Update: WIND Mobile puts Nexus S as “Coming Soon”, $525 no-contract


  • Poodz

    I was in a wind store today. I played with one. They are available. Now.

  • K

    It’s already on sale.

  • chall2k5

    525 is a decent price, but I was hoping they’d beat Mobi on the outright price. But all in all not a bad price.

    wish I could justify the $ to buy one

  • Jonesy1966

    $525 is the MSRP but not the official final price Wind will set on this phone. Stores have been given the go-ahead to sell to those who ask, but not to actively pursue sales until the final price is set. Sounds like it’s going to be in the $475-495 range.

  • Landon

    I’m using the one I picked up an hour ago to make this comment, so yes, it’s available.

  • jimmy.jonez

    Bought one already at a wind store – dundas and yonge so yes its available already for $525

  • ibrahim

    can you please tell me how much you bought it for including tax

  • William1973

    I already have a Nexus One on Wind. Has anybody upgraded from the Nexus One and did you think it was worth the upgrade?

  • Michael

    Is that an HD voice icon I see? I can’t wait to be talking to someone else in a shopping mall over HD voice. 🙂

  • Aaron

    If we take a mobilicity phone to WIND, can we still get HD voice?

    • Tbr

      You are kidding I hope.

  • jt.jones

    WIND Website shows Nexus S “In the Box”, excluding headphones. Existing users please confirm.

  • ib

    whats hd voice , can someone explain it to me

    • Tbr

      Marketing in an attempt to keep people from switching to another provider due to the audio problems.

  • rkarsk

    wifi 902.11????

  • LMFAOCanada

    LOL @RKARSK good eye! apparently WIND mobile is the world exclusive carrier of an 902.11 wifi spec. LMAO

  • wallahi

    I bought one today at a Wind mobile in Ottawa at a blockbuster video location. The $525.00 price is correct, they even had the phone on display too!

  • RSD

    AT&T is launching Google Nexus S in White. Why couldn’t some provider do samething in Canada. Why is Canada always behind states.

    • Mr biology

      The population of Canada is very insignificant compared to the States

  • Kevin

    525? I see this as a dissapointment. It’s the same price as Telus.

  • Kevin

    Correction. Telus is at 549.99. Still though. Second most expensive price in Canada.

    • chall2k5

      its a filler price for those who “absolutely must have it today” Wind are making pricing decisions to see if they can undercut Koodo…..the price war is heating up!!

  • steven schwartz

    Wind will have it on sale pretty quick is my guess. Give it a week.

  • dhar

    what’s the price matter between the koodo or wind versions. koodo’s version won’t work on wind /mobi and vice versa so wind doesn’t have to compete with koodo’s pricing, just mobilicity’s

  • Beavertail

    I got one from Mobilicity today for $499. The phone is over-rated. Screen is super sensitive, typing is next to impossible on the screen, need numerous correction to get it right. When I am holding the phone not wanting it to slip, my fingers would wrap around the edge and trigger some screen action by accident. Make handling the phone very awkward as there are so many no-go zone or can’t touch places. Holy smoke.

    Hard keyboard is a lot better. Now I see why people are using Crackberry, especially the BB Torch 9800 with a slide out keyboard, so no screen real estate is lost when typing on a keyboard.

    I loaded an app from a financial institution. It crashes when running…wow…do they just rush out all the apps and claim to have 300,000 junk apps? Could not hotspot to my XP…incompatible encryption.

    Each time I turn on the power, I need to redo the network search! There is no way to lock into Mobilicity.

    This is no worth $499. Better save my money for a Blackberry Playbook…bigger than the phone and yet still very portable.

    I am returning it tomorrow.

    • jak


    • B

      Lol…sorry this phone isn’t over-rate, you’re just the perfect type of customer that should stay far away from touch screen smart phones.

      Not liking the “super” sensitivity, making numerous typing errors, and accidently triggering actions can all be adjusted to over time.

      Have fun using the Blackberry…although I don’t see how pressing against super tiny buttons is any easier

    • Downhill Dude

      Wow! Biggest case of “user error” I’ve ever heard of.

      Mine does everything fine. Mobile hotspot works as advertised.

      Guess I’m just smarter than your average Chicken McNugget.

    • Tbr

      Beaver, everything you state is incorrect.

  • Wen

    I was hoping it would be cheaper than the big 3. like what they usually charge for their new high end phones like $450 when the xt720, blackberry bold 9700/9780… hmmm… got me to thinking… whether to get it or not… but probably would… we’re still getting a good deal with regards to the voice+data plans…

  • Gus83

    Typing this on my Nexus S from Wind that I bought at the Oshawa centre. Trust me,its available if you ask to buy one.

  • Radar

    Get the Nexus S from Mobilicity for $499 and port it to Wind – you will get $100 credit for porting your number to Wind so the phone is for $399 🙂

  • jimmy.jonez

    got the phone at yonge and dundas wind store, its already available (confirmed) at 525$ no contract.

  • brent0007

    im pretty sure the 902.11 thing is a typo.

    Why would samsung/google sell a world exclusive to a small company like wind? instead of a bigger one that would rake in the money?

    and also if you look at the nexus S manual that is on the wind website, the specifications say 802.11. Now unless that is an outdated manual, im pretty confident that this nexus S is no different than the others. Otherwise it would be a major selling point of the phone and wind would have been advertising it like crazy.

  • Big Mike

    Why would you buy this phone from a Wind store when it is basically $25 cheaper at Mobilicity????

    The phone is UNLOCKED wherever you buy it. Google doesn’t allow this phone to be locked

  • A

    @Beavertail. This phone is a great phone, for the target market. Now, the app is definatly not a problem with the phone, it’s clearly a problem with the application itself. Some apps do crash like that. They don’t just “rush out the apps and claim to have 300,000 apps”. Apps are submitted by companies. Android does not make them. They are 3rd party to Android, and to the company that makes the phone (ie, Samsung in this case). I agree with “B”, it seems as if touchscreen smartphones are not for you. Be mindful when buying a phone. Also, when you go with Blackberry, don’t forget, that they do have a lot less apps, at a higher price. As a side note, if you buy the Playbook, you’re also going to experience the same issues with SOME apps, like crashing/bugging (since it’s going to be run the Android market place). Every OS is like that. No, it may not be a business phone, it’s more of a “fun phone”, as are a lot of Android phones. Blackberry’s are more business. Buy to your lifestyle, not what’s new.

  • Neil

    If i buy the Nexus S from Koodo, will it work for WIND? Koodo is selling it for 425!

  • jt.jones

    No. For it to work on Wind, you need to get the Wind or Mobilicity version

  • TheReg

    AWW yeah some new phone action coming to WIND!

    Go Wind!

  • Peter

    $525 is on the website now. I’d say that means they’re sticking with it.

    • chall2k5

      it’ll be on sale within a week Guarantee it

    • Tbr

      I believe you chall since you work fot them, the kiosk must be slow again.

  • Makram

    is Wind still in business I thought it got bankrupt driven 3 times faster into the ground than supposed to by its stupid management

  • cybermorph

    I bought it from Wind…I’m a current customer and considered going to Mobilicity and then re-port over, but Wind is offering in addition to one year manufacturer warranty and straight over the counter exchange of the device if there’s a problem with it over the course of a year….I had an issue with my previous Best Buy US model so considered that worth the extra $25. Not sure what the other providers are offering.

  • Ritz

    This however is pretty expensive considering that Koodoo is selling it at 425 (100$ lesser)..