Rogers to give customers option to upgrade early, will charge “Early Upgrade Fee”


  • Rookie

    And a contract for another 3 yrs…..::(

  • B-Side

    not good enough Rogers…just release 2 years contract max to make it even with the rest of the world and people will be happy!

  • Luqman

    So I have 27 months remaining in my contract which means 27*15 = $405 + the price of the phone?? Hahahahaha I’d rather pay the ECF fee and switch…

    • Luqman

      Actuually not switch but buy the phone outright. I don’t think I’ll pay ~ $500 and sign a new 3 year contract. Never gonna happen. Maybe try reducing the contract length to 2 years instead of this and we will all be happy ..

    • WirelessBoy

      Wow Luqman, either you can’t read or you are just pretending to be stupid. The article said you can upgrade every 24 months so I am not quite sure where you got your calculations from with 27 months * $15.

      You also have the option of buying the hardware outright at anytime just like with Wind and Mobilicity and not having to start a new contract but everybody fails to mention that that option is available and has ALWAYS been available.

      So based on your comment that you would rather pay the ECF and switch, if you were to cancel now you would pay $400 and then go and buy a phone outright, let’s play devils advocate and say you were going to buy the Blackberry Bold for $450 so you are going to pay $850 just to switch when you could buy the phone outright from Rogers for $499, no new contract and you can save yourself $350.

      Then again….you might want to think before you leave comments like yours.

    • Ruest

      “nominal amount (possibly around $10 – $15 ) per month until the regular hardware upgrade eligibility.”

      So 27 month – 24 months = 3 months * 15 = 45$.

    • matB

      Actually, no; if you have 27 months remaining to your agreement, you’re 15 months away from your 24-months-in hardware upgrade eligibility, thus that would be 15*15… Still a lot, but not as crazy as the figure you were showing

  • Sven

    It’s that fee + promo price of the phone.
    So for iPhone, you’d be paying 159.99+405..
    IF it’s actually that amount per month for the fee.

    • Ken

      Reply to SVEN: “It’s that fee + promo price of the phone.
      So for iPhone, you’d be paying 159.99+405..
      IF it’s actually that amount per month for the fee.”

      WOW addd those two up its $565! why don’t i just buy an unlocked iphone from Apple for $549 instead then?

    • B

      He was quoting the iPhone 4 16GB price, not the iPhone 3GS 8GB @ $549.99…

      Although I’d probably pay the $100 bucks more so I don’t have to be locked in for another 3 years…

  • jak

    to the big 3:
    we consumers know how to do our math. tell us that we’re paying off the rest of the hardware discount or that we’re buying out our contract, BUT just sayin’, we know our math.

    • ToniCipriani

      Sadly it’s on the contrary. It’s because consumers don’t know how to do the math who got suckered in to these ridiculous contracts in the first place.

  • Mike.s

    This is the old HUP program before they changed it to 24 months. They will most likely have a 100$ max
    so it will be 100 fee+price of phone+35 admin fee

    They keep doing the same thing over and over
    They bring it back again to make it sound like they r giving us a “deal” or a “promo”
    nice try Rogers!!

  • bummy

    Judging from all the thumbs down…. does that mean they’re doing the math wrong?

    ($10 – $15) x (#of months to 24 month) ?

    So if I upgrade at 1 year out of 3… I pay…

    $10 x 12 = $120 + Promo Price(which is about $100 these days)

    $250 every year for hardware upgrade sounds like a pretty good deal.

    • kab0b

      Bunny you have your math backwards for the months. Its the number of remaining months so if you are 12 months in u have 24 months remaining so at min uhave 240 plus cost of phone

    • bummy

      naw i dont have it backwards.
      I’m wondering if its 10-15 dollars remaining till *3Years* or the *2years* point.

      1 year into a 3 year contract, with 24months hardware upgrade deadline. Thats 12 months until availible hardware upgrade. I’m just questioning this, because the post isn’t very specific.

    • matB

      Since all we have to go with here is the description written up top, let me quote the actual article here :
      “per month until the regular hardware upgrade eligibility”

      Regular HUE is at 24 months, so YOU’RE the one doing it backwards…

  • George

    Ughhh…..people b***h about everything,oh I want a upgrade but don’t want to renew the contract.Buy the phone straight. Don’t sign a contract in the first place.

    • Cadet

      they sometimes do the auto sign-you-up contract… -___-

  • George

    Ughhh…..people b1tch about everything,oh I want a upgrade but don’t want to renew the contract.Buy the phone straight. Don’t sign a contract in the first place.

  • jimmy.jonez

    I agree, buy the phone outright, this gives us even more incentive to not stick with Robellus! Don’t get sucked into a 3 year contract!!!! You will regret it~~!

  • crunch204

    early upgrade is not a new concept bell has had this for years companies are finally adverstising them….big deal just buy the device outright its the only way to go!

    • shawn

      Anyone know if fido is adopting the same measure?

    • D

      No, fido currently does not have the early upgrade program, and has had no notice of it.

  • Peter

    If it smells like ECF therefore it must be 🙂

  • Timothy Leung

    I did an Early HUP from customer service a year ago, just bypassed the system.

    However now they implement an Early HUP Fee… Now if they make the fee based on the remaining months till eligible for a HUP, then it’s fine. However if it’s based on the contract, then that would be a horrible deal.

  • Arshad

    Telus already does something similar and has been since November of last year. The way the Telus model works, if you have a regular phone without any data requirements then you pay $5 x however money months left. If you have a smart phone, then you pay $10 for every month left, and for the iPhone it is $15 for each month left. And if you go on a contract to get one of the promo plans but do not get a phone, then you only pay $50 admin fee to terminate the contract since Telus did not give you a phone, which btw I think is effing AWESOME!!! Only catch is the 6-months that you have to wait before you can cancel or upgrade.

    Doesn’t seem like the Rogers way is too good. Telus actually also charges cancellation fee the same way, thank God! For every province outside of Quebec, they tack on a $50 admin fee. At least it is a lot better than $20 per month, even if I own a phone which costs say $150 all out!!!

    • Andrew

      Well with Rogers this isnt a bad deal. Most people are saying that this is the same as telus, and that the ECF is the same with both customers. Yes Telus will only do a 15$ a month and Rogers does $20. But Rogers caps it at 400 per voice and a 100 for data, Where Telus does not cap it. So if you have 30 months left in your contract and you cancel, Rogers would charge you 400 or if you have a smart phone it would be 500. If you were with Telus you would be charged 600. So i dont see the big deal with people hating Rogers there not that bad

  • rob

    I love how you take it to the extreme to try and make it worse than it is. how can you be 27 months away from an upgrade when you are eligible every 24 months?

  • Connor

    I think contracts are right for certain people. Signing a contract with TELUS still allows me to change my plans, it gets me extra minutes, free call id, free texting when i plan on staying with them anyway. So why not get the promotional pricing and save some money on the phone.

  • wordup

    so u rewrite ur info that I give and delete my post? weaksauce

  • Amandeep

    OMG upgrade fee how lame can Rogers get. I swear Rogers is openly from the heart telling the public I (Rogers) will be ripping off the public. Upgrade fee this is a joke. If I were to tell people about this in Europe or in India they would laugh and say Rip Off and no one would buy it. Some Canadians have to start watching the prices do some research because those people eventually start buying the device. Rogers are Robbers and will continue to be robbers until we don’t get competition here in Canada. People are saying ohh there is alot of competition going around now and such and such. If you ask yourself why are we still getting ripped off from contracts or heavy pricing on the phone. How come the price plans are not as fair why? Its simple providers just want money. I think Wind Mobile is going to turn out like the big 3. Even though Wind mobile does have good plans if they could only downgrade the plans and the add ons by $5 or $10 and downgrade their phone devices. Then it would real competition. Media just wants something to write about but we should do our own research and then tell the media that this is what the public wants so that we could be heard. So far this is not competition only a little fit.

  • aka

    Agreed Connor, not everyone can afford to pay upfront cost of $500+ for a phone, especially when a couple decides to get a smartphone together, that’s $1120 after taxes for phones and still pay the same monthly rates. Probably more because certain promo plans are only available with a contract.

    I bet even with a 2-year contract system, there will still people who complain about it.

  • aka

    @Amandeep – “Its simple providers just want money.”

    Shocking revelation.

  • WirelessBoy

    @kabob No, bummy’s math is right, you get to upgrade every 24 months, so if you start a new 3 year contract and 1 year in you want to do a HUP, then you have 12 months left before you are eligible for a HUP so you would pay 12 months * $10 (which is what it is right now) = $120 + Promo price of hardware.

    Remember it is every 24 months so if 18 months in you decide you want a HUP you would pay 24 – 18 = 6months * $10 = $60.

    Then again you can avoid this and just buy the phone outright and not have to renew your contract, it’s the same as going to Wind/Mobilicity and having to buy your phone at full price.

  • Nick

    It doesn’t make sense to buy a phone full price if you’re going to get stuck paying the same monthly fee anyway… as long as you’re pretty sure you’re not leaving the country for good any time soon you’re better off with a contract than paying $500 for a phone AND the same monthly fees.

    That said, monthly rates with the big 3 suck in general. just because it’s a lesser evil doesn’t mean im happy with 3 year contracts.

  • CrazyHammer

    Keep in mind if they do a 2 year contract hands down the price will go up for hardware. Look at Verizon their hardware costs for Smartphones (Thunderbolt, Droid, Galaxy S) is $200 to $250.

    So you sign for 2 years and pay $250 for newest phone.

    In Canada we sign for 3 years and get phones for $79 to $149.99 I can’t think of a phone over $150 (forget Iphone I could give a toss about it)

    Galaxy S in US is $199.99 on 2 year contract. In Canada we pay from Rogers $49.99 for Galaxy S on 3 year.

    If I can pay $200 or $250 each year for the newest of new phones. That is fine with me.

    Funny story today my daughter wants a new phone (Has an LG Eve) try explaining how all this works to an 11 year old. Her answer was what do you mean I can’t have a new phone for 2 years. This thing is a brick already she says and its only 1 year into contract.

    Then she said “OK lets cancel the contract and I will buy a new phone myself with babysitting money, how much do I need” $400 plus cost of new phone so depends $500-$650. she almost fell of the chair.

  • Bobby

    what a complete joke

  • Richard Contracting

    Its kind of like renting a car by the mile. You pay x amount of dollars per mile along with a certain monthly fee. If you drive to many miles or go the wrong place they charge you at four times the price as you pay for the original miles. Good deal for the provider terrible for you. If you put your own phone on with one of any carrier including new entrants you pay the same as there customers who get a subsidized phone. I’m with Virgin super tab so they give me twelve bucks a month towards buying the hardware. But they actually give me more money cause they paid in advance for the phone (interest). Me personally because I’m well to do would rather buy the phone out right and get fifteen bucks of my bill. So when one carrier that works everywhere that I do and works where I vacation for no cost comes in fifteen bucks cheaper a month I’ll switch. I think Koodo just did. By the way when your tab is paid off you should get the cash back but that would never happen.

  • TheTigerTek

    I’d be HAPPY to pay a bit more for my handset with a two year contract, Rogers, Fido and others make the pricing so high for two year have no choice but to sign a 3 year contract.

  • Randy – 1

    So, whether good or bad, does this mean Bell is the only one of the big three without an early upgrade scheme of some kind? Or do they have something similar to Rogers & TELUS?

  • zor

    Called today and was told this will be in place within 6-8 weeks.

  • Julien CV

    To the people who say agents in stores don’t offer to sell the phone outright: you are wrong. I do actually tell my customers “You always have the option of paying 600$ for your phone” and they basically tell me off and want the phone for free. The people who want to buy their phones full price are few and far between. All people want is a good phone for next to nothing, not caring about the contract.

    Early adopters and those whom frequent these websites deffinetly look into buying their phone full price. And care about contract dates.

    Well, you know what, with Bill 60 in Quebec, you can always cancel your line and pay the full value of your phone ANYWAYS!! So, sign your damn 3 year contract and save some money. Cuz we all know your not canceling anyways.

  • Canadianman20

    I just called Rogers and asked and she explained it to me like this. If I am 7 months into a 3 year contract, I would still be 17 months away from my hardware upgrade date, so I would have to pay 15 per month I have left until that upgrade, so it would be the fee times the amount of months left until my upgrade date. So using the numbers above, it would be $15×17 months, and would equal $255, which to me would be the right an ok price to pay, to have the option of getting the hardware upgrade now, since phone tech changes so quickly. Not bad Rogers, just make the fee per month your out a good price and you may have something with this.

  • Crazy

    Waive the damn “admin fee” so Canadianman20 your cost would be $255 plus $35 for admin fee and the cost of the new hardware.

    • Canadianman20

      Looks good to me. Rogers has served me well all the years I have had them, and to me this would be a benefit to be able to switch phones when I want without having to pay a cancellation fee, and I dont mind being on contract to get a cheap phone up front. I like Rogers since I am not limited to a very small zone like the new providers have, and when I use my text/data plan anywhere in Canada, I do not receive a bill for “roaming.”

  • scotia

    If you have an agreement b4 the upgrade policy changed with telus you still pay the 20.00 per month remaining on your contract.

  • Jo

    I was charged $209 for hardware upgrade, my three year contract had expired. I upgraded from a razor. In store I was told I had to pay $160 for the iphoneS. I have emailed Rogers three times, inquiring about the $209 charge, I have not received a response. Can anyone explain this?

  • Wolfepak31

    Wireless boy you are such an a*s! You are a rude piece of sh@t. If you don’t have a nicer way of posting your comments then go back to school and learn how you Neanderthal!