TELUS releasing Nexus S for $549.99 on April 7th


  • Carl

    Whaaaaaat? 179,99$??? That’s a rip off. And they call it promotional pricing…

    • Mathieu

      No that’s not.
      Front-facing camera, NFC and the latest version of Android make it a great device.
      If you ask me, it should 199$ like all high end smartphone.
      And it’s the only carrier unlocked smartphone at this price 😉

  • toddedm

    is it suoer amoled?

    • sookster54

      Lots of people has been asking if it’s AMOLED, I’ve looked everywhere for info on Canadian release Nexus S and haven’t seen a single peep of AMOLED anywhere, looks like we might get the SLCD version like we did with the Desire.

    • Kevin

      It says it’s super AMOLED right in the Telus memo.

    • sacksy

      it says “… 4″ super AMOLED display.” in the first screenshot. i’d double check when buying for sure though because of the confusion/conflicting rumours.

  • Jon

    2 year for $449. Sounds like a great deal.

  • Kevin

    Dollar at 3 year high.
    Priced higher than what BestBuy was charging when it was released 4 months ago in the states.
    Thanks Telus!

    • George

      For all of you who claim this is a fair price, just go checkout the Rogers price. Telus, fail….

    • jak

      what in the world were they thinking…i seriously don’t understand. must be fuzzy math

  • John Mack

    Carrier unlocked? No way

    • Landon

      Yeah way. That’s kind of the Nexus line’s claim to fame. That and timely updates, of course.

  • p

    Carrier unlocked, with radios for all Canadian carriers. Maybe I will buy it from Telus tomorrow and just use it with my Rogers account. Anyone see any reason why that won’t work?

    • chall2k5

      from what I remember, there are still 2 versions (lixe the N1) so the one Mobi, Wind and Videotron sell wont work on RoBellus

    • p

      So in other words the Telus one will work on Rogers.

  • Zirian

    1) I thought the Nexus S isn’t capable of shooting HD video? So that’s misleading information.

    2) That price is WAY ridiculous for all of the various forms of pricing, especially the regular 3 year price. Considering Mobi is only having it for $499.99 for the outright price plus for the cheapest unlimited voice plan is $25 and the unlimited data is $10, that’s $35 right there.

  • sookster54

    Didn’t Mobilicity list it for $499?

    • sacksy

      different 3g bands.

  • yard

    Wow. iphone4 16GB = 159
    nexus s 16GB = 179 highway robery

    • dhar

      not at all considering the iPhone 4 sucks hard.

  • jbarns

    terrible, Robell better undercut to start a price war.

    Either way it should get discounted after the first few weeks to rip off the people who HAVE to have it right away.

    • Tom

      “Robell better undercut to start a price war.”

      You’re not from around here are you.

  • nicolasb

    I’m highly considering this phone with Videotron.

    I don’t understand the advantage of buying the phone without contract. Can someone explain? is it to pay for a cheaper contract?

    • kieran

      You save a small amount of money in the long term, and gain a huge amount of freedom and flexibility in the medium term.

      For example. I bought the desire Z off contract when it first came out. I am paying $55 dollars for My5 and 500mb. If I had signed a contract, I’d be stuck at that rate for the next three years.

      Virgin now has a $55 plan that includes 1gb of data and my10; so twice as good as the Bell plan for the same price. Since I’m not on contract, I can switch over without a problem (and will be!)

      In other cases, you may find that your plan is cheaper elsewhere. Three years ago, a 500mb my5 plan was $85 at rogers. Now it is $55 everywhere. For your third year on contract, you’re saving $30 a month.

      That’s offset by paying full price for the phone at the start, and I’ve worked it out to discover the difference is negligible. The difference is three freedom to switch to better deals whenever you wish.

    • zorxd

      But in Quebec, with bill 60, you can break your contract any time without any penalty.
      And for most people on Videotron, there isn’t any alternative (no other AWS provider in Quebec, except a very tiny part of Outaouais)

    • James


      Completely wrong.

      Bill 60 doesn’t just allow people to break contracts whenever they want. It protects them from companies who try to change the terms of their contract without notifying them…Among a few other things.

      This also allows customers to refuse modification of the terms in order to keep customers locked in (ie: Rogers decides to raise data overage fees, you complain, Rogers says they will lower the fee for you but you must keep your contract).

  • mark

    1. Get mobilicity’s Nexus S for $499.
    2. Put it on forums/kijiji/craigslist for a straight trade for big three compatible bands sealed Nexus S (make sure yours is too).
    3. ???
    4. Profit!

    You just saved $49 + approx. $6-7 (tax on $49).

    Why pay more just because of a radio swap?

    • zorxd

      I bet the kijiji price for the 850/1900/2100 Nexus S will be higher than its 900/1700/2100 counterpart.

      So you probably won’t save anything. Not worth the hassle anyway.

  • Zirian

    @nicolasb – It might be cheaper in terms of budget wise for a consumer when they don’t have to pay the full price of the phone then and there, but keep in mind – when staying in a contract, you are bound to the carrier and over the period of months that elapses, you’ll eventually be paying more than the phone with ridiculous bills over $100+. Not to mention that by staying in a contract, you’ll be stuck with the phone if anything goes wrong and can’t upgrade.

    So there you go. I think by paying the full price of the phone, you have more options than being limited.

    That’s just my two cents.

  • Zirian

    @mark – From what I heard, Mobilicity doesn’t sell the phone outright to non customers. They only sell the phones if you’re signing up on a new activation or an existing customer. That’s their policy from what I know and have experienced myself, even if the phone is unlocked.

  • mark

    @ Zirian..that is such a sad news 🙁

  • Burner

    Just knew Telus would price gouge. What a joke!!! It’s even more of a joke when one looks at the current pricing of Telus phones.

    Can someone clarify if the phone is locked or unlocked if you pick it up on a 3yr contract?

  • mark

    So basically it will be cheaper to just get it from US bestbuy once ATT one starts selling there because the price will be lower. Will just have to bug my friend whos going south soon 😀

  • TheDude

    Koodo has comfirmed. $425 outright. $375 with tab. Now that is huge.

    • Jim R

      Hmmm, first off the numbers don’t add up as the Koodo tab is worth up to $150, and $425 – $375 = $50, not $150.

      Secondly, could you provide an *official* source for this pricing as the only thing I’ve seen is an allegedly leaked screen shot?

  • mark

    $425? That is cheaper if they just let you go on a monthly plan (so you can cancel without penalty)…wonder if it is possible.

  • Carl

    Wow, Rogers promotional pricing is 99,99$. Hello? Anybody in the Telus offices not with their head stuck in their butt??

  • Jon

    Very sad, I can’t believe it. Everyone has been saying this is old tech and some of us argued that it was still good. Now the pricing comes out and I feel now WTF? As much as this is a very nice phone, to pay that much, no way. Even the iPhone is cheaper! No matter what we think about the iPhone, this pricing doesn’t help.

  • RichieRich

    I was really thinking about getting this phone not on contract and to be honest with that price and the age of the device, no way. This device should be set at $449.99 outright no more and no less.

  • sookster54

    Rogers just put it up for $499, how long will it be before Telus figures out they messed up? LOL

    • DumbScreenName

      It is surprising that the big 3 are not all in collusion (this time).

  • Shnur

    I’m wondering what the employee price will be…
    The Galaxy S is at 225$. I’m hope this won’t be more than 250$…

  • Phil

    Just came back from a telus store in montreal and nobody there have any info on that. they don’t even have sku in the system. so I think it might be more of a next week thing

  • T

    If it’s carrier unlocked and the Rogers one isn’t, then and only then can I kind of understand the pricing.

    But if they’re both unlocked, wtf? What are Futureshop and Best Buy gonna do in that case?

  • James

    The effective dates of this sale is the 7th on paper. That doesn’t mean that the Telus stores will have them available tomorrow morning. Likewise, Best buy may not have them (or may sell at a different price). The only way to know for sure is to just wait till it comes out, and compare/complain afterwards.

    I’m really curious as to where the whole S-LCD/S-AMOLED rumour came from. I’ve been looking around a lot and I really don’t understand how this whole thing started. Nexus S’s screen is a HUGE selling point, I don’t see how they could just change the screen and continue to market it as a S-AMOLED.

    Someone please enlighten me.

    • flann

      yea~ to me, without super amoled screen on this, i would just go for the original galaxy, or nexus one.

    • sookster54

      Many parts of Europe has been getting the SLCD Nexus S.

  • Fenrir767


    Bell has the exact same plan as virgin and you can switch your plan at any time.

  • CaptainZangetsu

    Probably Not SuperAmelod, it is probably the Super TFT version ewww.

  • capt spaulding


  • aka

    maybe it’s $50 more for the better screen.