Koodo releases the BlackBerry Curve 3G


  • Darynn

    Welcome to last year Koodo!

  • koodoDave

    @Darynn Not everyone needs an iPhone 10 =) This is actually a great device for someone who wants to get started with data without breaking the bank. And count me as someone who prefers texting on a keypad to a touchscreen, any day. That said, we’ve got some surprises still coming….keep an eye out.

    • Nick

      Hi Dave, you probably aren’t allowed to say this, but any idea if I can get the $100 Visa card even though I’m already a Koodo customer? I was hoping arguing from the brand loyalty perspective (I’ve been with Koodo for almost 3 years now) would get me at least part of the $100.

      Also are you allowed to say what other surprises? 😛

  • Eric V.

    This is going to be a major customer vacuum for Koodo… especially with their $5 data flex plan. I am very tempted to rob a bank and kill my Rogers contract and move over! Everybody knows the 9300 is the poor man’s Bold!

    • Levi

      Hmm. I don’t think their data flex add on is going to work with this one. In the fine print on the koodo brochures it states that the data flex can’t be added onto the BB 8530 or the $40 Stay Social Combo. I’m thinking that will apply to this BB too :/

  • Matthew

    OS 6 Nice! It’s a decent phone for some one who wants to get into using Blackberries. Nothing too fancy, pretty quick and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to purchase.

  • halo

    very good price…
    so it’s pretty much 200$ no contract.

    look at fido’s pricing. 2g 8530 for 400$

  • Victor

    The data saver will not work on Blackberry devices.

  • Me Ted

    Care factor = -2

  • sookster54

    The BB Curve models are pretty good, I used an 8330 and 8530 and would get the 9300 if I go back to Blackberry, I might go to Koodo once I get rid of Telus, their plans aren’t that half bad.

    And yes as already said, the data flex don’t work with BB’s.


    It’s a step in the good direction Koodo but this phone is soooo 2010.

    However the price is good.

    • Nick

      That’s why Koodo exists, dude. Great plans, good network, best prices on phones, but you have to accept the tradeoff, which is that they don’t get the newest wave of high-end devices.

      That said though, even though the Curve 3G is a budget model, it was actually released AFTER the Torch. So it’s a budget phone, but it certainly isn’t outdated. Just about the only change I would make if I could would be a better screen. I’d be willing to pay $20 bucks more to have the Bold 9700 screen on it and accept the one-piece plastic build and cheap camera.

  • koodoDave

    @Nick Unfortunately the gift card is only available to new customers. We do have the referral program still running though – that’s 25 Tab credits for anyone you bring over to us. Without making any promises, we are always evaluating what additional goodies we can provide to our loyal customers too.

    Surprises – some interesting phones coming to our lineup this year. Starting with the Nexus S in April…we’ll be one of the only carriers to have an initial allotment, and the only carrier where you can but the price of the phone on the Tab – no contract.

    • Nick

      Alright, thanks man.

      I’m going to wait a few weeks and hope the price comes down a bit. Almost definitely going to be my next phone though.

  • Darrin

    Dave, I’ve been holding off signing up in anticipation of the nexus S, but the $100 promo runs out in March. Two questions.
    1) Any option to get the Nexus S with the 100 Visa promo???
    2)Will purchasing a Nexus S lock me into any particular plan? ie dataplan, or can I go as low as a $15 plan like I can right now with an Optimus…
    Any insights are appreciated, I want to pull the trigger in the next week to port by bell landline number.

  • koodoDave

    @Darrin 1) The gift card is currently a limited time offer until (I believe) the end of March. Anything can happen in April, but if you really want the gift card, I’d order from our current stock. 2) You can go for the $15 plan and use WiFi, if you want. It’ll just take a lot longer to pay off your Tab that way. You’ll definitely get more out of your phone with the Data Saver, but the beauty is that’s your call.

  • koodoDave

    Just a general point, for those of you who want a phone we don’t currently have in stoc. We support many other popular unlocked HSPA phones, which you simply need to buy a Koodo SIM and plan to use. iPhone4 is just about the only exception, but even that is possible through some handiwork.

  • shillo

    @koodoDave: do you know how much the Nexus S will cost at Koodo?

  • MoEss

    Dave, how will the Nexus S run on Koodo? From what I know, Koodo uses the Bell/Telus HSPA/UMTS network which runs on 850/1900 MHZ, and the Nexus S doesn’t support those frequencies.