Bell officially releases the HTC Incredible S


  • rulerxy

    4 inches for a screen is the perfect size and with a front facing camera to boot this seems like a really nice phone. This coming from a desire hd user.

    • johnny

      so the desire hd or incredible s?

      I don’t think the fron facing camera is such a huge plus, I’ve seen very few people using it in their phones…

    • Andy C

      @ johnny

      the incredible S also has a larger battery then the Desire HD.

      theoretically that should lead to better battery life.

    • rulerxy

      Hey johnny just noticed your question now. Honestly the desire hd is an excellent phone. I just 4.3 inches a touch too big. Only a tad bit though. The only real question who would you rather sign up with.

  • TomatoGuy

    Good job on not posting 1 and 2-year prices this time, since they are as always just an insult to prospective buyer. It’s either full price or 3 year jail term with Robellus. They are refusing the switch to 2 year contracts until someone is still OK with signing on 3 year term.

    • Sean

      They are a pretty disgraceful price and this phone is on Bell not Rogers… the only real android phone Rogers has is the new Xperia phones…

    • M1LK

      Hi TomatoGuy,

      I did the calculation and if you sign a contract for like 3 years assuming the contract is like 50 – 60 dollars you save like 100-300 dollars.

      If you bought the phone out right, you’d only save money if your contract was less than 40$.

      If your contract is 40$, then that’s the break even point where buying the phone outright costs about the same as signing for 3 years.

    • Jon

      I agree, why even have 1 or 2 year terms with insulting pricing. $50 off or $25 off?! Oh please. Change to 2 year contract terms or give better discounts. This is ridiculous that in 2011 we are still dealing with this old school mentality.

    • Full Mountain

      Hey M1LK

      Can you show me you math on that I’d be curious to see it

  • rulerxy

    Robellus is a “witty” combination of rogers, Bell and TELUS. I’m sure he is well aware this is on bell considering the title of the announcement.

  • malingerer

    this device feels great ‘in hand’ as good or better than my iphone 4 and much better than most other android devices.. I like it allot 🙂

  • confused

    why is the device already at $0 on launch date?

  • Emperuman V

    I see it as $99.95 on a 3 year contract and no $0

  • confused

    Just refreshed it…back up to 99.

  • crunch204

    ballin phone

  • Dawn

    Having a phone with a scratch proof glass I see this as a mandatory option in all my future phones, no matter the brand.

  • zz

    If I buy one from Bell, does anybody know if I would be able to use it on PCMobile prepaid?

  • Jake

    best phone EVVVERRRRR!!!!!!

  • Jimmyp42


    You say that you bought an extended battery from mugen (Extended:1800mAh vs Original: 1450mAh) but is that Extended 1800mAh a physically thicker/larger battery than the 1450mAh so much so that I’ll need a new back cover on my Incredible S from Bell ?