WIND: “There needs to be consolidation among the new entrants”


  • Hilroy

    Wind and Mobilicity should merge. Everyone wins. I dont care about Public.

    • easypeezy

      Are you seriously asking how can you overpay at an auction? Have you ever been to an auction or understand the purpose of an auction. You could have something that no one wants and you will get it for cheap. However, you could have something that’s in demand eg. spectrum and everyone will bid on it therefore jacking up the price.

  • DarkCanuck

    I remember being very excited about all the new entrants into the market…I’m still waiting for them to arrive.
    As of yet, Bell, Rogers and Telus are still the only national brands available. These new entrants have made little to no effort in moving beyond major urban areas, some have effectively zero presence outside of a single or a couple of major cities.

    If it requires that the new entrants merge to finally break out of their urban-centric services than I am all for it. The old guard are the only ones available to most of us so ‘competition’ is kind of an empty promise.

    • windy

      The main reason that the new entrants are still urban cetntered is that they need to build up their customer base to be able to reach the less populated areas in the country. Let them get their numbers up, and then you will see some expansion into the less urban areas.

    • DarkCanuck

      Perhaps, but how long does that take?

      My main gripe with the new entrants is that they stirred up fervor (Wind especially) by promising more options for all Canadians, more competition for all Canadians and more plans for all Canadians and yet, years later I still don’t see them on the horizon. I understand the concept that population density = better business potential but no efforts at all to move from the major metropolitan centers makes me suspect they never had any interest in fulfilling their promises.

      I live in the Kingston area by the way, not the biggest city by any means but not exactly the back woods either.

    • easypeezy

      the new entrants put a dent in the wireless market. However, they can only do that with funding. Wind for instance had to look elsewhere when they couldn’t find canadian investors. Now people are b!t!ching complaining stating that they are foreign owned. Look at what Wind had to go through just to get to where they are now. If you recall how Telus started out as Clearnet, Wind showed up with a way better offering. They will get there however the CRTC which is pretty much run by Robellus keeps throwing road blocks in their way. Including other companies hoarding spectrum. It will be a fair market when us Canadians get off our a$$ and make it that way. We are too complacent of a society. You can take things away from us or tax us through the roof and we sit and take it. If you don’t believe me, look at how we complained about gas being too expensive in 2009 and then the ontario gov’t throwing the hst on it so that it will never go below a dollar again.



    • Randy – 1

      “yet, years later I still don’t see them on the horizon”

      You do realize, they only had their ONE year anniversary in December 2010? Not exactly eons in telecom language when trying to build a network from scratch. Not to mention the exorbitant amounts they had to pay for spectrum; capital that otherwise could have been spent to expand their footprint.

      Don’t forget, the encumbents have had a 2 decade head start and were given their initial spectrum free. If you think Wind et al. are slow in rolling out, ask Newfounlanders how Rogers coverage is after 20+ years in business.

    • BT

      “Perhaps, but how long does that take?”

      Unless you’re a large, established telecom company, it will take more than just a few years. A lot of estimates put it at upwards of 10 years (optimistically) for Wind to have coverage similar to the big 3.

      Even when you are a large, established telecom company, it still isn’t very quick. Just look at Videotron’s coverage. More coverage outside of urban areas than Wind, but still far from complete and still drastically short of the big 3 coverage in Quebec. That’s with deeper pockets and an existing backhaul infrastructure that Wind wishes they had.

    • zorxd

      Or maybe they will stay in major cities, where it is the most profitable.
      If they go nationwide, they will have to raise prices.

    • DarkCanuck

      Yeah, yeah, I get it guys and I agree completely. I guess I wasn’t making my point clear. My issue doesn’t really have anything to do with the speed at which they are expanding (it would be silly to expect them to be national already) but Wind particularly has always pretended or acted like they really are a national brand. That’s what I take issue with.

  • James

    I’d like to see mobilicity take over videotron and give Quebec some real competition. Videotron’s pricing is total crap.

    • Hub

      Videotron is just a RoBelUs wannabe. They overpaid their spectrum in order to make sure to lock out any attempt of competition in Quebec.

    • steve

      Mobilicity take over Videotron? You must be kidding. Do you have any idea how big a company Videotron is? Videotron doesn’t have much in common with the other new entrants. The new entrants are mostly bottom feeders. Videotron, in its Quebec market, is much more like the big three and priced like it.

    • James


      Take over all of Videotron, no…Take over their mobile operations, yes. While Vtron has a huge share of the media market in Quebec, they barely have any of the mobile market. Their pricing is worse than the big 3 (unless you’re planning to bundle all of your other services), their hardware is crap (with the exception of Nexus One and the upcoming Nexus S), and their coverage is at part with what Wind/Mobilicity is offering the other metropolitan areas in Canada.

    • zorxd

      It was an auction. How can you “overpay” in an auction? Videotron paid just enough to get the spectrum they have. It’s still less spectrum than let say, Rogers.

  • Mark

    It might be better for consumers if Wind/PM/Mobilicity merge. It could allow them to build infrastructure and reach more Canadian markets faster, thereby putting more pressure on the big 3. But then we’d just have the Big 4, and with the suggestion/rumor that has been going on for years, that Belus will will turn 4 into 3, we be even worse off.

    I’d like to see the little guys grow a bit and develop their own markets then just add each others subscriber base while cutting down on capital costs. I’m sure it would provide amazing value to each others shareholders but perhaps not as much to customers (same is true for the big boys).

    I think it is much more likely that they all will become targets for acquisition by Rogers/Telus/Bell. They can add subscribers and kill a downward force on industry prices all at once. I can almost hear them licking their chops.

    • Sean

      Do you really think the small three are priced like this because they care about Canadians and wanna make a difference. They lose money in the short run so they can gain in the long run by getting bought out. If the small three merge they will definitely make a difference but why would they do that? It will beat the whole purpose.

  • Justin

    At this point, myself and many others would point to WIND and Mobilicity as a likely merger with the new entrants. It wouldn’t make any sense for Public to be involved due to incompatible spectrum.

    Doomsday scenario would be if Videotron bought the new entrants, we could then kiss our amazing rates goodbye. But hopefully a “partnership” to enable roaming in Quebec (and in other areas of the country for videotron subscribers) will happen at some point.

    • ToniCipriani

      Spectrum is the same (AWS 1700), but tech is different. Public uses 1x/EVDO and Wind/Mobilicity uses UMTS WCDMA.

    • Me Ted

      Videotron couldn’t afford Wind. Orascom has the backing of one of the largest telco partnerships in the world.

    • zorxd

      Videotron won’t buy Wind or Mobilicty. They want quadruple-play offers and offer no cable service outside Quebec.

      What could happen is a merger between Mobilicity and Wind.

    • Justin

      No, Public Mobile uses the “G” PCS spectrum. Look it up.

  • IheartEU

    Good one, James. And I think that if the government actually wanted to add more competition to the market, they wouldn’t have sold all the licenses to Megatron… oops I meant to say Videotron lol Because all we see from this ‘competition’ in QC is the fail plans of the big3 to ‘match’ Wind/Mobi rates. I know that’s something too, but would have felt much better if I had a chance to add my 3 lines to Wind’s clientele.

  • schultzter

    I guess if you work, play, eat, & sleep in downtown Toronto there’s competition. But I can’t even visit my in-laws (30 min from my house) and have coverage from any of the new entrants! Not even planned for the next couple years according to their coverage maps!!!

    Are any of the Big Three even using any of the AWS spectrum they bought? What do they plan on doing with it?

    But honestly, if I were starting a new mobile carrier I would concentrate on downtown cores too: dense population. Even just going to the suburbs means a lot more towers to cover the same population. And going further is almost not viable (except if you don’t you’ll always be a “second choice”).

    The gov’t wants to rely on “market forces” but the pre-requisites for a market to exist aren’t there! That’s the gov’t job: ensure the pre-requisites exist!!! You can’t make choices if you don’t have choices.

    • WirelessBoy

      Personally I think the Big 3 is going to do what AT&T is going to do if and when the T-Mobile purchase goes through…use their AWS spectrum for their LTE offering in the not so far future.

      From what I have been reading, AT&T is going to do LTE on the 700/1700Mhz frequency, here in Canada, all eyes will be on the upcoming auction. This is why Wind/Mobi want special rules/exceptions made for them, they know how important the 700Mhz auction is going to be for all parties involved.

  • blackprince

    I am tepidly excited to see what Shaw is going to bring to the table when they launch their mobile network.

    And Bellus is only a matter of time, its inevitable like AT&T re-merging with all its broken off pieces.

    • Sid

      Shaw’s not launching anything. They like to sit back and wait for someone else to get into financial trouble and then buy them up. They’ve been doing that for a while with smaller cable companies, radio stations and most recently Global TV. First one between Wind and Mobilicity to need some serious cash will be going to Shaw.

      Public went and got themselves some crappy spectrum that only covers a small portion of Canada (admittedly is does cover 20+ million people) but they went and built it on a dead end CDMA tech. The only reason anyone would buy them is for its customer base, but it obviously hasn’t reached anything worthwhile yet.

  • cole

    I’m wondering and waiting to see what Shaw Cable is going to do in Western Canada.

  • Peter

    Sorry, i’m looking at a bigger picture. Bring in one(or all)of the American Telco’s to shake this industry?! If this government allows Target to swallow a Canadian icon, why restrict it to the Walmarts et all? We can buy American branded vehicles, restaurants. Isn’t this the reason we signed the NAFTA accord two decades ago?

    • James


      Agreed. I’d like to see unlimited data plans and 2 year contracts on flagship devices. This will never happen unless a large US company gets in.

    • DarkCanuck

      Yeah, I’m afraid that I have to agree with you Peter. Either the government gets off it’s arse, takes proper control of the CRTC (or dissolves it completely) and thereby the telecom industry or we open it up to international players. Letting the current industry play marionette games with the CRTC isn’t much fun for those of us who pay the bills.

    • JP22

      Fair point. Canada’s telecommunications sector needs competition. Opening up Canada to foreign investment in the sector will only increase competition though, if foreign companies set up shop here and don’t just purchase a Big 3. The latter is more likely. Why build a network when you don’t have to. So some regulation may be in order even if you do open up the market to foreign investors. It’d be even worse for Canadians if we were getting screwed by companies run by Americans. All that money would head down south.

  • Mark007

    what if Shaw bought 1 or 2 of the new entrants? They already have access to capital and would be able to roll out a cross-country network faster?! – just putting that out there…

    • Alpha Psi

      I was actually hoping Shaw wireless would make a difference, but it looks like they are no different than Robellus. The price of my internet service went up $2, they are going full bore FOR UBB and they just granted Jim Shaw a pension of $16,000 PER DAY for life.

      So, how many subscribers do you need just to pay for Jim’s pension? I wouldn’t count on Shaw being anything other than a regional baby bell.

  • Big 3

    a good merger is when either wind or mobi merges with public mobile. companies using the same spectrum and tech should not merge to maintain competition.

  • gtp20

    I’m confused… They talk merger to gain market share… Back in November Wind said they would expand their phone selection in 2011. We are a week away from April and still no phones. Why don’t the new entrants try getting some phones and see how their numbers increase? I have been wanting to switch to Wind since their Christmas special of $45 a month unlimited was announced. I just bought a new Atrix from Bell, am I suppose to trade that in for the Huawei U3200 so I can move to Wind? Unlikely!

    There are a lot of people like me that refuse to sign a 3 year contract and who are sick and tired of huge monthly cell bills. These new entrants will put a serious dent in the market once they get some worth will phones.

    • Mobile Me

      I just checked their site and I see 18 devices.. Sounds like more than a few to me..

  • Canadianman20

    If Bell and Telus finally merge, and Wind and Mobi merge, we will have 3 big carriers and that is a much better number than having 4 plus a few others in select provinces.

  • 5Gs

    WIND do not needs to merge. Bell and telus huh whats the difference between them? They are both robbers to begin with. WIND needs to be alone and people’s company because for some reason i believe mobi and pubic will hurt public’s interest later on.

  • easypeezy

    I think Wind and mobilicity would be a great combo. Public is CDMA so they’re on their own

    • Max

      It would be a great joint venture for W+M+V work together.

  • rob

    so wait, let me get this straight. before the new entrants launched they were all saying “canada needs more competition!, we’re here to free canada! more carriers = more choice!”

    now they want to merge and make less carriers, less choice, which is it that they want, why the sudden change of hear regarding more competition?

  • MacMan156

    More carriers are good but not when they are having a hard time surviving because they are so small.

  • ehoustoun


  • jonesy1966

    The possibilty of a merger or two has been on the table since day 1, in fact Public brazenly hinted they wouldd be the ones buying out either Wind or Mobilicity only to approach them both last December in the hopes of being bought out themselves!

    Wind has always suggested they’d be interested in snapping up Mobilicity. Should be an interesting few months!

  • Len

    I think as is things are good.. atleast until the new entrants have started working their way into more of the market. Once they force the big 3 to bring there rates down further, then a merger would be ok.. until then.. more compitition is better.. even at the sacrifice of slower growth of the new entrents.

  • rob

    didn’t wind want more companies, more competition before they launched? now they want less companies, less competition? I don’t get it.

  • Stuntman

    I want it to be easier to use any phone on any carrier (provided the phone has the proper radio). There should be no reason for a phone to be locked if I pay full price for it.

    I recall back in the late 90’s when Fido and Clearnet came on the scene. They ended up getting gobbled up by Rogers and Telus. I expect the same thing to happen this time around with the big 3 gobbling up the smaller ones.

  • stylesxp

    I’m can’t decide if I’d like Wind and Mobilicty to merge. On the one hand (although Mobilicity would disagree) I think they’re each other’s biggest competition right now. Each one always appears to try to out do the other, which is great for the consumer. If they merged, I don’t think we’d see the same great deals they’ve been coming out with lately.

    On the other hand, I’m guessing a merger like this would pretty much take care of the swiss cheese type of coverage they have in their home zones right now, as they both have the same spectrum and most of their towers appear to be in different locations. Having better coverage would definitely help them both retain existing clients and also gain new ones (including me!).

  • LoveMyMobilflip

    Do not merge Wind and Mobilicity. Let them each grow to giants. We need more competition to the Big3, not less.

  • Allan

    If you want true competition allow mobile companies from other countries to enter Canada as well. AT&T, Sprint, Verizon even others from Europe. Look at Europe as an example, they have competition because there is no limit on ownership. If a cellular provider wants too they can build anywhere and due to this they pay some of the cheapest rates in the world. Not to mention that they get the newest handsets too. I understand that as Canadians we want to keep our money in Canada and with Canadian companies, but lets face it, if you want serious change here we’ll never get until we revolt and cause a revolution.

  • RoccoStiffReddi

    Wind wanted its cake and to eat it too.. now that they are sold and looking at being shut down of course they talk about merging. What I find funny is how Mobli has a solid business plan and is leading wind every step of the way, if there was a merger wind would be the ugly step brother and soon ousted.
    Besides once they are told they need to restructure again and are not able to then mobli can buy them for pennies on the dollar.

    Quashed and Jabronized

    • tbr

      Jabroni is testing the water on his one. He chose the back door method and he will pay the price now. Since everyone knows the court case is coming up windblows will get twenty cents on the dollar. But hey that’s business right girls.

      Connections only get you so far 🙂

  • Matt

    People b***h about Canada’s cell plans, but in reality the states aren’t much better off. Check out any of the big 4 plans, they all have crazy amounts of useless minutes but start at $60+ a month. Virgin mobile USA has some good deals, but a poor selection of phones

  • GoWindGo

    Rocco, the solid business plan has led Mobi to 95,000 subscribers and the poor business plan has led WIND to 300,000. Hmmm…I don’t know but isn’t it better to have more customers therefore having more revenue? Maybe economics is not one of your strong points. I guess that it is not a requirement to work at the Rogers Plus store.

    • RoccoStiffReddi

      GWG seems to me Mobli is not in court fighting for its life, nor have they been sold. I am hearing the number is way off.. since Orascom said about 200k, you have to question the jabroni math. but all that aside. It is pretty clear who is bought and sold, who has more handset choices and who is not in court. But windies just want cheap cell service like alot of people have said.

      limited handsets, swiss cheese network, terrible customer service outsourced and cut backs.. yes GWG Wind is isss much better

      Quashed and jabronied

  • GoWindGo

    tbr, the court case will once again be pushed back because we are going to have a federal election. No decision will be made until after it is decided who is going to run this country.

    Since everyone knows that tbr works for Rogers, fear mongering won’t get you anywhere.

  • GoWindGo

    tbr and Rocco, why don’t you guys tell everyone how great the plan is that you are on since you are both on Rogers. I would love to compare my WIND plan to yours. I am sure you both get employee discount plans but if I recall, when I did some work for them, it is still nowhere near as good as what you get at WIND or Mobi. Please enlighten the people how much more money they can spend by switching to Rogers. Actually, I am sure everyone already knows that.

  • tbr

    GWG, the self proclaimed CEO of his own corporation does not understand the court system. I think you make up a lot of things like your magic phone that works all the time.

    It is sad GWG that you have no idea how the courts work, very sad but understandable coming from you. You do realize that the courts are the legislative branch of government, they do not shut down. The only business you run is a lemonade stand.

    Come on GWG what is your employee number so I can tell your boss how you keep embarrassing the brand with your useless comments.

  • Len

    @Matt: The states has unlimited data.. (atleast 1 left, for now) and I think thats what most of us geeks are jelious of. I do not mind paying my current 90 a month… its just I only get 1 gig for that. (And yes, thats MUCH worse then the states has).. If I was on sprint.. I would be happy as a clam.

    I’m looking for a dumb pipe and Canadian big 3 are insisting they remain more.


    People don’t see it but the bottom line is that these unlimited plans are killing the new entrants!!! Since they make so little profit from each subscriber they don’t have money to spend on anything else!! I have a Rogers phone and Wind phone and I find myself using less and less daytime minutes as the years go by. Most people talk,text and email anyway!! Unless your running a business, do you really need unlimited airtime????????

    p.s. The data on Wind is very slow and unreliable! And I heard this from quite a few people which I why I am still hanging on to me Rogers phone. I don’t mind paying a little more for a better service.

  • GoWindGo

    tbr, you do understand that THE GOVERNMENT is challenging the court order so the Government will be in recess while we have an election therefore the court case will be delayes. Maybe you don’t understand how the Government works but coming from a Rogers Plus employee you would expect that. Didn’t I see you there the other day when I was buying a blu-ray movie? Weren’t you the kid being scolded by your manager. Just to let you know tbr, that my “lemonade stand” makes more money in 1 week then you make in a month. Why don’t you go back to your mommy and daddy and asked them to give you a bigger allowance so maybe you can go to school and get an education.

  • GoWindGo

    The Assassin, I use the data on my WIND phone when I am at a clients site (to check my email) and I don’t have an issue. I can’t speak for anyone else and all I am really doing is checking email but for that purpose, I don’t find it to slow. The client that I am usually at is located in Mississauga so I can’t speak for Toronto. I find it comparable to my Virgin phone that I used for the previous 2 years. I had an unlimited data plan with Virgin and I had a blackberry and I haven’t noticed it any slower with WIND but again, I am not doing heavy downloading and I am not tethering my phone.

  • tbr

    GWG, that is quite a lot of lemonade.

    I am sure there are many executives in Canada who spend all day on forums defending windy. Do you not have anything better to do or does your business involve selling windy phones? To think that Mr Executive is worried about paying 40 dollars a month more for his phone service. You are laughable GWG simply a laughable joke.

    Even your boss still uses a Rogers phone. I don’t blame him since an executive would want the best that he can get.

  • max logan

    China…has 3 cell phone companies, prices are more expensive than Canada. Canada is huge. The prices we are looking at here are way cheaper than many other countries. If it goes any lower, lots of people will lose their jobs, and most of the customer service will go overseas, like wind has in egypt, mobilicity in india. its not as bad as people make it out to be, yes it was expensive before, but its alright now, with unlimited offerings, i think we are good now.

  • Gary


    “…359,000 (Mobilicity with 94,000, Public with 59,000 and WIND now has 300,000)”

  • GoWindGo

    tbr, I don’t use a Rogers phone. I guess the concept of being one’s boss doesn’t comprehend with you. I did say I own a computer consulting business so therefore I am on a computer all day and have access to the internet. I guess with you living in your parents basement and working at Rogers Plus store on weekends it gives you ample amount of time to go on mobilesyrup to make your comments.

    tbr, you and your colleague Rocco should think about restocking the shelves at the Rogers Plus store you work at. You could lose your job. I hear you guys are clearing out a lot of items. I guess business is not so great in the dvd/bluray/video game world for you.

    tbr, tell me what Rogers Plus location you work at so I can come by and show you the Articles of Incorportation for my company. You will see that I am listed as the President and you will not see anything to do with WIND on there. I have never done any work for them but I have, as I have stated many times, done work for Rogers when they were located at Jarvis and Bloor. I can tell you all about the inside of that location. The gym on the 2nd floor. The gateway newstand on the 2nd floor just right before you enter the cafeteria. The starbucks on the other side of the walkway from one office to the other. You can get Pizza Pizza in the cafeteria. I once talked to Chuck Swirsky when I was ordering some food on lunch. Chuck was on his lunch break. I was there when they bought the Nortel office in Brampton and all of IT was moving. We were all brought into a big theatre where they explained when each department was going to move.

    I don’t know why I waste my time proving myself to you. The only affiliation I have to WIND is that I use the service and so does my brother. We are both quite happy to have WIND. I have no complaints with the service I had with all the other carries I have used and that started with Bell mobility an extremely long time ago. Since then I spent about 4 years with Telus and about 4 years with Rogers and 2 years with Virgin Mobile. I never had any problem with any of the service. I switched carriers to get better prices. Like a SMART consumer, I look for the best deals. You and Rocco have NEVER used WIND yet you like to say it has a swiss cheese network. I invite you and Rocco to hang out with me in Burlington and use my WIND phone all day and place as many calls to anyone within North America and talk as long as you want. If you receive drop calls then I will believe your arguement about the network but if you don’t and you get 100% reception in Burlingotn then you neec to come on here and retract your statements. Will you take this challenge? Again, I have never stated I had problems with any network on any phones I have used. I don’t go out spreading lies.

  • RoccoStiffReddi

    GWG you laughable little buffoon.. You asked what my plan was? it is called the ” I can make a phone call anytime anyplace ” plan I know it is a novel concept but it is my plan. Some of the details of this plan are the ability to use hundreds of handsets, more and more coming daily. The ability to roam on any network in the world, and a really cool feature is the ability to at anytime use the phone! I know ! it is amazing! No home zone that becomes an away zone that becomes a no zone! Yes madness I tell you! 1 feature I like is that it works in buildings, and hold onto your beanie.. it rings when someone calls me!

    So you are the prez of your company? is that like jabroni? just on paper? or are you like the kid from the local mall that has his own company? like the hot dog vendor? pretty much the same thing..

    I am pleased you admit you are cheap, and saving money is a good thing.. but what does it tell your clients? Oh sorry I was in the home zone but for some reason my phone did not ring.. classy! So we are to hang out? come on now.. how will it look? My handset working anywhere and yours no, you moving 5 meters and then you are in an away zone? 1/2 duplex calls.. funny thing is I have unlimited NA calling also.. I can talk and talk and it really is unlimited. Can you say that? I mean honestly Wind has limited unlimited plans.. but all in all mr prez I am happy you are happy in being cheap.. and I would love to see your paperwork.. I can show you mine. My wind account.. client name.. Tony Jabroni I have been a member since launch day so rest assured I have been testing wind from day 1 solid f is what they have gotten.. same dead spots and same problems..

    So you like my plan? it is quite useful if one sees an accident and wants to call for help, or if little bobby is running a fever and you need to rush him to hospital.. or when your gals car dies on the road after she and rocco have been talking all about mr prez and she is not able to call you since you are too cheap to spring for a real network. Cheap is as cheap does..

  • tbr

    Prez GWG the company buffoon making a fool of himself pretending to be a big President of a corner lemonade stand. No one believes you President buffoon, people are smarter than that.

  • GoWindGo

    Rocco, why should I spend more on a cellphone plan and NOT GET ANY BETTER servvice. I don’t think you understand things. I might have to talk slow for you. Are your parent related? In the area that we call the Greater Toronto Area (I am sure your parents might have told you about it), WIND works great. My clients are in the Greater Toronto Area. I don’t get ANY dropped calls. Let me type that one more type for you seeing as you have an iq of below retarded. I get NO DROPPED CALLS. When I talk to your sister about banging her, the conversation never gets interrupted. When your Dad calls for advice on how to make your Mom have an orgasm, the call never disconnects. I am there for your parents. When you grown up and have a mortgage, car payments, pay taxes..things adults do, you will realize that why get ripped off on a cellphone plan when other companies have much better rates and offer the same service. When you learn to tie your shoes, we can talk. Until then little girl, just go to your room and play with your barbie dolls.

    • RoccoStiffReddi

      GWG you adorable little buffoon! See that is what I like about you so much you live in a fantasy world. First off it is your sister that keeps calling me.. its ok she is on my 5 so its a free call. Your gal is always calling me so I know she is not on wind. and please do not get it twisted in the gta there are more holes than in your tightie whities. So lets not go there. The fact remains my phone works anywhere yours does but the other can not be said. I pay a little more but have peace of mind knowing it will work anytime anywhere. I can go on vacation ( you now what that is.. no no not when mom and dad packed up the mini van and took you to the ravine and said it was camping ) and my handset works. I can call if I have an issue and get it resolved. I am not told we will call you and they never do. Lets not forget if I call in for help it is in canada not Egypt or India. I know it is saving you money! do you get your office supplies at the dollar store? Take clients out to the 2 for 1 no name sammich shop? Now now lets get real here. You can afford to have good equipment, you can afford to look like you are not a cheap bastage to your clients. You can always judge the caliber of a technician by his tools, but I have to agree with you on 1 thing you said. You like to save money, you are cheap and for that you are ok with dropping calls, losing signal, eating at the kiddie table.. Maybe you should come to Toronto and hang put with me? You could use my handset and talk to any one you like. Can you fathom the freedom to use the phone anywhere? talk all you like.. no 1/2 duplex! On some very cool handsets.. I love when they release a new handset.. I do not have to wonder is it AWS.. I know it will work with my carrier.. well any carrier in the world. So take all those points and I think we can see a pattern here. You are cheap. I am not. I need my handset to work, you not so much. You are a prez of a made up company. I am just a cog in the wheel of a large one.

      bought sold quashed and jabronied

  • George

    It will be interesting to see what shakes out after Shaw starts operating and after the 700 MHz auctions. It will also be interesting to see what happens in the US with regards to new spectrum and which bands the new LTE phones are made for.

  • tbr

    GWG, I admit it, I am in love with Rocco and one day we will share a family plan together. He is the only one on my fave five. I am hideous looking and Rocco is the only one that accepts me. I thank god that I live in Canada where Rocco and I can one day be married and share that Rogers Family plan.

  • GoWindGo

    Rocco, do you believe the crap you write? You must live in your fantasy world. What are you going to do when Rogers closes down the Rogers Plus store you work at? You are not qualified for any other job. Most places already have a janitor role filled. I guess you can shack up with your gf tbr and live off of welfare.

  • GoWindGo

    Rocco, you finally admit you work at said you are a cog in the wheel of a large company. I don’t need to lie about the fact that I have a consulting company. Go to your IT department and ask if there was ever a computer programmer named J.P. that worked there. If you have friends in IT then they will tell you the truth. I did a 6 month contract from October 2005 to March 2006. I wrote the screen to do number portability. I don’t need to lie. I am a computer programmer and I have my own consulting company. I just got a call the other day about going back to Rogers to do some work for them. They are hiring consultants again. Go look back at everything I have ever written and you will see that I have also stated the same fact, I am a computer programmer that has a consulting company. I am 45 years old and feel free to hook up with my sister (I have 2)..the non-married one is 51.

    • RoccoStiffReddi

      GWG you got me! yes Rogers is the only big company in canada! My god you are sharp! So you think I am with Rogers, and Tammy was sure I was with telus, oh wait that was rj, he and I are the same, well thats what tammy thought.

      What I think is funny is that I can go and open up a company, make myself president and be able to claim what you do. Means very little. The fellow on bay street Dimitri, he is the president of Dimitri Inc. 2 sausage wagons and hundreds of clients. I have no doubt he is on rogers. but that is neither here no there.. wind bashing has become quite popular as of late.. facts can be posted and the windies just talk about how they are the prez of a company they made up themselves. Does that mean the kids selling lemon aid are the C.E.O. of the company they run?

      my poor poor bulbous buffoon.. unlike you I know people in the industry, I deal with them daily so I hear things.. and then the windinsider ( a fellow that works in wind ) repeats them.. much like the outsourcing, lack of OEM commitment, head office cut backs, the list goes on and on.. and the links.. globe and mail.. reuters, A.P. all saying that Wind aka orascom is in deep. but none of this matter.. cheap wireless, on a shoe string network.. with cough 300k subs funny that windinsider posted active subs of about 200k. so does that mean they at 1 point activated 300k churn and loss and now just have 200k subs? no way of knowing for sure.. BTW your company how many employees? 350k right? no way of knowing as it is private so we take your word for it yeah.

      6 month contract.. I can see why.. since in your eyes rogers is the only big employer.. not IBM, not the TTC you will go far my son.. BTW your gal was calling but I guess you got no signal.. its ok I sorted her..

      gotta steam your veg that she is in such a good mood jr.

  • freezerburnt

    Heh…. this is like reading the script from a grade 5 playground. Rocco & TBR are the little $hits trying to piss everyone else off, and GWG is the one that’s taking a stand. What’s even more amusing is you all claim to have absolute knowledge on what’s going to happen with the courts!!

    Grow up you little shits and stop taking up space flaming each other.

  • GoWindGo

    freezerburnt, I completely agree with you. Let the courts decide things. That is what they are there for. After it is all over, we can try to have an intelligent debate.

  • Marti

    The best reason for having them both merge is that Moblicity is Urban focused, which would give wind extra spectrum where they need it, but still have the national (minus Quebec) network.

  • GoWindGo

    Rocco, how old are you, 12? You have the mentality of one and probably are the same physical size of one. You talk really tough on here. I am sure you have never been with a woman. Let me give you some advice, not all women are whores like your mom.

    Let me explain to you how the contract world works. Companies bring guys like me in for a specific reason. I am an expert in client/server programming and my specific expertie is an a program language that Rogers and lots of other companies use. They prefer to bring people like me in because they only need us for a short time. I sometimes could have 4 different contracts in a year. Ok little buffoon. Now go put on your nice little dress and make up for your bf tbr.

  • GoWindGo

    Oh no, Shaw just fired 500 employees. If this was WIND, Rocco would be yelling at the top of his lungs that it is all over for WIND and that they will be going out of business but I guess every company but WIND can let go of employees.

    www. digitalhome. ca/2011/03/shaw-fires-500-employees/

  • tbr

    So GWG does work for windy. No wonder you are on the forums so much you are trying to protect your job. Dish out lies to everyone as long as it gets you your paycheck.

    I am very sure that the biggest fanboys on these forums are windblows staff. That’s alright if you just disclose it up front instead of hiding behind a keyboard with your magic phones.

    No surprise you are in the inside buffoon.

  • jason brown

    telus did not start out as clearnet they took it over as they did other better companies. clearnet, bctel, edtel, etc… all had far better platforms then telus. clearnet was not even going to be a cdma company as its main suppliers were nokia and sony. the only thing left of clearnet is the advertising and mike push to talk.

  • kmusky

    Videotron buying out a new entrant is unlikely. Shaw, on the other hand…