Optimus One from Koodo (outright) and it’s actually a very decent phone for a low end device, the dual antenna makes for great reception and the OS is responsive. I rooted it, flashed a recovery and flashed Cyanogenmod 7 (mik_os) onto it and overclocked it to 729MHz which is stable.

      I still prefer my Desire for my main phone though.

    • Jack

      @ Sookster,

      I am looking to get the mod for my phone… how can i do this?

    • Jim R

      Both of my sons now have a Koodo Optimus One (no data plan!), which they seem to be very happy with. Assuming it’s durable enough, it’s an excellent phone for them.

      And, the fact that it’s apparently rootable and capable of taking custom ROMs is just icing on the cake.

      I, myself, just picked up a Nexus S – however, that doesn’t mean I’m incapable of seeing the value of good, low-end Android phones.

  • Julien CV

    Its a voice only phone. No data required to get the price.

  • TomatoGuy

    Robbers better release it around $150 mark off-contract, because it’s the price Optimus One sells for on Koodo. Those are two identical phones. It’s funny to see Robbers rename a device just so they can charge more for it (both off-contract and by locking you in into 3 year jail), because uneducated customers will think that it is a different phone altogether. Kind of like if Big3 released their own version of Nexus S with slightly different exterior looks and under completely different names.

  • Balaise

    Hi jellmoo, youre right its a low end phone but the reviews are awesome and the total value of it is only 199…i think the other phones youre talking about like the Captivate are worth about 500 to 600 so if you suddenly have to pay for it (changing carriers, losing it, breaking it or just changing phone) thats a lot of money to pay……its a choice either way the carriers here in Canada are screwing us….clearly.

  • seventy2

    If Rogers is gonna have it will Fido have it at the same time?

    • Jim R

      IMO, Rogers would be stupid to not make this phone available on Fido. Having said that, Rogers does lots of stupid things (again, IMO), so who knows.

  • Casey Woods

    I have the CDMA Virgin Mobile USA version of this phone for when I travel south of the border. Pretty much identical. It is a great little phone for the price. My only complaint is the smallish screen and low resolution, but it works just fine for watching videos, listening to music, reading email, SMS, etc.

  • jellmoo

    I’m all for a low end handset that has a nice low off contract price.

    My issue comes from the fact that if they stick a $50 3 year contract pricetag on this, it would be utterly ridiculous. There are far, far better handsets available at the price point, as well as far, far better handsets available at a much lower price point.

    For this to make sense, Rogers needs to put this at a 0$ 3 year contract price point. Anything more, and there are too many other options that are strictly far superior.

    • Jim R

      I fully expect that the company that brings us the money grubbing, totally bogus GRRF is going to at least initially ask $50 on a 3 year contract for this phone. Rogers knows that they’ll be at least some people who’ll fall for it.

    • Jim R

      Hmmm, I just checked Telus, and the LG Optimus One is $0 on 3 years there, so that may put pressure on Rogers to do likewise. Personally, I don’t think $0 justifies signing a 3 year contract for a $150-$200 phone, but that’s just me.

    • ToniCipriani

      @Jim R

      No they won’t. They’re “not the same phones”.

  • dasdgasd

    no where does it say roger’s prices for the phone.
    it says that att sells for 50 bucks on a TWO YEAR contract.

  • helloo

    rogers releasing so many lg products these days lol. the optimus phoenix, optimus tab, and optimus 3d, as well as sony ericsson play and arc

  • wooot

    you must be insane to buy this s**t in 2011 on a 3 year contract

  • Xer

    I think the fair price for this phone is 199.99 outright. But robber will charge us 249.99.

  • Arber

    167$ with tax for koodoo optimus one + ebay $5.00 unlock code and I saved unlimited money