HTC Incredible S now available at Virgin


  • D

    Why “Alas” ??

    • Ronald

      Yeah. Why alas?

  • Jon

    Wonder why it’s not on the HTC Canada site yet?

  • RichieRich

    Man I keep wondering why I am still with Telus. Telus is sooooooooo slow on getting new phones in that it makes me wanna punch kittens (figuratively speaking of course, <3 kittens).

  • Dexter

    I was actually thinking of picking up one of these but then I saw a review that mentioned all the junk software Bell and Virgin have loaded onto the phone, none of which I would use. And you can’t remove any of it without rooting your phone. So I’m gonna pass for now.

  • drae

    @dexter rooting your phone is really easy.

    Getting any handset without carrier bloatware is next to impossible with the exception of the Nexus line. If bloatware is a deal killer for you, consider learning how to root & remove or freeze them; it’s not that difficult.

    This is a stellar handset. If your going to deal with carrier “skins” Sense is the best by far. HTC phones are generally more modification friendly then some other manufacturers.

    If only HTC would hook-up a dual core; I’d be on my way to the store right now. This is one of best single core based androids available. Especially in Canada.

  • yves

    four me itas sos bad cam quelaite i like Omoles samsing dal the dale was make by sony i dont like this!memory intern goog 1.1 gig for apss ( bell) 4.0 before andreoid 2.3 upgrabable,. good news!

  • Verity

    Apparently you can’t root this one.

  • RichieRich

    What happened to the review of this phone? and the review of the HTC Desire HD?

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